[I Drink A Gallon Of Water A Day.]

Author: Gabrielle Union Quotes

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Bacon Quotes

"All good intellects have repeated, since Bacons time, that there can be no real knowledge but that which is based on observed facts. This is incontestable, in our present advanced stage; but, if we look back to the primitive stage of human knowledge, we shall see that it must have been otherwise then. If it is true that every theory must be based upon observed facts, it is equally true that facts cannot be observed without the guidance of some theory. Without such guidance, our facts would be desultory and fruitless; we could not retain them: for the most part we could not even perceive them."

Jason Letts Quotes

"Fantastic," I said without an ounce of enthusiasm. "Im just one more embarrassing confession away from taking over the world." --Spencer Nye"

Arthur Blank Quotes

"Passion and standing up for things can help create a sense of unity. But you still have to act a certain way."

BH Fairchild Quotes

"Leaning against my car after changing the oil,I hold my black hands out and stare into themas if they were the faces of my children lookingat the winter moon and thinking of the snowthat will erase everything before they wake. In the garage, my wife comes behind meand slides her hands beneath my soiled shirt.Pressing her face between my shoulder blades,she mumbles something, and soon we are laughing,wrestling like children among piles of old rags,towels that unravel endlessly, torn sheets,work shirts from twenty years ago when I stoodin the door of a machine shop, grease blackened,and Kansas lay before me blazing with new snow,a future of flat land, white skies, and sunlight.After making love, we lie on the abandonedmattress and stare at our pale winter bodiessprawling in the half-light. She touches her belly,the scar of our last child, and the black printsof my hand along her hips and thighs."

BD Wong Quotes

"I realize its a cliche, almost, that coming out of the closet is a very healthy and empowering thing to do, but for me, it really has been a truly wonderful thing."

Donald Kagan Quotes

"We, to some degree, are like what we are because we inherited certain things from the Greeks and the Romans. One of them thats so striking is the whole area of politics."

Elaine Bernard Quotes

"With deregulation, privatisation, free trade, what were seeing is yet another enclosure and, if you like, private taking of the commons. One of the things I find very interesting in our current debates is this concept of who creates wealth. That wealth is only created when its owned privately. What would you call clean water, fresh air, a safe environment? Are they not a form of wealth? And why does it only become wealth when some entity puts a fence around it and declares it private property? Well, you know, thats not wealth creation. Thats wealth usurpation."

Angela Braly Quotes

"People wont buy insurance until theyre sick. If you can call on your way to the hospital and get coverage, its not really insurance at that point."

Dan Abnett Quotes

"christ alive were abit of a mess arent we?"

Ram Dass Quotes

"In mystical traditions, it is ones own readiness that makes experiences exoteric or esoteric.The secret isnt that youre not being told.The secret is that youre not able to hear."

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Quotes About Replenishment

"Using simple equipment and daylight alone is for me a pleasure and a replenishment." - Author: Irving Penn

Quotes About Cancers

"If I were a 40-year-old woman, 40-to-50, Id want to be getting my mammograms. They catch cancers, and cancer is very curable if you catch it early." - Author: Ann Romney

Quotes About Dispair

"The young man left his uncles office, eyes filled with tears; yet he braced himself against dispair. I have no more than a single day of freedom, he mused, at least I shall spend it as I please; I have a little money, and it I shall spend on books beginning with the great poets and illustrious authors of the last century. Each evening they will console me for the vexations of each day." - Author: Jules Verne

Quotes About Prime Time

"I couldnt bloody believe a prime-time TV show would have an Iraqi ex-Republican Guard torturer as a main character." - Author: Naveen Andrews

Quotes About Pythagoras

"Philosophers and psychiatrists should explain why it is that we mathematicians are in the habit of systematically erasing our footsteps. Scientists have always looked askance at this strange habit of mathematicians, which has changed little from Pythagoras to our day." - Author: Gian Carlo Rota

Quotes About Snooze Button

"Something to learn about me," I told him, "Im a Snooze Button Girl." - Author: Kristen Ashley

Quotes About Activities After School

"My mother read that parents should spend quality time with their children. One way is to sign up for organized activities together. This month were taking meditation to free the mind. Last month it was Rolfing. Have you ever Rolfed, Tone?""Only after the schools shepherds pie," I said." - Author: Julie Anne Peters

Quotes About Tenor

"I dont have that kind of voice, the big baritone or rousing tenor sound. My wheelhouse was in the frothier pieces. So my appreciation for those older musicals and revivals grew." - Author: Jesse Tyler Ferguson

Quotes About What Would I Do Without You

"So what did Jes say? I asked again, when my brain felt a bit less scrambled.He said I should take good care of you.Thats all?Mal cleared his throat. And . . . he said he would pray to the God of Work to heal your affliction.My what?I many have told him that you have a goiter.I stumbled. I beg your pardon?Well, I had to explain why you were always clinging to that scarf.I dropped my hand. Id been doing it again without even realizing.So you told him I had a goiter? I whispered incredulously.I had to say something. And it makes you quite a tragic figure. Pretty girl, giant growth, you know.I punched him hard in the arm.Ow! Hey, in some countries, goiters are considered very fashionable.Do they like eunuchs, too? Because I can arrange that.So bloodthirsty!My goiter makes me cranky." - Author: Leigh Bardugo

Quotes About Luar

"Persaudaraan yang diikat oleh sesuatu. Dengan ikatan itu mereka saling menjaga, saling membantu bila ada keperluan, merupakan saudara seperti satu keluarga sendiri, dalam fam atau marga yang sama. Ikatan ini merupakan dan mempunyai ketentuan hukum, disamoing hukum perkawinan yang eksogamis; mereka tidak dibenarkan kawin dengan orang sekampung atau semarga." - Author: Pramoedya Ananta Toer