[I Don't Try To Be A Threat To MicroSoft, Mainly Because I Don't Really See MS As Competition. Especially Not Windows-the Goals Of Linux And Windows Are Simply So Different.]

Author: Linus Torvalds Quotes

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Marguerite Ashton Quotes

"Darlin, everyone has scars."

Sebastian Michealis Quotes

"Im simpley one hell of a butler."

Taylor Schilling Quotes

"Id love to do theater. Ive done so many plays in my life. I still think of that as my main thing."

David Lambert Quotes

"Acting truly is a love of mine."

Kaya Scodelario Quotes

"Clothes are my drug. I love Camden market - I have so many vintage pieces from there its unbelievable. Clothes are really important to me, they give me that feeling of happiness. I love being a bit free with it all and not giving myself rules."

Keith Gessen Quotes

"Honestly," he says, "I judge writers on how they write queries. If youre a good writer, youre a good writer." And if not, then not."

Charles Lee Lesher Quotes

"The road ahead is long and there will be many setbacks. Success is not assured… but the price of failure has never been this high."

Kjforce Quotes

"Liver spots are mature freckles.."

Nic Marks Quotes

"Much of modern life is based upon a false logic, a logic that assumes that happiness and well-being come from financial prosperity."

James Herbert Quotes

"I grew up in the East End of London, the youngest of three boys in a Catholic household. Both my parents were market traders and worked seven days a week."

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Quotes About Black Ties

"The Feynman DilemmaA diner says to a waiter, "Whats this fly doing in my soup?" And the waiter says, "It looks like the backstroke." Yet if the same scene is viewed while plunging into a black hole at the speed of light, it will look like a Mickey Mouse lunch pail from the thirties, except that Mickeys head has been replaced by a Lincoln penny" - Author: Steve Martin

Quotes About Acorns And Oak Trees

"Our ordinary mind always tried to persuade us that we are nothing but acorns and that our greatest happiness will be to become bigger, fatter, shinier acorns; but this is of interest only to pigs. Our faith gives us knowledge of something better: that we can become oak trees." - Author: E.F. Schumacher

Quotes About Depressed Love

"Melony put herself straight to bed without her dinner. Mrs. Grogan, worried about her, went to Melonys bed and felt her forehead, which was feverish, but Mrs. Grogan could not coax Melony to drink anything. All Melony said was, ‘He broke his promise. Later, she said, ‘Homer Wells has left St. Clouds.‘You have a little temperature, dear, said Mrs. Grogan, but when Homer Wells didnt come to read Jane Eyre aloud that evening, Mrs. Grogan started paying closer attention. She allowed Melony to read to the girls that evening; Melonys voice was oddly flat and passionless. Melonys reading from Jane Eyre depressed Mrs. Grogan – especially when she read this part:…it is madness in all women to let a secret love kindle within them, which, if unreturned and unknown, must devour the life that feeds it…Why, the girl didnt bat an eye! Mrs. Grogan observed." - Author: John Irving

Quotes About Psychiatric

"I laughed it off but I close the bedroom door and I lose it and I stick it all down here and this is where it all stays. And this is where it has to stay because I am not ending up in the nutter ward again with brown walls, jigsaws, and people crying that their husbands left them, and men slamming their heads against walls, and Mum bringing me a mini trifle and a copy of Smash Hits like that would make everything better. It didnt. It wont. It cant. Psychiatric wards when most of my mates were….I cant tell anyone what is going on…Cant write…Cant think about it.Not even here." - Author: Rae Earl

Quotes About Racism Today

"If I woke up one morning and realized that all I ever was going to be was a business man, Id probably die. All my dreams would be shattered. Early in life I had many dreams. I dreamed of being a great basketball star. I dreamed of being a preacher. I dreamed of saving the world from war and racism. And I dreamed of being a great poet. Today, I dream only of writing." - Author: Harley King

Quotes About Unum

"DostBir gece habersiz bize gel Merdivenler gıcırdamasın Öyle yorgunum ki hiç sorma Sen halimden anlarsın Sabahlara kadar oturup konuşalım Kimse duymasın Mavi bir gökyüzümüz olsun kanatlarımız Dokunarak uçalım. insanlardan buz gibi soğudum, işte yalnız sen varsın Öyle halsizim ki hiç sorma Anlarsın." - Author: Cahit Külebi

Quotes About Hard Life Changes

"... the powerful changes that happen in the life of a disciple never come from the disciple working hard at doing anything. They come from arriving at a place where Jesus is everything, and we are simply overwhelmed with the gift. Sometimes it seems as if God loves us too much. His love goes far beyond our ability to stop being moral, religious, obedient, and victorious, and we just collapse in his arms.Out of the gospel that Jesus is the only Mediator between God and humanity comes a Christian life that looks like Jesus, a life Jesus would recognize. Its a life that looks like Jesus, because Jesus does everything, and all we do is accept his gift. And to accept his gift, we have to give up trying to be Jesus.Out of that discovery comes a Christian life that is free from the tyranny of unnecessary adjectives - even my preferred modified, Jesus-shaped - and simply follows after the One who loves us beyond words or repayment." - Author: Michael Spencer

Quotes About Troubled Life

"I went to the springs while the sun was still up, and sitting on a rocky outcrop above the cave mouth I watched the light grow reddish across the misty pools, and listened to the troubled voice of the water. After a while I moved farther up the hill, where I could hear birds singing near and far in the silence of the trees. The presence of the trees was very strong...The big oaks stood so many, so massive in their other life, in their deep, rooted silence: the awe of them came on me, the religion." - Author: Ursula K. Le Guin

Quotes About Fragility Of Life

"She was my friend and I loved her and relied on her, even though there were days when her moodiness and fragility frightened me, because they reminded me of my own tenuous grasp on life." - Author: Julie Metz

Quotes About Blind Obedience

"I never have sympathy for those that have been blinded by the path of God. You chose to walk into the light, not realizing that you were already chained within the darkness. When a hand was offered to you, you looked up into the sky, and bowed your head in blind obedience, when you should have been creating a new possibility. Nothing is more pathetic than to see ignorance in action. Nothing is more laughable than to see the obedient ask an illusion for more power to stay frivolously obedient. I never have sympathy for those that have been blinded by the path of God. I only have sympathy for the Devil..." - Author: Lionel Suggs