[I Bargained With Life For A Penny,And Life Would Pay No More, However I Begged At EveningWhen I Counted My Scanty Store;For Life Is Just An Employer,He Gives You What You Ask,But Once You Have Set The Wages,Why, You Must Bear The Task.I Worked For A Menial's Hire,Only To Learn, Dismayed,That Any Wage I Had Asked Of Life,Life Would Have Paid.]

Author: Jessie B. Rittenhouse Quotes

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"This week or last week, I dont really care about it anymore. I write myself this later, I tell myself you let me go."

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"As they say in Corsica... Goodbye"

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"I want so much that is not here and do not knowwhere to go."

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"A fourth group of people climbs from ignorance and pretends to possess the rational faculty. They suppose that the highest felicity is the expansion of honor and fame, the spread of reputation, a multiplicity of followers, and the influence of the command that is obeyed. Hence, you see that their only concern is eye service and cultivation of the things upon which observers cast their glance. One of them may go hungry in his house and suffer harm so that he can spend his wealth on clothes with which to adorn himself so that no one will look at him with the eye of contempt when he goes out. The types of these people are beyond count. All of them are veiled from Allah by the sheer darkness that is their own dark souls."

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"In the heart or every caregiver is a knowing that we are all connected. As I do for you, I do for me."

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"Dreams are chequered commentary made in sleepAlong the deeps of our desires, moving like riddles through a magic gladeLightly they touch the leap of hidden fires."

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"When I tell you "forever", I mean it."

David Rittenhouse Quotes

"But Dr. Smith says, and I believe it to be a true state of the case, that he himself gave a course of Lectures in Natural Philosophy, during the same winter, and that the money raised by them was also applied towards paying for the Orrery."

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"Are you fighting evil tonight?...Then you are doing the Lords work. Shut the fuck up."

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"Im not strictly vegetarian, but meat doesnt play a big part in my diet."

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