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Author: Bruce Forsyth Quotes

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David Bergen Quotes

"Her mother had once told her that one could run away from home, from husband, from children, from trouble, but it was impossible to run away from oneself. "You always have to take yourself with you," she said. And now, bending towards her mother, Hope wondered if in death you were finally able to run away from yourself. This might be deaths gift. She knew that the thought wasnt terribly profound, but she was moved by the notion of completion and of escape."

Craig Lancaster Quotes

"Jack Bauer is fooling his audience, but hes not fooling me."

Jerry L Ainsworth Quotes

"Love sustains us in our challenges, in our search for truth, in our quest for happiness."

A Thaselia Quotes

"word is like a sword; you should be wise when to use it or itll kill and ruin everything you did in your past, youre doing at this time, and youre gonna do in the future"

Ann Margret Quotes

"I just love my privacy."

Jean Seberg Quotes

"Money doesnt buy happiness. But happiness isnt everything."

Ang Lee Quotes

"I grew up pretty much prevented from knowing anything from Communist China except that they were the bad guys that stole our country."

David Perry Quotes

"I actually once sat at the back of a payroll class in America - just me and 40 women! And Im sitting back there, learning payroll, because I want to understand it. So that when I talk to people about payroll I know what theyre talking about. And I set up and managed and ran a full payroll system myself."

William Codpiece Thwackery Quotes

"Elizabeth was astounded, and immediately colored."Put down those damn crayons and look at me!" Darcy commanded."

Willie Mays Quotes

"In order to excel, you must be completely dedicated to your chosen sport. You must also be prepared to work hard and be willing to accept constructive criticism. Without one-hundred percent dedication, you wont be able to do this."

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Quotes About Genesis 1

"Phylogenesis is the mechanical cause of ontogenesis.1 In other words, the development of the stem, or race, is, in accordance with the laws of heredity and adaptation, the cause of all the changes which appear in a condensed form in the evolution of the fœtus." - Author: Ernst Haeckel

Quotes About And Time

"The sure mark of an unliterary man is that he considers "Ive read it already" to be a conclusive argument against reading a work...Those read great works,on the other hand will read the same work ten, twenty or thirty times during the course of there life." - Author: C.S. Lewis

Quotes About The Movement Of Time

"Moyers: {TS] Eliot speaks about the still point of the turning world, where motion and stasis are together, the hub where the movement of time and the stillness of eternity are together." - Author: Joseph Campbell

Quotes About Farewells

"He was lonely; I wanted to help, of course, but not from so intimate a distance; and lately our meetings had become memorable as a series of comically protracted farewells on station platforms and embarrassed, hasty protestations of friendship made through the windows of departing taxicabs." - Author: M. John Harrison

Quotes About Trinity College

"It is curious that, with my somewhat antinomian tendencies, I should have gone to Trinity Hall - which was, and is, before all a Law College - and should thus have been thrown into close touch with the legal element in life." - Author: Edward Carpenter

Quotes About Impatience

"She had an air of seeming to wait, as if for a man to get through with something more important than herself, a battle or an operation, during which he must not be hurried or interfered with. When the man had finished she would be waiting, without fret or impatience, somewhere on a highstool, turning the pages of a newspaper." - Author: F. Scott Fitzgerald

Quotes About Drug Recovery

"I grew up in traditional black patriarchal culture and there is no doubt that Im going to take a great many unconscious, but present, patriarchal complicities to the grave because it so deeply ensconced in how I look at the world. Therefore, very much like alcoholism, drug addiction, or racism patriarchy is a disease and we are in perennial recovery and relapse. So you have to get up every morning and struggle against it." - Author: Cornel West

Quotes About Lab Mice

"I najveca je snaga samo u drugima jaka. Samoj sebi je slabost.Zato vas upozoravam: Ako nadjete sebe i odlucite ovako da hodate na rukama morate biti uporni i biti cudesno odvazni da prihvatite zemlju i drzite je na rukamaAko je ispustite, polomice vam vrat. I svemir ce vas zatrpati svojom tezinomJer po zemlji se ne gazi.Treba je pridrzavati i treba joj ppmoci da bude mlecna i cista u ponorima bezmerjaValja se dobro osloniti o svoju hrabrost i ljubav, i plave slojeve nadeTo vam je najprostiji nacin da pronadjete sebe i domognete se mnogih nesvakidasnjih cuda." - Author: Miroslav Antić

Quotes About Landlords

"The enemy was not the Klan but the inside-outside lock that racism and classism had on the minds of the people: It operated from the inside through self-hate and self-doubt, and from the outside through the police, carnivorous landlords, and the welfare system." - Author: Junius Williams

Quotes About Nights Out With Friends

"For 70 nights, right across America, Ive been getting out there with two ex-lovers and weve been playing songs which are so specific about each of us, you just wouldnt know. Were friends now but we cant forget what happened between us." - Author: Stevie Nicks