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Author: Bil Keane Quotes

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Monika Barbara Potocki Quotes

"Buckmester County was in a time warp."

Pat Travers Quotes

"I needed an opportunity to get back in the studio and get my recording chops back together."

Hoda Kotb Quotes

"Im an optimist, so I think everything can be worked out and fixed. But from having cancer I learned that even if youre even an optimist, sometimes you just have to face the facts that certain things are broken."

Alison Lurie Quotes

"...you cant write well with only the nice parts of your character, and only about nice things. And I dont want even to try anymore. I want to use everything, including hate and envy and lust and fear."

Johan Cruyff Quotes

"If I wanted you to understand, I would explain it better."

David Mazzucchelli Quotes

"Yes heres to the founding fathers—slave-owners, British citizens who didnt want to pay taxes..."

David Ritz Quotes

"His moods changed minute to minute, and Jan could change him quicker than anyone. The more he loved her the more mixed up he got. He was such a beautiful man, but so unstable."

Jon Acuff Quotes

"Quitting a job doesnt jump-start a dream because dreams take planning, purpose, and progress to succeed. That stuff has to happen before you quit your day job."

Stanley Coren Quotes

"From the dogs viewpoint, however, they are directly asserting dominance with that stare. When you respond by giving him what he wants, the dog interprets this as a submissive gesture on your part, and also reads this as your acceptance that the dog has a higher status in the pack than you do."

Princess Anne Quotes

"Golf seems to be an arduous way to go for a walk. I prefer to take the dogs out."

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Quotes About Greatest Moments

"Perhaps the two greatest moments of my life were standing on the moon and being outside of the room when my granddaughter was born! We tend not to remember the worst." - Author: Eugene Cernan

Quotes About Tools For Success

"Reflection is one of the most underused yet powerful tools for success." - Author: Richard Carlson

Quotes About Wicked Mother In Law

"Jane was my wicked stepmother: she was generous, affectionate and resourceful; she salvaged my schooling and I owe her an unknowable debt for that. One flaw: sometimes, early on, she would tell me things designed to make me think less of my mother, and I would wave her away, saying, Jane, this just backfires and makes me think less of you." - Author: Martin Amis

Quotes About Tiresome

"For my part I have sought liberty more than power, and power only because it can lead to freedom. What interested me was not a philosophy of the free man (all who try that have proved tiresome), but a technique: I hoped to discover the hinge where our will meets and moves with destiny, and where discipline strengthens, instead of restraining, our nature." - Author: Marguerite Yourcenar

Quotes About Tweens

"More grass means less forest; more forest less grass. But either-or is a construction more deeply woven into our culture than into nature, where even antagonists depend on one another and the liveliest places are the edges, the in-betweens or both-ands..... Relations are what matter most." - Author: Michael Pollan

Quotes About Crabs In A Bucket

"I watched her with the crab as she ignored all my admonitions that the poor crab just needed to be set free if he was to have any chance of surviving. And God showed up there on that beach to teach me a lesson. Nothing survives when its being smothered. Life, real life, requires being free to move about in the great big ocean, not being cradled in little hot hands that will stifle independence and creativity. We cant keep our crabs (or our kids) in a bucket and expect them to go far in life." - Author: Melanie Shankle

Quotes About Student Dress Code

"Historical Re-creation, he thought glumly, as they picked their way across, under, over or through the boulders and insect-buzzing heaps of splintered timber, with streamlets running everywhere. Only we do it with people dressing up and running around with blunt weapons, and people selling hot dogs, and the girls all miserable because they can only dress up as wenches, wenching being the only job available to women in the olden days." - Author: Terry Pratchett

Quotes About Good Choices And Bad

"This is the truth. I have been in love. I have been in lust. Ive made good choices and bad ones, I have been smart and Ive been stupid. But I have never in my life felt the way I do now, here, with Will." - Author: Megan Hart

Quotes About Severe Pain

"Why did I laugh tonight? No voice will tellNo God, no demon of severe responseDeigns to reply from heaven or from hellThen to my human heart I turn at once:Heart, thou and I are here, sad and alone,Say, why did I laugh? O mortal pain!O darkness! darkness! Forever must I moanTo question heaven and hell and heart in vain?Why did I laugh? I know this beings leaseMy fancy to its utmost blisses spreadsYet would I on this very midnight ceaseAnd all the worlds gaudy ensigns see in shredsVerse, fame and beauty are intense indeedBut death intenser, death is lifes high meed." - Author: John Keats

Quotes About Harp

"The poets did well to conjoin music and medicine, in Apollo, because the office of medicine is but to tune the curious harp of mans body and reduce it to harmony." - Author: Francis Bacon