[I Cut Myself Because You Wouldn't Let Me Cry.I Cried Because You Wouldn't Let Me Speak.I Spoke Because You Wouldn't Let Me Shine.I Shone Because I Thought You Loved Me...]

Author: Emilie Autumn Quotes

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"You know, violence, I think, knocks on everyones door."

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"Learning is one letter short of maturity."

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"Id like to change my butt. It hangs a little too long. God forbid what it will look like when Im older. It will probably be dragging along on the ground behind me."

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"Droughts especially appear to have accompanied the spirits of the dead in bee-form, and for this reason the honey offering was almost always customary in rain-magic, and the power of predicting rain was attributed to the bee."

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"The best people to have power are the ones who dont want it."

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"Wife credit is like a piece of fish. As soon as you get it, it starts to go bad."

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"I knew people liked me on American Idol, but I didnt think theyd care to come see me sing at my own show."

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"Marriage isnt about Winning - Its about Lasting"

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"Our tears are precious, necessary, and part of what make us such endearing creatures."

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"Gifts need not be expensive; after all, "its the thuoght that counts." But I remind you, it is not the thought left in your head that counts; it is the gift that came out of the thought that communicates emotional love."

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