[I Can Hear All I Want About Sex, Drugs, And Rock 'n' Roll On The Playground, But Only The Girl Scouts Know The Step-by-steps For Limbering Up A A New Book Without Injuring The Binding And The How-tos Of Packing A Suitcase To Be A More Efficient Traveler. The Only Thing Harder To Come By Around Here Than A Suitcase Is A Brand-new Book, But I Keep The Girl Scout Motto As Close To My Heart As The Promise Anyway: Be Prepared.]

Author: Tupelo Hassman Quotes

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"Im the co-chair of the PTA at my kids school, Ashmount Primary, in north Islington, London."

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"Jesus Christ-" "Is Not here right now," the man in black replied,"and even if he were, he could not save you."

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