[I Don't Want To Hear Songs About How Sunshiny Things Are. I Don't Like Songs That Feel Like Radio Candy... I Like The Ones That Make You Think, Laugh Or Cry - They Pull Some Kind Of Emotion Out Of You.]

Author: Gary Allan Quotes

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Dave Horowitz Quotes

"Pirate Frank. Walks the Plank."

Nick Laird Quotes

"He unzipped his hooded top and took it off, and wished emotions were like clothes, that he could remove them, fold them, set them somewhere."

Michael St George Quotes

"When did most of us stop being poets?"

Neal Barrett Jr Quotes

"...for he had learned from others of their kind that death seemed to bring small comfort from the worrisome sphere of life...."

Teresa Avila Quotes

"The Lord has no body now on earth but yours, no hands now but yours, no feet now but yours. Yours are the eyes through which His compassion looks out to the world. Yours are the feet with which He is to go about doing good. Yours are the hands with which he is to bless His people."

Brian Dennehy Quotes

"My father was a classic intellectual. From him I learned devotion, and I also learned about the life of the mind."

Reginald Dipwipple Quotes

"[To my enemy:] Some are great, some are born great, some have greatness thrust upon them! And then theres you."

Rachel Cherry Quotes

"Success is like electricity just waiting to be harnessed."

One Direction Quotes

"Made a lot of changesBut not forgetting who i was"

Ian Gomez Quotes

"I met my wife, Nia Vardalos, at The Second City, and she was chomping at the bit to move to L.A."

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Quotes About Trying To Do Good

"Fame is something I think happens as a result of trying to do good work. If youre trying to be famous, your work usually suffers." - Author: Justin Theroux

Quotes About Funny Smartphones

"Many trees were pulled out of the ground with their roots crying for water." The lake was all polluted with thick layers of grease,the grass & flowers were squashed, animals walked around. #kidsbooks "Mikolay & Julia"Total elocological destruction,said Mikolay trying to use one of the funny long words Julia was always using.These are not monsters Farina.These are people and building machines." - Author: Magda M. Olchawska

Quotes About Faustus Power

"A book is a product of a pact with the Devil that inverts the Faustian contract, hed told Allie. Dr Faustus sacrificed eternity in return for two dozen years of power; the writer agrees to the ruination of his life, and gains (but only if hes lucky) maybe not eternity, but posterity, at least. Either way (this was Jumpys point) its the Devil who wins." - Author: Salman Rushdie

Quotes About Tran

"Its a strange paradox that a man gifted with too many talents can fritter them all away without developing a single one to its full." - Author: Wilbur Smith

Quotes About Razboi

"Fiul lui Stalin si-a jertfit viata pe altarul cacatului. A muri pentru cacat nu inseamna o moarte pagubita de semnificatii. Nemtii care si-au sacrificat viata pentru a extinde cit mai departe spre rasarit granitele imperiului lor, rusii care au murit pentru a face ca puterea lor sa ajunga cit mai departe spre apus, da, acestia au murit intr-adevar jertfindu-se pe altarul unei prostii, iar moartea lor e lipsita de sens si de valoare generala. In schimb, moartea odraslei lui Stalin a fost singura metafora in toiul universalei imbecilitati a razboiului mondial." - Author: Milan Kundera

Quotes About Enough Pain

"Whats that shes fiddling with when she ought to be listening? I do believe its a pair of tweezers. Shes plucking the hairs off her arms. Off her arms, of all places. Not even legs or face, which is bad enough, but arms. Holy shit, what pathetic geisha behaviour - pain in order to please the male; has no one ever told her she has the right to be hairy if thats the way shes made?" - Author: A.P.

Quotes About Isis And Osiris

"What she read was a series of short connected lyrics, "Isis in Darkness." The Egyptian Queen of Heaven and Earth was wandering in the Underworld, gathering up pieces of the murdered and dismembered body of her lover Osiris. At the same time, it was her own body she was putting back together; and it was also the physical universe. She was creating the universe by an act of love." - Author: Margaret Atwood

Quotes About Becoming A Father

"I was kosher until I had my Bar Mitzvah, and I parlayed officially becoming a man into telling my father I wanted to eat cheeseburgers." - Author: Zach Braff

Quotes About Streetwear

"Im merely a fan of fashion from high end to streetwear, from Nike to Comme des Garcons." - Author: Tinie Tempah

Quotes About Bible Palms

"Although the Bible is a living book, it will not jump into your palms pleading, "Read me please". Youve to make a choice to do so!" - Author: Israelmore Ayivor