[I Believe Watergate Shows That The System Did Work. Particularly The Judiciary And The Congress, And Ultimately An Independent Prosecutor Working In The Executive Branch.]

Author: Bob Woodward Quotes

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"A kitten is the delight of a household. All day long a comedy is played out by an incomparable actor."

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"Life should not be a journey to the grave with the intention of being well-preserved, but to skid sideways, chocolate in one hand, wine in the other, still screaming, Whoo what a ride!"

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"Karena, bagian yang paling menyenangkan dalam hidup akan selalu mudah untuk diingat. Begitu juga dengan perjalanan."

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"And what is all this life but a kind of comedy, wherein men walk up and down in one anothers disguises and act their respective parts, till the property-man brings them back to the attiring house. And yet he often orders a different dress, and makes him that came but just now off in the robes of a king put on the rags of a beggar. Thus are all things represented by counterfeit, and yet without this there was no living."

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"The trick to staying alive wasnt surviving forever without being broken; it was finding people to help with the sanding and smoothing, people with their own hidden broken places, people who knew to be gentle with yours."

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"A low line of shore was visible at first on the right between the movement of the waves and fog, but when we came further it was lost sight of, and nothing could be seen but the mist curling in the rigging, and a small circle of foam."

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"Would you like me to put you out of your misery, before I put you out of your misery?"

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"Wenn das, was einen Menschen ausmacht, Gedanken, Erinnerungen, Träume und Gefühle sind, dann hat mich das, was ich fühle, zu dem gemacht, der ich bin. Ich bin ein Junge … der dich liebt."

Henry F Lyte Quotes

"Life with trials hard may press me;Heaven will bring me sweeter rest."

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"I definitely went through a period when I was a teenager when every girl was The One and every break-up was the Worst Thing That Had Ever Happened."

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"You know that I dont believe that anyone has ever taught anything to anyone. I question that efficacy of teaching. The only thing that I know is that anyone who wants to learn will learn. And maybe a teacher is a facilitator, a person who puts things down and shows people how exciting and wonderful it is and asks them to eat." - Author: Carl R. Rogers

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"Having an aim is the key to achieving your best." - Author: Henry J. Kaiser

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"He looked up at me, stuttered a few times, and then seemed to forget what he was saying altogether. I didnt say anything, or act surprised that he stopped talking. I just stared at him, feeling my heart pounding in my throat. "Wow." He said. "What?""You just left me speechless." - Author: L.D. Davis

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"Do you have a red velvet cake?" "Of course," the waiter said, as if this was a ridiculous question. How dare I assume that they didnt have red velvet cake. The nerve." - Author: Chelsea M. Cameron

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"When you think things are bad,when you feel sour and blue,when you start to get mad...you should do what I do!Just tell yourself, Duckie, youre really quite lucky!Some people are much more...oh, ever so much more...oh, muchly much-much moreunlucky than you!" - Author: Dr. Seuss

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"We learned about honesty and integrity - that the truth matters... that you dont take shortcuts or play by your own set of rules... and success doesnt count unless you earn it fair and square." - Author: Michelle Obama

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"You only play Pistol Annies when youre pissed, usually at me. I know your fake laugh from your real one. You have a great laugh, by the way. I know which shirts are your favorites, because theyre the first ones you wear after youve done your laundry. You lick your bottom lip when youre trying to concentrate on your textbook reading. You cry during those commercials with the absurd animals when you think no one is looking. No, I dont know you at all." - Author: Chelsea M. Cameron

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"Beyond basic mathematical aptitude, the difference between good programmers and great programmers is verbal ability." - Author: Marissa Mayer

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"Art is the way people see things, and I think its great when individuals can find in fashion something they truly believe is artistic." - Author: Olivier Theyskens

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"Dobro srce katkad je čovjeku i narodu jedini neprijatelj." - Author: Marija Jurić Zagorka