[I Did Those Things Because Of My Lack Of Control. When You Touch Me Jack, I Completely Succumb To You. I Give Into Your Every Whim.]

Author: K.A. Linde Quotes

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Bobby Heenan Quotes

"Are there any swamps in Oklahoma? Yes, there is. Its called Tulsa."

Silvia Hartmann Quotes

"The more loving we can be, the more powerful we become."

KC Beaumont Quotes

"Any idea why there is a giant penis made out of snow in our front yard?"Instead of an answer, I was rewarded with a face full of graham cracker cereal and milk." - from Of Cheerleaders and Gingers"

Gian Carlo Rota Quotes

"The apex of mathematical achievement occurs when two or more fields which were thought to be entirely unrelated turn out to be closely intertwined. Mathematicians have never decided whether they should feel excited or upset by such events."

Alfred Adler Quotes

"He used to say to his melancholia patients:"You can be cured in fourteen days if you follow this prescription.Try to think every day how you can please someone."

Benote Groult Quotes

"Derjenige, der die Sprache der Vernunft spricht, ist derjenige, der am wenigsten liebt."

Wolfgang Herrndorf Quotes

"Wie wärs, wenn wir uns einfach in fünfzig Jahren wiedertreffen?"

Mary Jo Bang Quotes

"You were. You areThe brightest thing in the shop windowAnd the most beautiful seldom I ever saw"

Jet Raymond Hodgkin Quotes

"If everyone followed the rules, we wouldnt be human...And Id choose that than being a Robot over any day."

Krister Stendahl Quotes

"The more one pleases generally, the less one pleases profoundly."

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Quotes About Waiting For Him To Make A Move

"I wont ask again," Heath finally said, his voice cutting. "I wont bother you again.When you decide you feel like it, or youre ready,or the moon is full,or whatever the hell it is youre waiting for,then let me know." He started to leave the room, paused, and added, "And then maybe Ill think about it."She resisted the urge to stamp her foot at him as he left.But if he thought that she should make the first move after what he had said,then he had a long wait ahead of him!" - Author: Lisa Kleypas

Quotes About Camouflaged

"Sarah wonders if whatever secrets Grace is protecting feel the same as her own, sometimes just fuzzy and ticklish, like a littler of kittens trying to climb and paw their way out, and sometimes with claws bared, kittens grown to tigers, camouflaged but always ready to spring." - Author: Beth Neff

Quotes About Being Fiscally Responsible

"The stillness and stasis of bed are the perfect opposite of travel: inertia is what Ive come to consider the default mode, existentially and electronically speaking. Bed, its utter inactivity, offers a glimpse of eternity, without the drawback of being dead." - Author: Lynne Sharon Schwartz

Quotes About Invasion Of Normandy

"So, how is the British invasion going? Has he invaded your hoohah yet?" - Author: Alice Clayton

Quotes About Rambo

"She was like John Rambo meets Polly Pocket; Dakota Fanning crossed with Death Wish 4." - Author: Mark Millar

Quotes About Animal Lovers

"Every animal is a tradition, and together they are a vast part of our heritage as human beings. No animal completely lacks humanity, yet no person is ever completely human. By ourselves, we people are simply balls of protoplasm. We merge with animals through magic, metaphor, or fantasy, growing their fangs and putting on their feathers. Then we become funny or tragic; we can be loved, hated, pitied, and admired. For us, animals are all the strange, beautiful, pitiable, and frightening things that they have ever been: gods, slaves, totems, sages, tricksters, devils, clowns, companions, lovers, and far more." - Author: Boria Sax

Quotes About Glorious

"Literature is my sandbox. In it I play, build my forts and castles, spend glorious time. It is the world outside that box that gives me trouble. I have adapted tamely, though not conventionally, to this visible world so I can retreat without much inconvenience into my inner world of books." (p. 5)" - Author: Rabih Alameddine

Quotes About Calvin

"In chilis hand were his car keys, Ray-bans and Marlboros, without which he wouldnt leave his bathroom. Chili drank only black coffee and neat Jack Daniels; his suits were Boss, his underwear Calvin Klein, his actor Pacino. His barber shook his hand, his accountant took him to dinner, his drug dealer would come to him at all hours and accept his checks." - Author: Hanif Kureishi

Quotes About Educational Institutions

"Where are we as a modern civilization if our educational institutions conspire to train only a fraction of our capacities? and if this is all they can really do, then why not acknowledge that fact openly and give legitimacy to the other alternative forms of education that do cultivate those neglected dimensions of personality, instead of pretending that anything lying outside the standards set by the Wester analytic tradition is either inferior, anti-intellectual, or diabolic? (p. 293-294)" - Author: Eugene Taylor

Quotes About Who Gatsby Is

"Only Gatsby, the man who gives his name to this book, was exempt from my reaction -- Gatsby, who represented everything for which I have an unaffected scorn ... No -- Gatsby turned out all right in the end; it was what prayed on Gatsby, what foul dust floated in the wake of his dreams that temporarily closed out my interest in the abortive sorrows and the short-winded elations of men." - Author: F. Scott Fitzgerald