[I Am So Anti-people's Opinions When I'm Making A Record, But When It's Finished And I Put It Out There, I Hope Somebody Likes It.]

Author: Gary Allan Quotes

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JR Rain Quotes

"When youre sick and dying, the ego is and should be the first thing to go. I know therere gurus who teach people how to release the ego, to conquer the ego. I get it now, but I didnt back when I was healthy. Its moot now. The guy who falls off the toilet and knocks himself out no longer has an ego."

Diana Nyad Quotes

"Its been a grand, elevating, life-confirming experience these last two years."

Jdean Quotes

"We judge ourselves by our intentions; the world judges us by our actions"

Ernst Pawel Quotes

"Nothing expresses Kafkas innermost sense of self more profoundly than his lapidary definition of "writing as a form of prayer": he was a writer. Not a man who wrote, but one to whom writing was the only form of being, the only means of defying death in life."

Rex Stout Quotes

"I could have told, just looking at him, that that was the tone he would use asking a question. A tone that took it for granted any question he asked was going to be answered because he asked it. I dont like it and I know of no way anybody is ever going to make me like it."

Adrian Mitchell Quotes

"I know a lie when I hear one."

Dandi Daley Mackall Quotes

"I open my eyes and see that Chase isnt looking at me anymore. Hes staring at Jeremy because that song, or course, is coming from Jeremys mouth. From his heart. His soul."

Zoe Wanamaker Quotes

"Im constantly intimidated by Shakespeares work. Trying to decipher what hes saying and holding on to that thought - not just as an actor, but as a human being - is a rigour."

Antonio Banderas Quotes

"I like going everywhere. And I love starting new things."

Hugh Kingsmill Quotes

"Friends are Gods apology for relations."

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Quotes About Jameis Winston

"The actor Richard Burton once wrote an article for the New York Times about his experience playing the role of Winston Churchill in a television drama:"In the course of preparing myself...I realized afresh that I hate Churchill and all of his kind. I hate them virulently. They have stalked down the corridors of endless power all through history.... What man of sanity would say on hearing of the atrocities committed by the Japanese against British and Anzac prisoners of war, We shall wipe them out, everyone of them, men, women, and children. There shall not be a Japanese left on the face of the earth? Such simple--minded cravings for revenge leave me with a horrified but reluctant awe for such single--minded and merciless ferocity."--" - Author: Richard Francis Burton

Quotes About Readiness

"If the work of the average man required half the mental agility and readiness of resource of the work of the average prostitute, the average man would be constantly on the verge of starvation." - Author: H.L. Mencken

Quotes About Varys

"Lawless men are everywhere in this dark time, oh, yes. Men with cold steel and colder hearts. - Varys" - Author: George R.R. Martin

Quotes About Outstand

"A first-rate laboratory is one in which mediocre scientists can produce outstanding work." - Author: Patrick Maynard Stuart Blackett

Quotes About Accepting Your Imperfections

"...Love is easy, falling in love is even easier, but letting that love go, is the most difficult thing youll ever have to do. Some of us never let it go andsometimes it takes a while to realize what you want. But your heart will always have the right answer in the end. You just have to figure out what itstelling you." - Author: Marie Coulson

Quotes About Playwriting

"I find playwriting really painful. I love it, or I wouldnt do it, but I dont love the theater as much as I love movies." - Author: Zoe Kazan

Quotes About Waste Materials

"Please DO waste art materials. Use paper. Empty paint jars. Deplete pens. if its teaching you stuff, its not being wasted." - Author: Danny Gregory

Quotes About Oberyn

"If you would wed, wed. If not, take your pleasure where you find it. Theres little enough of it in this world." - Oberyn" - Author: George R.R. Martin

Quotes About Rhett Butler

"My pet, the world can forgive practically anything except people who mind their own business" - Rhett Butler" - Author: Margaret Mitchell

Quotes About Patience In Business

"Gifted teachers master the patience required for the unending business of transmitting civilization down the generations, transforming biological facts – children – into social artifacts called citizens. It is wearying work and it is a wonder teachers can summon the stamina for it." - Author: George F. Will