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Author: Ian Rankin Quotes

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Venedikt Yerofeyev Quotes

"One must get used to speaking of ones virtues bravely, to peoples faces. Who is to know, if not we ourselves, to what degree we are good?"

Lea Salonga Quotes

"I took some voice lessons here and there as a teenager but nothing too serious. I started taking it more seriously when I was in Miss Saigon. I needed to improve my technique in order to survive doing that show as many time a week as I was doing it. Its not an easy show to sing, so I needed all the help I could get."

Alejandro Sanz Quotes

"Y es que la mitad del mapa jamás estuvo en tus manos ..."

Aditia Rinaldi Quotes

"Future is ours, but victory is mine!"

Krishna Sagar Quotes

"Expression is saying what you wish to say, Impression is saying what others wish to listen."

Ryan McPartlin Quotes

"Im a mean beanbag tosser."

John Wesley Powell Quotes

"The glories and the beauties of form, color, and sound unite in the Grand Canyon - forms unrivaled even by the mountains, colors that vie with sunsets, and sounds that span the diapason from tempest to tinkling raindrop, from cataract to bubbling fountain."

Emma Smith Quotes

"Strength is not something you have, its something you find."

Walter Lippman Quotes

"It is only when we are in the habit of recognizing our opinions as a partial experience seen through our stereotypes that we become truly tolerant of an opponent."

Salli Richardson Quotes

"I enjoy directing more when I dont have to direct myself. I like when I can just be the director."

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Quotes About Spinning Your Wheels

"I want to set the record straight.""The records never straight, you idiot! Havent you ever read 1984? They rewrite the record anytime it doesnt suit them. Youre spinning your wheels and exposing your bare fanny for nothing." - Author: David Eddings

Quotes About Wood Grain

"On Stripping Bark from Myself(for Jane, who said trees die from it)Because women are expected to keep silent abouttheir close escapes I will not keep silentand if I am destroyed (naked tree!) someone willpleasemark the spotwhere I fall and know I could not livesilent in my own lieshearing their how nice she is!whose adoration of the retouched imageI so despise.No. I am finished with livingfor what my mother believesfor what my brother and father defendfor what my lover elevatesfor what my sister, blushing, denies or rushesto embrace.I find my ownsmall persona standing selfagainst the worldan equality of willsI finally understand.Besides:My struggle was always againstan inner darkness: I carry within myselfthe only known keysto my death – to unlock life, or close it shutforever. A woman who loves wood grains, the coloryellowand the sun, I am happy to fightall outside murderersas I see I must." - Author: Alice Walker

Quotes About What Life Throws At You

"But there was only so much worrying you could do before you just had to accept what life throws at you and move on, because some things were going to be out of your control, and others cant be fixed or changed. And for everything Id lost over the last couple of months, I still had a lot. More than I expected, actually."." - Author: Jenn Bennett

Quotes About Flaws And Strengths

"But, I believe," I continue, "I know what true love is - or what it should be." "What should it be?" Tristan asks, his voice soft now. "It should be a friendship and truly knowing who a person is, knowing his flaws and hopes and strengths and fears, knowing all of it. And admiring and caring for - loving the person because of those things." - Author: Lisa Ann Sandell

Quotes About Principle

"What happened in America in the 1860s was a war of secession, a war of independence, no different in principle from what happened in America in the 1770s and 1780s." - Author: L. Neil Smith

Quotes About Bernal

"con-tu-ber-nal(noun). One who occupiesthe same tent; a tent-fellow, comrade.The thought of Percy Prewitt as my contubernal causes me to break out in hives.-From the personal dictionary ofCaroline Trent" - Author: Julia Quinn

Quotes About Ryan Braun

"When I met Paul Ryan 22 years ago, he was a student at Miami of Ohio volunteering on my campaign." - Author: John Boehner

Quotes About Looking Down From Above

"You mean the day they stop needing the church," Vittoria challenged, moving toward him. "Doubt is your last shred of control. It is doubt that brings souls to you. Our need to know that life has meaning. Mans insecurity and need for an enlightened soul assuring him everything is part of a master plan. But the church is not the only enlightened soul on the planet! We all seek God in different ways. What are you afraid of? That God will show himself somewhere other than inside these walls? That people will find him in their own lives and leave your antiquated rituals behind? Religions evolve! The mind finds answers, the heart grapples with new truths. My father was on your quest! A parallel path! Why couldnt you see that? God is not some omnipotent authority looking down from above, threatening to throw us into a pit of fire if we disobey. God is the energy that flows through the synapses of our nervous system and the chambers of our hearts! God is in all things!" - Author: Dan Brown

Quotes About Stern

"Dust in a cloud, blinding weather,Drums that rattle and roar!A mother and daughter stood togetherBeside their cottage door.Mother, the heavens are bright like brass,The dust is shaken high,With labouring breath the soldiers pass,Their lips are cracked and dry.Mother, Ill throw them apples down,Ill bring them pails of water.The mother turned with an angry frownHolding back her daughter.But mother, see, they faint with thirst,They march away to die,Ah, sweet, had I but known at firstTheir throats are always dry.There is no water can supply themIn western streams that flow,There is no fruit can satisfy themOn orchard trees that grow.Once in my youth I gave, poor fool,A soldier apples and water,So may I die before you coolYour fathers drouth, my daughter." - Author: Robert Graves

Quotes About Damaging

"There are, and always have been, destructive pseudo-scientific notions linked to race and religion; these are the most widespread and damaging. Hopefully, educated people can succeed in shedding light into these areas of prejudice and ignorance, for as Voltaire once said: Men will commit atrocities as long as they believe absurdities." - Author: Voltaire