[I Do," Drew Admitted, His Eyes Devouring My Body Appreciatively. "But With You…I Want So Much More, Summer. So Much More Than You're Willing To Give Me." He Paused, "Every Single Touch, Every Single Look You Give Me, I Cherish.]

Author: Kailin Gow Quotes

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"If a million people say a foolish thing, it is still a foolish thing."

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"I promise to pay you before you die - but you have to promise not to die."

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"The best physique I ever had was when I was ballet dancing."

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"eat whatever you meet along the way.If you come late dont eat but wack yours with hers."

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"We Live in a Generation, the things that were Legal are now Illegal and the things that were Illegal are now Legal"

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"Tradition in the nursery has acted as a severe editor."

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"Women who set a low value of themselves make life hard for all women."

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"A man is ruled by appetite and remorse, and I swallowed what I could."

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"A rattlesnake loose in the living room tends to end all discussion of animal rights."

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"I try not to have too much of an ego. Ill do anything."

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"Next day, as the Ferris wheel was being taken apart and the race horses were being loaded into vans and the entertainers were packing up their belongings and driving away in their trailers, Charlotte died. The Fair Grounds were soon deserted. The sheds and buildings were empty and forlorn. The infield was littered with bottles and trash. Nobody, of the hundreds of people that had visited the Fair, knew that a grey spider had played the most important part of all. No one was with her when she died." - Author: E.B. White

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"The law of harvest is to reap more than you sow. Sow an act, and you reap a habit. Sow a habit and you reap a character. Sow a character and you reap a destiny." - Author: James Allen

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"The nativity mystery "conceived from the Holy Spirit and born from the Virgin Mary", means, that God became human, truly human out of his own grace. The miracle of the existence of Jesus , his "climbing down of God" is: Holy Spirit and Virgin Mary! Here is a human being, the Virgin Mary, and as he comes from God, Jesus comes also from this human being. Born of the Virgin Mary means a human origin for God. Jesus Christ is not only truly God, he is human like every one of us. He is human without limitation. He is not only similar to us, he is like us." - Author: Karl Barth

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"So you see that the process of education, taken in a large way, may be described as nothing but the process of acquiring ideas or conceptions, the best educated mind being the mind which has the largest stock of them, ready to meet the largest possible variety of the emergencies of life. The lack of education means only the failure to have acquired them, and the consequent liability to be floored and rattled in the vicissitudes of experience." - Author: William James

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"I left them to it, the pointing of fingers on maps, the tracing of mountain villages, the tracks and contours on maps of larger scale, and basked for the one evening allowed to me in the casual, happy atmosphere of the taverna where we dined. I enjoyed poking my finger in a pan and choosing my own piece of lamb. I liked the chatter and the laughter from neighbouring tables. The gay intensity of talk - none of which I could understand, naturally - reminded me of left-bank Paris. A man from one table would suddenly rise to his feet and stroll over to another, discussion would follow, argument at heat perhaps swiftly dissolving into laughter. This, I thought to myself, has been happening through the centuries under this same sky, in the warm air with a bite to it, the sap drink pungent as the sap running through the veins of these Greeks, witty and cynical as Aristophanes himself, in the shadow, unmoved, inviolate, of Athenes Parthenon. ("The Chamois")" - Author: Daphne du Maurier

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"You can lose your way groping among the shadows of the past. Its frightening how many people and things there are in a mans past that have stopped moving. The living people weve lost in the crypts of time sleep so soundly side by side with the dead that the same darkness envelops them all.As we grow older, we no longer know whom to awaken, the living or the dead." - Author: Louis Ferdinand Céline

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"[Comedies], in the ancient world, were regarded as of a higher rank than tragedy, of a deeper truth, of a more difficult realization, of a sounder structure, and of a revelation more complete. The happy ending of the fairy tale, the myth, and the divine comedy of the soul, is to be read, not as a contradiction, but as a transcendence of the universal tragedy of man.... Tragedy is the shattering of the forms and of our attachments to the forms; comedy, the wild and careless, inexhaustible joy of life invincible." - Author: Joseph Campbell

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"Have you seen my daughter?""Daughter?" Im the worst liar ever. I stare at Sarahs tall, imposing father and try to smile. "Shes getting us a table?"He narrows his gray eyes, and then tightens his mouth. "Is that a question or a statement?""Statement?" Im so blowing this.He exhales and nods. "Well, then. I guess Ill see you in the banquet room."Harlin grins as Sarahs father walks away. "You are so subtle, Charlotte. Are you a ninja?""Shut up.""Im sure he didnt find that at all suspicious.""Harlin!"He laughs and kisses the top of my head. "Ill stop," he says. "But where is Sarah? You might want to find her before we sit down for chicken with that man. What will you say if he asks you to pass the mashed potatoes? Mashed potatoes?" Harlin finishes, imitating my voice." - Author: Suzanne Young

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"And he went on eating his marmalade as though everything were natural." - Author: Daphne du Maurier

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"I think any girl who comes to Hollywood with sex symbol or bombshell hanging over her has a rough road." - Author: Kim Basinger