[I Give You This Charge, That You Shall Be Of My Privy Council And Content Yourself To Take Pains For Me And My Realm. This Judgement I Have Of You, That You Will Not Be Corrupted With Any Manner Of Gift And That You Will Be Faithful To The State, And That Without Respect Of My Private Will, You Will Give Me That Counsel That You Think Best: And, If You Shall Know Anything Necessary To Be Declared To Me Of Secrecy, You Shall Show It To Myself Only And Assure Yourself I Will Not Fail To Keep Taciturnity Therein. And Therefore Herewith I Charge You.Administering The Oath Of Office To William Cecil As Secretary Of State, November 20, 1558, As Quoted In Elizabeth I: The Word Of A Prince, A Life From Contemporary Documents, By Maria Perry, Chapter V, Section: To Make A Good Account To Almighty God]

Author: Elizabeth I Tudor Quotes

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