[I First Met My Husband When I Was 15. He Was Very Cool, In A Band, All That Kind Of Thing, But He Took A Long Time To Grow Up. Our Paths Crossed Again 10 Years Later, And After About Two Weeks I Knew That Was It. I'm Glad I Met Him When I Did, Even Though I Was Fairly Young. Because I Think Sometimes You Can Crystallise Into Singledom.]

Author: Natascha McElhone Quotes

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"Everything in my life boils down to my mother. A tradition, which a lot of people do not know of, is that while Id give my father the money I earned, anything that was special to me - like an award or an album - would be given to my mother."

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"We live in a world where action is what counts."

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"True Love is not a reality TV show!"

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"If somebody is strong and showing good performances and perfect in the thing you are doing, there are people who want to disturb you."

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"Working on Comedy Bang Bang, were there from 10-7, and thats a pretty light day compared to most other TV shows. Other shows, its like 10-10."

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"I am more important than my problems."


"if God spared not His own Son, how much less will He spare you!"

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"We may be done with the past but the past is not done with us.Show more Show less"

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"Ambition is the bridge between reality and living a dream."

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"We must restrict the anonymity behind which people hide to commit crimes. As citizens, we have a right to privacy. We have no such right to anonymity."

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"I wont let anyone talk to my wife that way, Gray said, his voice with a steely edge. I know that underneath that expensive tux youre nothing but a mamas boy sucking off your fathers money and looking for a wealthy woman to keep you doing nothing for the rest of your life. I just want you to understand that beneath my tux is a rough and tumble cowboy who will kick your ever-loving ass to hell and back if you ever talk about my wife in derogatory terms again." - Author: Carla Cassidy

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"Well, its New Years now but I dont feel that way anymore. I wonder if you do either. Somethings happening to me. Its like Im shrinking smaller and smaller and I cant stp it. Theres just os much wrong that I cant imagine the shame in admitting even the tiniest part of it. When you left it was like there was this huge gap to fill, but instead of spreading wide enough to do it I just fell right in, and Im still falling. Like Im half-asleep, and I cant wake up, cant wake up...." - Author: Sarah Dessen

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"After awhile, all the men wanted his opinion, and all the girls were in love with him. He made certain of it. Because he knew the best way to get what he wanted was to break down what made us strongest. And our friendships were what made us strong. He changed all that." - Author: Sarah Addison Allen

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"Private moments held not a candle to coitus, not even the expensive kind of candle that made the whole room smell of far off seasons." - Author: Thomm Quackenbush

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"throwing an inkstand at the Lizard as she spoke. (The unfortunate little" - Author: Lewis Carroll

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"A catechism is simply a tool for teaching the fundamentals of the faith. Unlike a creed or confession, a catechism uses questions and answers. Many Protestant confessional traditions, like Lutherans, Presbyterians, and Reformed, have used catechisms for centuries. Initially, most catechisms were intended for children." - Author: Kevin DeYoung

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"Levin had been married three months. He was happy, but not at all in the way he had expected to be. At every step he found his former dreams disappointed, and new, unexpected surprises of happiness. He was happy; but on entering upon family life he saw at every step that it was utterly different from what he had imagined. At every step he experienced what a man would experience who, after admiring the smooth, happy course of a little boat on a lake, should get himself into that little boat. He saw that it was not all sitting still, floating smoothly; that one had to think too, not for an instant to forget where one was floating; and that there was water under one, and that one must row; and that his unaccustomed hands would be sore; and that it was only to look at it that was easy; but that doing it, though very delightful, was very difficult." - Author: Leo Tolstoy