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Author: Helena Christensen Quotes

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Jacques Ellul Quotes

"We must be convinced that there are no such things as Christian principles. There is the Person of Christ, who is the principle of everything. But if we wish to be faithful to Him, we cannot dream of reducing Christianity to it certain number of principles (though this is often done), the consequences of which can be logically deduced. This tendency to transform the work of the Living God into a philosophical doctrine is the constant temptation of theologians, and also of the faithful, and their greatest disloyalty when they transform the action of the Spirit which brings forth fruit in themselves into an ethic, a new law, into principles which only have to be applied."

Andrew Masterson Quotes

"I left the warehouse at 8.00am. I dont believe in 8.00am. It exists, though. 8.00am is incontrovertible evidence that evil dwells in the world."

Brother Yun Quotes

"I feel so sorry that many Christians live in bondage even though Jesus has signed their release form with His own blood."

DE Athkins Quotes

"If you let something scare you to death, then the worst has happened."

Tipu Sultan Quotes

"One days life of a lion is preferable to hundred years of a jackal"

Constantin Stanislavski Quotes

"Unless the theatre can ennoble you, make you a better person, you should flee from it."

Dwitasari Quotes

"Apa yang lebih sakit daripada ditinggalkan seseorang yang paling kau sayangi? Tentu saja ada. Ada yang lebih sakit daripada itu. Mencintai seseorang yang begitu dekat, tapi cinta yang selalu bertumbuh itu tak pernah menyentuh dan menjamah."

Frank Levy Quotes

"In 1980 candidate Reagan asked whether we were better off than we had been 4 years earlier. In 1992 we will be asked whether we expect our children to live better than we do."

Jason Lloyd Quotes

"A look of satisfaction beamed through his dark brown puppy dog eyes, followed by a huge Cheshire cat grin that told me he caught his canary last night."

Daniel Heller Roazen Quotes

"It is in the imperceptible space between that which touches and that which is touched that one body can be felt, no matter how closely, to be different from another."

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Quotes About The Smartest

"Survivors arent always the strongest; sometimes theyre the smartest, but more often simply the luckiest." - Author: Carrie Ryan

Quotes About Arabian Horses

"She had streaked blonde hair, long and straight, parted in the middle framing high cheek bones, an aquiline nose and beautiful deep blue eyes. She was young, around 30, tall and lithe with a good body, athletic, not skinny. She wore a sleeveless black dress that exposed her toned arms and shoulders, indicating regular workouts or yoga. There was a hint of vein running the length of her lean muscle. This girl stood out like an arabian in a corral full of draft horses." - Author: Nick Hahn

Quotes About Smallest Things In Life

"Whenever Ingrid and I got out of the suburbs, into Berkeley or San Francisco, and saw how other people lived, Ingrid would cry at the smallest of things- a little boy walking home by himself, a discarded cardboard sign saying HUNGRY PLEASE HELP. She would snap a picture, and by the time she lowered her camera, tears would already be falling. I always felt kind of guilty that I didnt feel as sad as she did, but now, watching Dylan, I think thats probably a good thing. I mean, you see a million terrible things every day, on the news and in the paper, and in real life. Im not saying that its stupid to feel sad, just that it would be impossible to let everything get to you and still get some sleep at night." - Author: Nina LaCour

Quotes About Wallflower

"I guess we are who we are for a lot of reasons. And maybe well never know most of them. But even if we dont have the power to choose where we come from, we can still choose where we go from there. —Stephen Chbosky, The Perks of Being a Wallflower" - Author: Aleatha Romig

Quotes About Pretending To Be Strong

"stronghold is anything that exalts itself in our minds, "pretending" to be bigger or more powerful than our God. It steals much of our focus and causes us to feel overpowered. Controlled. Mastered. Whether the stronghold is an addiction, unforgiveness toward a person who has hurt us, or despair over a loss, it is something that consumes so much of our emotional and mental energy that abundant life is strangled—our callings remain largely unfulfilled and our believing lives are virtually ineffective. Needless to say, these are the enemys precise goals." - Author: Beth Moore

Quotes About Sailing Ships

"The books transported her into new worlds and introduced her to amazing people who lived exciting lives. She went on olden-day sailing ships with Joseph Conrad. She went to Africa with Ernest Hemingway and to India with Rudyard Kipling. She travelled all over the world while sitting in her little room in an English village." - Author: Roald Dahl

Quotes About Against Torture

"Whats surprising is that the people who fought against torture here are the communists." - Author: Jean Marie Le Pen

Quotes About Child Language Development

"From the earliest moments of life, children begin to learn the fundamentals of language. The most powerful influence for effective language development are the verbal interactions with caregivers." - Author: David Perlmutter

Quotes About Paranormal

"According to news reports, members of the sect believed in an assortment of pseudoreligious and paranormal ideas, including resurrection (obviously), astrology, and psychic powers. They were also avid watchers of paranormal shows on TV. This of course does not imply that watching The X-Files leads to suicide, just like millions of people playing Grand Theft Auto video games are not automatically turned into criminals on a rampage." - Author: Massimo Pigliucci

Quotes About Almanach

"Its the minute fanaticism and superiority of the Almanach that offends: the chilling and narrowing of the kinship tie into something denatured and artificial." - Author: Christopher Hitchens