[I Can Write Best In The Silence And Solitude Of The Night, When Everyone Has Retired.]

Author: Zane Grey Quotes

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Troy Duffy Quotes

"Cult movies are basically movies Hollywood missed the first time - that they should have gotten - and then the fans got it and made it successful."

Sarah Cross Quotes

"Cant handle your alcohol, Mira?" Blue called over."I didnt expect it to go everywhere! Now I smell like beer.""It could be worse," Blue said. "You could smell like Rafes sex life, like Caspian does." Poor Caspian was huddled in the blanket, staring longingly out to sea, oblivious to their conversation."That was low," Freddie said, hiding a grin."

Angela B Wade Quotes

"He tasted like summertime - of wicked thunderstorms, fresh clover, and wild honeysuckle - and I had the sensation of falling, my stomach tumbling over and over again until calm finally reached in, rooting deep and stretching out to encompass everything: my mind, my body. And my soul - whatever that was. The same clean, almost scentless breeze whipped over us again, just like it had the first night wed met, and I could physically feel one chapter of my life closing and another beginning."

Plotinus Quotes

"It is in virtue of unity that beings are beings."

Vanessa Ray Quotes

"I visualized high school as being like Saved By the Bell."

Jake Johnson Quotes

"I had a lot of bad jobs but the one big internship I had is I interned for SNL when I was 21 years old and that was the joke. You intern there and you think man, Im going to be with the writers and the great comedians. Then youre getting everybody sandwiches and then the doors close and then all the great creatives are doing the work."

Elly Roselle Quotes

"A belief is not an idea held by the mind, it is an idea that holds the mind."

Caroline Winberg Quotes

"You can always enhance your natural beauty; you learn what works for your face because crazy make-up doesnt really suit anyone."

Ernest Poole Quotes

"What kind of crops do they raise in the towns? Only Grand Dukes, Bolsheviks and drunkards!"

Lara Flynn Boyle Quotes

"I love receiving fan mail."

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Quotes About Lots To Do

"Lots of women read fiction. Most men dont. Women read fiction written by women and by men. Most men dont. If a man opens a novel,. he likes to have a masculine name on the cover; its reassuring somehow. You never know what might happen to that external genitalia if you immerse yourself in imaginary doings concocted by someone with the goods on the inside. [pp. 145-146]" - Author: Siri Hustvedt

Quotes About Soft Kisses

"He cupped my face between his hands, and when our lips touched, his skin felt soft and warm. It was the smallest,gentlest, most earth-shattering kiss in the long and glorious history of kisses, and it took my breath away." - Author: Antony John

Quotes About Being Treated Unkindly

"I find Edward Scissorhands a very inspiring movie - its one of the first movies about bullying, in a way - about being treated unkindly for being different." - Author: Denise Di Novi

Quotes About Facial Recognition

"I walked into the wrong examination room. Im bad enough at facial recognition... I saw more that day than I cared to. Fortunately, I didnt recognize her from that angle, whoever it was, and I didnt ask. Im off to a rocky start on the road to fatherhood, but I got a free view." - Author: Simon Helberg

Quotes About Ordinary And Extraordinary

"A writers goal is to weave the ordinary into fine silk and the truly extraordinary into diaphanous clarity ..." - Author: C.J. Heck

Quotes About Finding Happiness In Marriage

"The marquis de Carabas was not a good man, and he knew himself well enough to be perfectly certain that he was not a brave man. He had long since decided that the world, Above or Below, was a place that wished to be deceived, and, to this end, he had named himself from a lie in a fairy tale, and created himself--his clothes, his manner, his carriage--as a grand joke.There was a dull pain in his wrists and his feet, and he was finding it harder and harder to breathe. There was nothing more to be gained by feigning unconsciousness, and he raised his head, as best he could, and spat a gob of scarlet blood into Mr. Vandemars face.It was a brave thing to do, he thought. And a stupid one. Perhaps they would have let him die quietly, if he had not done that. Now, he had no doubt, they would hurt him more. And perhaps his death would come the quicker for it." - Author: Neil Gaiman

Quotes About Bootlegging In The 1920s

"I draw a distinction between traditional Islam and Islamism. Islamism emerged in its modern form in the 1920s and is driven by a belief that Muslims can be strong and rich again if they follow the Islamic law severely and in its entirety. This is a response to the trauma of modern Islam." - Author: Daniel Pipes

Quotes About Love From Movies

"Im world famous, everywhere I go there are people who love me because of Ive been able to bring them some joy from the movies Ive made." - Author: Tony Curtis

Quotes About Being Buried Alive

"The sins of the Midwest: flatness, emptiness, a necessary acceptance of the familiar. Where is the romance in being buried alive? In growing old?" - Author: Stewart ONan

Quotes About Process And Result

"You cant go from 1-10 without going through 2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9. Learning to respect the process and living to appreciate the result is the formula for growth" - Author: Kerry E. Wagner