[I Feel As Though, If I Were To Extend My Hand Just A Little Toward The Pool Where The Ideas Ferment, I Could Grab At The Idea And Pull It Out Of The Pool And Onto The Floor Where Ideas Must Stand Before The Jury Of The Brain. There, It Must Present Itself, Still From The Pool, And A Bit Shivery Because New Ideas Are Not Given A Towel To Dry Off With, Towels Being Reserved For Proven Theories; New Ideas Are Simply Pulled And Stood Up, And Asked To Explain Themselves - Not A Very Pleasant Thing Really, Which Is Why So Many People Go Into The Room Where The Pool Is. The Exercise Is Exhausting Not To Mention A Bit Difficult To Watch, If You Are At All A Sympathetic Creature. What Was My Idea, Anyways?]

Author: Emilie Autumn Quotes

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Don A Martinez Quotes

"As Ariel recounted the events of her dream, two magnificent, batlike wings grew from the backs of her shoulders, stretched as if preparing to fly, then retreated back into their host. The sound heard when the wings disappear is the giggling of Alanna, who watched the event much the same way I did, in rapt wonder."

Rikky Bhartia Quotes

"Love is not always getting who you love; its also the ability to think about the happiness of the one you love…. Weather with you or without you, and your happiness should be in your loved ones happiness…" - RB..."

Margaret Weis Quotes

"He could hear himself screaming and he knew it was his death cry. Still he fought on, as he had fought all his life. I...will...control...The words came from his mouth, stained with his blood... I will control...Reaching out, his hands closed over the Staff on Magius. I will!"

Paul Baxter Quotes

"Doesnt he look just like a ring wraith?" she said thoughtfully. "Are you kidding?" replied Cathy, "I most certainly wont be carol singing at your door this Christmas if youve got one of those ugly things hanging on it!" "No, from Lord of the Rings," said Sue impatiently. "Im sorry," snorted Cathy, "I dont watch pornographic material." "Have you never read a book?!" Sue snapped. "Its about a small man who travels through dangerous lands to drop a ring into a volcano, its a classic." "Does sound like a small man," she replied, "cant even face his marriage problems full on."

Philip Gulley Quotes

"In any crowd there is a malcontent or two, and the Easter crowd is no exception. Someone invariably demands I speak out against the Easter Bunny. I am captivated by a great number of subjects, but have never worked up the enthusiasm to preach against rabbits, real or mythic. These are the same people who complain about Santa at Christmas and want me to take a swipe at Halloween."

Xenophanes Quotes

"God is one, greatest of gods and men, not like mortals in body or thought."

Susan Elizabeth Phillips Quotes

"I sure do miss that woman. Smart. Funny. Sweet. She never gave me a moments trouble.""Gosh, Im sorry about that. I knew it was boring between you two, but not that bad."

Hugh MacDiarmid Quotes

"It is time we in Scotland put England in its proper place and instead of our leaning on England and taking inspiration from her, we should lean and turn to Europe, for it is there our future prosperity lies."

Winston Churchill Quotes

"A man does what he must - in spite of personal consequences, in spite of obstacles and dangers and pressures - and that is the basis of all human morality."

Charles Lapworth Quotes

"Nothing perhaps has so retarded the reception of the higher conclusions of Geology among men in general, as ... [the] instinctive parsimony of the human mind in matters where time is concerned."

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"...there were redheads and there were brunettes and there was even asuper-hot chick that looked kinda like Pink but you think any of them did itfor me?  No, Shaw not one because they werent fucking you and ever since youwalked out on Sunday all Ive been thinking of is you." - Author: Jay Crownover

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"In the end, it seems to me that forgiveness may be the only realistic antidote we are offered in love, to combat the inescapable disappointments of intimacy. We humans come into this world—as Aristophanes so beautifully explained—feeling as though we have been sawed in half, desperate to find somebody who will recognize us and repair us. (Or re-pair us.) Desire is the severed umbilicus that is always with us, always bleeding and wanting and longing for flawless union." - Author: Elizabeth Gilbert

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"I have this prominent feature on my face - I dont know if youve noticed - but, well, theyre my lips. They tend to walk into a room before I do because theyre larger than average! So Chapsticks a big one for me." - Author: Chloe Bridges

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"God, what is wrong with me? Ive been watching too much Gossip Girl. Reading too many snarky books. Maybe I should listen to a bunch of Christian music or watch some Hannah Montana with Budge. I know, Ill view VeggieTales until the evil is purged out of me, and all the comes out of me is goodness, light, and songs about cucumbers." - Author: Jenny B. Jones

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"Remember, Montag, were the happiness boys. We stand against the small tide of those who want to make everyone unhappy with conflicting theory and thought." - Author: Ray Bradbury

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"I am sure I am one of 2,000 film directors in the world that Tarantino admires." - Author: Park Chan wook

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"A male-female close-friendship hardly differs from a relationship; it takes "relating" to be friends. But sadly, not every relationship has friendship in it. Its just ironical that two people who are not good enough to be best friends are in love and want to spend the rest of their lives together." - Author: Olaotan Fawehinmi

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"Im bilingual, speaking English and body language. I prefer the latter, because I can speak it silently and without listening and while my back is turned." - Author: Jarod Kintz

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"We have a knowledge of harmony, anchored deep within. It is this knowledge that enables us, at every instant, to apprehend quality in our lives and, on the rare occasions when everything is in perfect harmony, to appreciate it with the apposite intensity. And I am not referring to the sort of beauty that is the exclusive preserve of Art. Those who feel inspired, as I do, by the greatness of small things will pursue them to the very heart of the inessential where, cloaked in everyday attire, this greatness will emerge from within a certain ordering of ordinary things and from the certainty that all is as it should be, the conviction that it is fine this way." - Author: Muriel Barbery

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"I watch a lot of NBA basketball, especially with the playoffs." - Author: Coby Bell