[I Don't Have Good Business Sense. You Never Get Much Money For The Arts. But I Like Independence. I Like To Grow.]

Author: Cyndi Lauper Quotes

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Ray Anyasi Quotes

"If your office post is on an LRA path, then believe me your job is as good as lost." - Peter Kotara."

Zipha Keatley Snyder Quotes

"...But wondering takes time, and most of the people of the neighborhood were hard-working people, and so they gradually began to forget."

Reshma Shetty Quotes

"Every actor hopes that the character that theyre playing continues to be a challenge throughout their tenure of their show."

Dave Matthes Quotes

"Remove the exclamation point, replace it with an ellipsis; the real delusion is believing there is a beginning and an end, an Alpha and an Omega, when really they are just sugar pills force fed in excess by those who crave control, power, and the next form of "obsession". Instead of collapsing with the rest of them, be the one who shatters the mold, breach this worlds security and spread the word that there is no end...there is only the horizon and beyond..."

Patricia Rae Quotes

"A family is really a union of two separate entities. When you get married, you are marrying one family into another."

Leszek Koakowski Quotes

"Is it not reasonable to suspect that if existence were pointless and the universe devoid of meaning, we would never have achieved not only the ability to imagine otherwise, but even the ability to entertain this very thought—to wit, that existence is pointless and the universe devoid of meaning."

Sophie Dahl Quotes

"I think it doesnt really make a difference where she is, because she always takes herself with her."

MT Anderson Quotes

"You need the noise of your friends in space."

Raymond Queneau Quotes

"The Iliad is the private lives of people thrown into disorder by history."

Jessica Clare Quotes

"just curious. You know. If Id touched single junk or married"

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Quotes About Arches National Park

"So I had the opportunity to do what the kids in the Hershey program do, except that the Hershey program lets them do it on such a larger scale, with the regional and national competitions." - Author: Rafer Johnson

Quotes About Being Told Youre Loved

"Had I known then what I know now, I would have clung to him. I would have looked him in the eyes to see that spark of mischief, that undying intelligence that belied his gruff exterior. If Id known the inevitable, I would have said everything I felt in my heart and soul. I would have told him thank you for being my father. I would have said that if Im ever going to be a good man, its going to be because of the way hed raised me... ...I would have told him I loved him. But I didnt. I didnt because I didnt know. I didnt even say goodnight. Or goodbye." - Author: T.J. Klune

Quotes About Painting Your Future

"For all the pain you suffered, my mama. For all the torment of your past and future years, my mama. For all the anguish this picture of pain will cause you. For the unspeakable mystery that brings good fathers and sons into the world and lets a mother watch them tear at each others throats. For the Master of the Universe, whose suffering world I do not comprehend. For dreams of horror, for nights of waiting, for memories of death, for the love I have for you, for all the things I remember, and for all the things I should remember but have forgotten, for all these I created this painting—an observant Jew working on a crucifixion because there was no aesthetic mold in his own religious tradition into which he could pour a painting of ultimate anguish and torment." - Author: Chaim Potok

Quotes About Brooding

"For a while hed tried molding himself into the tragic Romantic hero, brooding and staring clench-jawed off into space as he composed dark verse in his head. But it turned out that trying to appear tragic in Incontinence, Indiana, was redundant, and his mother kept shouting at him and making him forget his rhymes. "Tommy, if you keep grinding your teeth like that, theyll wear away and youll have to have dentures like Aunt Ester." Tommy only wished his beard was as heavy as Aunt Esters---then he could stare out over the moors while he stroked it pensively." - Author: Christopher Moore

Quotes About Gray Area

"Mr. Gray," I mutter. Hes smiling again like the Big Bad Wolf who wants to eat me. And boy, do I want him to eat m–"I just happened to be in the area," he says, cutting off my internal monologue. "I needed to pick up a few supplies, and here you are. What a pleasant surprise." His voice is cool and husky like a Wendys Frosty shake, with just a little bit of grit (also like a Frosty)." - Author: Andrew Shaffer

Quotes About Bodmin

"Making corn dollies under the watchful eye of Mrs Darley was an absolute must for all of us living in the tiny Cornish hamlet on Bodmin Moor." - Author: Carole Carlton

Quotes About Cluttered Desk

"I saw that office display the other day at the modern gallery. I just didnt know what I was looking at. A still life of a secretarys cluttered desk? A sunset over a mountainous landscape of cash? I dont understand richy people. Think theyre so profound, so much better than everybody else. Theyre just trying to compensate for their melancholy, eccentric natures, their loneliness. It must be awful to own a fortune 500 company." - Author: Benson Bruno

Quotes About Swallowing Your Pride

"...when people oppose your view, you can become a lightning rod, but if I were you, Id let them stew..." - Author: John Geddes

Quotes About Wetiko

"Wetiko is elusive and mercurial, for whatever we say wetiko is, it isnt, in that it is always more, less, and other than what we are able to say it is in language." - Author: Paul Levy

Quotes About Chaplin

"The real good comedians, like Chaplin, would make you laugh and a second later, cry." - Author: Martin Landau