[I Don't See Scarey Films. I Certainly Wouldn't Go See My Films.]

Author: Brian De Palma Quotes

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Taylor Grace Quotes

"Sure, knowledge is power but it doesnt hurt to also have a sword. Just in case." Heartan, Viddion marah."

Diana Vreeland Quotes

"Parents, you know, can be terrible."

Nikolas Lee Quotes

"No one is only one thing, my dear."

Mark Pesce Quotes

"What I tell you three times is true. What I tell you three million times is civilization."

Anis Mojgani Quotes

"So, tell me what my fists keep writing, my fingers, they open up like gates when I write..."

Kiera Van Gelder Quotes

"We do not deserve to be trapped in hell. It isnt our fault."

Anne Wilson Schaef Quotes

"Looking after my health today gives me a better hope for tomorrow."

Dave Zirin Quotes

"The building of publicly funded stadiums has become a substitue for anything resembling an urban policy."

Victoria Justice Quotes

"I do love getting dressed up, but sometimes its glam and edgy mixed together."

Mark Alders Quotes

"Sure. But if an undead creature or whatever comes out to eat our brains or suck out our blood, dont blame me."

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Quotes About Denise

"Not that I was incapable of friendship. Dont be shy, the teachers coaxed. I was not shy, only extremely choosy. And Denise shone like a diamond. If you had to ask me to define paradise, I would have said a desert island which Denise could visit, on a boat." - Author: Anneli Rufus

Quotes About Pros

"If geography is prose, maps are iconography." - Author: Lennart Meri

Quotes About Amrih

"Uang tidak kucari dan emas membuatku menggeleng kepala. Hidup damai yang tahu bahasa bintang adalah pamrihku" - Author: Y.B. Mangunwijaya

Quotes About Looking Beyond Beauty

"No more junk talk, no more lies. No more mornings in the hospital getting bad blood drained out of me. No more doctors trying to analyse what makes me a drug addict. No more futile attempts at trying to control my heroin use. No more defending myself when I know I am practically indefensible. No more police using me as practice. No more ODs, no more losses. No more trying to take an intellectual position on my heroin addiction when it takes more than it gives. No more dope-sick mornings, no more slow suicide, no more pain without end.No more AA. No more NA. No more mind control. No more being a victim, no more looking for reasons in childhood, in God in anything but what exists in HERE. No more admitting I am powerless. Down the dusty Los Angeles sidewalks, down the urine stained London back alleys … there goes the connection fading into the crowd like a 1960s Polaroid."Business…?""Whachoo need…?""Chiva…?" - Author: Tony ONeill

Quotes About Colors And Nature

"And the same things look bent and straight when seen in water and out of it, and also both concave and convex, due to the sights being mislead by the colors, and every sort of confusion of this kind is plainly in our soul. And, then, it is because they take advantage of this affection in our nature that shadow painting, and puppeteering, and many other tricks of the kind fall nothing short of wizardry." - Author: Socrates

Quotes About Baggage Life

"As we mature and grow older we collect a lot of baggage, and a lot of that stuff you collect on lifes journey gets in the way of acting. My kids can imagine a character and transform in the blink of an eye. Its so simple for kids, so complex for adults." - Author: David Wenham

Quotes About Humans Destroying The Environment

"Bicycles are way cooler than motorcycles. You get exercise and peace and quiet, and youre not destroying the environment." - Author: Brent Crawford

Quotes About Sad Love

"There would be sadness and nightmares. And there would be lovemaking and the holding close of children and friends and dogs -- affirmations of life in the cold wet night." - Author: Kij Johnson

Quotes About Stine

"Its been a misery for me, living with Christine Keeler." - Author: Christine Keeler

Quotes About Wanting Your Friend Back

"And seek not the depths of your knowledge with staff or sounding line." - Author: Kahlil Gibran