[I Figured The Government Wouldn't Let Poison Flow From The Taps. But In General, I'm Too Trusting Of The Government. I'm The Polar Opposite Of The Tea Partiers. I Have No Problem With A Nanny State. But In This Case, The Nanny State Has Been Chatting On The Cell Phone And Ignoring The Baby As It Plays With Matches.]

Author: A.J. Jacobs Quotes

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"Men say they love independence in a woman, but they dont waste a second demolishing it brick by brick."

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"But this upland pass was the right place for remembering how, when I was young, I learned to feel for the harshness underneath every soft appearance."

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"Father, we thank you, especially for letting me fly this flight - for the privilege of being able to be in this position, to be in this wondrous place, seeing all these many startling, wonderful things that you have created."

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"Its APPOINTED to live once, you wanna live twice?....uve been DISSAPPOINTED"

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"The unity of all science consists alone in its method, not in its material."

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"What do we do?" I asked. "Ive never been in detention before."Gabriel smirked. "And you assume we have?"

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"His only possessions are the sky, the earth and a broken-down violin.Even so... he only loved someone once in his lifetime.. and hes 624 years old."

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"I wash my face every night with Ivory soap, and I dont wear much makeup."

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"I thought you needed to be tougher. But Ive been thinking that protecting somebody by hurting them before someone else gets the chance isnt the kind of protecting that anybody wants."

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"When you procrastinate you become a slave to yesterday."

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"Im just trying to imagine you in flannel pink sock monkey pajamas. Im sure you look stunning in pink. (Damien)Actually, with his skin tone he probably does look really good in it. I would definitely say hes an autumn. (Kish)Thats summer, you dweeb. (Damien)I find it fascinating that you two women know that color palettes for clothes have a name. The fact you corrected him really scares me. (Sin)" - Author: Sherrilyn Kenyon

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"It was difficult being a teacher and out of the closet in the 50s. By the time I retired, the English department was proud of having a gay poet of a certain minor fame. It was a very satisfactory change!" - Author: Thom Gunn

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"When you stop grabbing for things, sometimes the world just hands them to you, instead. Focusing on others is true success." - Author: Ziad K. Abdelnour

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"Now, I ask this question of all of us and lay this burden upon us: What circumstances are at work right now in our wards, silently separating one sister here and another sister there from the sisterhood of the Relief Society, marginalizing them, making them invisible? And what can we do about it? . . . For example, LDS women are participating in the labor force in ever-increasing numbers. These women need Relief Society. They need the strength of sisterhood. They need to be understood. They need support with their families. They dont need to be told that theyre selfish or unrighteous because theyre working. They need to be told they are loved." - Author: Chieko N. Okazaki

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"...he [Samuel Butler] made a practise of doing the forks last when washing up, on the grounds that he might die before he got to them. This is very much his principle of eating the grapes downwards, so that however many grapes you have eaten the next is always the best of the remainder." - Author: Philip Larkin

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"A survival tale peels away the niceties and comforts of civilization. Suddenly, all the technology and education in the world means nothing. I think all of us wonder while reading a survival tale, What would I have done in this situation? Would I have made it?" - Author: Nathaniel Philbrick

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"Again, there is psychological risk in the robotic moment. Logans comment about talking with the AIBO to "get thoughts out" suggests using technology to know oneself better. But it also suggests a fantasy in which we cheapen the notion of companionship to a baseline of "interacting with something." We reduce relationship and come to see this reduction as the norm." - Author: Sherry Turkle

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"Merry was worrying about the hurt-a-lot bit when the door suddenly burst open and a group of men began to crowd into the room, carrying Alexander dAumesbery before them. It seemed either the men had grown weary of waiting, or the women had informed the men that she was ready and in bed when theyd gone below. She wasnt too pleased about that. Merry would have liked to ask more about this pain and blood. That didnt sound at all appetizing, but then none of it had. Kiss, kiss, squeeze, squeeze, and in it went? It hardly sounded the most exciting business in the world, and it made her wonder why the maids were so willing to let the soldiers and her brothers have at them at Stewart." - Author: Lynsay Sands

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"Having her in my arms feels like coming home. I am not one to believe in all that love at first sight bullshit, but even as cynical as I am, I can recognize something bigger than lust at work. My body wants her; that is no secret, but the level of want is borderline craving. I need her. Needing someone is not something I am used to. No, I am used to being needed… something this woman clearly doesnt want." - Author: Harper Sloan

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"I know the names of every intelligent being, the spots on the wings of every butterfly that broke out of a cocoon, the genetic codes of the simplest and most complex of creatures. I know how suns functioned, how worlds formed, how life evolved. All of the secrets of the old universes are mine. They can be yours too, if you want me to share, though I suspect you arent bothered." - Author: Darren Shan