[I Conclude That It Is A Fundamental Mistake To Think That Salvation, Justice, Or Virtue Come Through Merely Human Institutions.]

Author: Jeane Kirkpatrick Quotes

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Mack McLarty Quotes

"Im a strong believer in bipartisanship."

Vano Merabishvili Quotes

"My position does not give me the liberty to exclude anything, but my mood tells me there will not be violence."

W S Merwin Quotes

"Poetry is like making a joke. If you get one word wrong at the end of a joke, youve lost the whole thing."

Junior Johnson Quotes

"I just prefer wood. I like the smell. To me, its a lot cheaper than electric or gas, and its more convenient. Its just a better heat to me."

Teddy Roosevelt Quotes

"When those who are responsible for the leadership of State begin to move in villainous ways; when they begin to destroy the fabric of what it is that our nation is held together with; when they violate the Constitution of our nation and begin to do things that are false to our dreams and our hopes--it is incumbent upon every citizen by right, but also by responsibility, to challenge that administration, to raise their voice in vigorous dissent and to challenge the way in which the state is doing business. And those who fail to do that, should be charged with patriotic treason!"

Derrick Bell Quotes

"I go to readings by fiction writers like Alice Walker, and Im envious of the level of attention they generate."

Frank Knox Quotes

"Patriotism was a living fire of unquestioned belief and purpose."

Brad Francis Quotes

"See, Brutus, for me, its not good enough to just guess as to whether theres a heaven or how to get there. Im not going to take Julians word for it, or Aarons word for it, or anyone elses word for it. Im going to find out for myself whether I believe theres a heaven or not, and then Im going to spend the rest of my life doing everything I possibly can to get there. We dont get that long on earth, and heaven is forever, so if theres anything I can do, anything at all, even if it takes my entire life, then its worth it," Elena said."

Sonya Sones Quotes

"I wish he hadnt gone and cut his hair.He looks about eight years old.His ears have tripled in size.Everyones started calling him Dumbo.Which wouldnt be so bad,except theyve started calling meMrs. Dumbo.You cant even tellhes got curly hair anymore.Theres nothing leftto run my fingers through.Just this weirdblond AstroTurfsprouting out of his skull."

Sophia Loren Quotes

"Beauty is how you feel inside, and it reflects in your eyes. It is not something physical."

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Quotes About Corporate Power

"Privacy is a protection from the unreasonable use of state and corporate power. But that is, in a sense, a secondary thing. In the first instance, privacy is the statement in words of a simple understanding, which belongs to the instinctive world rather than the formal one, that some things are the province of those who experience them and not naturally open to the scrutiny of others: courtship and love, with their emotional nakedness; the simple moments of family life; the appalling rawness of grief. That the state and other systems are precluded from snooping on these things is important - it is a strong barrier between the formal world and the hearth, extended or not - but at root privacy is a simple understanding: not everything belongs to everyone." - Author: Nick Harkaway

Quotes About Stalin Stalingrad

"The street is no longer measured by meters but by corpses ... Stalingrad is no longer a town. By day it is an enormous cloud of burning, blinding smoke; it is a vast furnace lit by the reflection of the flames. And when night arrives, one of those scorching howling bleeding nights, the dogs plunge into the Volga and swim desperately to gain the other bank. The nights of Stalingrad are a terror for them. Animals flee this hell; the hardest stones cannot bear it for long; only men endure." - Author: Max Hastings

Quotes About Perfect Weather

"Grandmother walked up over the bare granite and thought about birds in general. It seemed to her no other creature had the same dramatic capacity to underline and perfect events -- the shifts in the seasons and the weather, the changes that run through people themselves. p.33" - Author: Tove Jansson

Quotes About Strength Of A Black Woman

"This is what it means to be a woman in this world. Every step is a bargain with pain. Make your black deals in the black wood and decide what youll trade for power. For the opposite of weakness, which is not strength but hardness. I am a trap, but so is everything. Pick your price. I am a huckster with a hand in your pocket. I am freedom and I will eat your heart." - Author: Catherynne M. Valente

Quotes About Things That Werent Meant To Be

"In Southeast Asia the world is understood to be a vast, complex network of interdependent relationships. So when global capitalism makes it impossible for small-time rice farmers to feed their families and make a living, it is a natural thing for anyone in the family who can find an alternative source of income to do so." - Author: John Burdett

Quotes About Decorators

"So we went to the Zoo; & I daresay I could write something interesting about that--a pale stone desert given over to charwomen & decorators: a few bears, a mandrill, & a fox or two--all in the desolation of depression." - Author: Virginia Woolf

Quotes About Veiled

". Sometimes, but only for a moment, I saw a faint solitaryfigure with a Rosa veiled face, and carrying a faint torch, flit among the dancers, but like a dream within adream, like a shadow of a shadow, and I knew by an understanding born from a deeper fountain than thought,that it was Eros himself, and that his face was veiled because no man or woman from the beginning of theworld has ever known what love is, or looked into his eyes, for Eros alone of divinities is altogether a spirit,and hides in passions not of his essence if he would commune with a mortal heart. So that if a man love noblyhe knows love through infinite pity, unspeakable trust, unending sympathy; and if ignobly through vehementjealousy, sudden hatred, and unappeasable desire; but unveiled love he never knows." - Author: W.B. Yeats

Quotes About Printer

"He imagined himself as a sprinter now, felt his arms and legs pumping, thought of the old Cuban sprinter his father used to tell him about.Juan something?No, no.Juantarena.Alberto Juantarena.His father said it was like watching a god run. And his father, the old fool, wasnt even Cuban, he was Dominican. The only Dominican who wanted to talk about track stars instead of baseball." - Author: Mike Lupica

Quotes About Gretchen

"Gretchen," Clint said, his voice full of the same luscious agony Gretchen felt building inside of her. "Im going to kiss you." He was giving her one last chance to back out, to push him away. That was not going to happen.Her mouth twisted with amusement. "Not if I kiss you first." - Author: Aria Kane

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"That would be a nightmare. Thank goodness for the U.S. Navy. I can at least put off telling Logan. The last thing I need is for my boyfriend to pick a fight with an international crime syndicate." - Author: Rob Thomas