[I Don't Believe Some Teachers Consider Whether Their Classroom Instruction Fosters The Development Of Reading Habits In Their Students. Reflecting On The Landslide Of Crossword Puzzles, Dioramas, Annotations, And Reading Logs Assigned To Their Students For Every Book They Read, Teachers Might Realize That Instead Of Encouraging Students To Read, These Mindless Assignments Make Kids Hate Reading. Primarily Assigned To Generate Grades And Give Teachers A False Sense That They Are Holding Students Accountable For Reading, These Counterfeit Activities—that No Wild Reader Completes On His Or Her Own—guarantee That Their Students Will Avoid Reading. If We Care About Our Students' Reading Lives, We Must Foster Their Lifelong Reading Habits And Eliminate Or Reduce The Negative Influences Of Classroom Practices That Don't Align With What Wild Readers Do.]

Author: Donalyn Miller Quotes

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"Mac knocks on the door. After he updates Spider, he asks, "Do you have your weapon with you?""Yes, its like my American Express card. I never leave home without it." Mac hears Spider lock and load the weapon. Reassured that Spider is going to be all right, he walks out the front door."

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"I think it is most important for a teacher to play the pieces and studies that are being played by the student."

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"I am very honored and excited to be part of UFC 100; its going to be the hardest challenge of my career so far and its going to be pretty tough - I cant wait."

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"Youll never find me in a gym."

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"I still feel like no one knows who I am. I still feel anonymous."

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"that opening position in every negotiation. The one that said, out of the goodness of my heart Im going to agree to rob you blind."

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"Sesungguhnya sesuai kadar eloknya kemenangan yang kita cari, itulah hendaknya besar pengorbanan yang kita serahkan."

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"Look at the mid- sky, about halfway up from the horizon, and wait for your eyes to adjust," I said softly. "It will take five to ten minutes."He was quiet. The sky was full of stars; and the spaces between them were not fully black, because the longer we stared, the more the pricks of other stars peeked behind and next to them. I stole that time to listen to him breathe. I soaked up his presence, storing it for the future, burning it into my memory."

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"I LIKE my Food."

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"Faced with the thoughts, the actions of a woman whom we love, we are as completely at a loss as the worlds first natural philosophers must have been, face to face with the phenomena of nature, before their science had been elaborated and had cast a ray of light over the unknown. Or, worse still, we are like a person in whose mind the law of causality barely exists, a person who would be incapable, therefore, of establishing a connexion between one phenomenon and another and to whose eyes the spectacle of the world would appear as unstable as a dream."

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"in English and Arabic. Clearly, even personal shoppers had him pegged as a complete geek. The shopper also managed to find some supplies for our magic bags—blocks of wax, twine, even some papyrus and ink—though I doubt Bes explained to her what they were for. After she left, Bes, Carter and I ordered more food from room service. We sat on the deck and watched the afternoon go by. The breeze from the Mediterranean was cool and pleasant. Modern Alexandria stretched out to our left—an odd mix of gleaming high-rises, shabby, crumbling buildings, and ancient ruins. The shoreline highway was dotted with palm trees and crowded with every sort of vehicle from BMWs to donkeys. From our penthouse suite, it all seemed a bit unreal—the raw energy of the city, the bustle and congestion below —while we sat on our veranda in the sky eating fresh fruit and the last melting bits of Lenins head." - Author: Rick Riordan

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"When I composed those verses I was preoccupied less with music than with an experience—an experience in which that beautiful musical allegory had shown its moral side, had become an awakening and a summons to a life vocation. The imperative form of the poem which specially displeases you is not the expression of a command and a will to teach but a command and warning directed towards myself. Even if you were not fully aware of this, my friend, you could have read it in the closing lines. I experienced an insight, you see, a realization and an inner vision, and wished to impress and hammer the moral of this vision into myself. That is the reason why this poem has remained in my memory. Whether the verses are good or bad they have achieved their aim, for the warning has lived on within me and has not been forgotten. It rings anew for me again to-day, and that is a wonderful little experience which your scorn cannot take away from me." - Author: Hermann Hesse

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"Before Google, and long before Facebook, Bezos had realized that the greatest value of an online company lay in the consumer data it collected." - Author: George Packer

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"Wait—no, not drifting. Following us. "We have an audience," I said to Reth, nodding at the clusters of flying insects."I suppose we cant make the Dark Queen any angrier with us than she already is," he said, then his perfect mouth moved, silently forming words, and he gracefully waved his hands through the air in a semicircle. The warm breeze suddenly froze, and I saw frost eat across the nearest butterflies wings. They stopped midair, then dropped to the ground with tiny clinking noises, frozen solid.A serene smile spread across Reths face. "Ive always disliked insects.""If the whole being-a-faerie thing doesnt work out for you, you definitely have a future in pest control." - Author: Kiersten White

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"My style of writing is to allow the story to unfold on its own. I try not to structure my work too rigidly." - Author: Anita Desai

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"Requiring military hospitals to perform elective abortions exposes the physicians, the nurses, the military personnel to move against their own personal convictions of life in many cases." - Author: Rick Renzi

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"Friends are the fruitcake of life - some nutty, some soaked in alcohol, some sweet." - Author: Jon Ronson

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"A beginning is that which does not itself follow anything by causal necessity, but after which something naturally is or comes to be. An end, on the contrary, is that which itself naturally follows some other thing, either by necessity, or as a rule, but has nothing following it. A middle is that which follows something as some other thing follows it. A well constructed plot, therefore, must neither begin nor end at haphazard, but conform to these principles." - Author: Aristotle

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"Létoile frappera la terre, empoisonnant leau et lair, et une pluie de feu détruira le tiers de tous les arbres. Un montagne de feu sécroulera dans locéan et leau submergera le tiers des nations... La compagne du Prince des Ténèbres le quittera pour mettre son enfant sous la protection des anges... Un grand massacre suivra lappel de la reine blanche. Le peuple réclamera du plus grand de tous les chefs quil punisse les coupables... Un grand silence tombera sur la Terre tandis que les anges affronteront les démons. Lorsque vous verrez ces lignes, vous saurez que le Prince du ciel est à votre porte." - Author: Anne Robillard