[I Have A Pesky Little Critic In The Back Of My Mind. He's A Permanent Fixture And Passes Judgment On Everything I Write.In Order To Placate Him, Especially When I'm Endeavoring To Write Anything As Ambitious As A Novel, I Have To Constantly Mutter, 'I'm Not Writing A Masterpiece, I'm Not Writing A Masterpiece.'This Mantra Lulls Him Into A Kind Of Stupor So That He Pays No Attention To What I'm Doing, Because After All, I'm Not Claiming It's Any Good. Slowly, And Secretly, One Page At A Time, I Write My Story.I Know I've Succeeded When He Grudgingly Admits, 'That's Pretty Good.' And If I'm Lucky, Every Once In A While, I Blow Him Away.]

Author: Rukhsana Khan Quotes

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