[I Have A Wig For When I Go Outside Among The Regular Folks, So They Don't Feel Uncomfortable Because I Have A Day-Glo Color Somewhere In My Hair.]

Author: Cyndi Lauper Quotes

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"I was in the Navy as an enlisted man, started my first business when I was 21."

George Catlin Quotes

"The Crows are very handsome and gentlemanly Indians in their personal appearance: and have been always reputed, since the first acquaintance made with them, very civil and friendly."

Armin Van Buuren Quotes

"Im an electronic guy, Im a freak for electronic music but real instruments, the dynamic range of it, and the emotions, theres no comparison."

Christopher Brennan Quotes

"Were knowledge all, what were our needTo thrill and faint and sweetly bleed?"

Nicole Gulla Quotes

"You think I could meet the most amazing person and not know how I could see her again?"

James Gleick Quotes

"One unlikely Luddite was also one of the first long-term beneficiaries. Plato (channeling the nonwriter Socrates) warned that this technology meant impoverishment: For this invention will produce forgetfulness in the minds of those who learn to use it, because they will not practice their memory. Their trust in writing, produced by external characters which are no part of themselves, will discourage the use of their own memory within them. You have invented an elixir not of memory, but of reminding; and you offer your pupils the appearance of wisdom, not true wisdom."

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"One man is not enough."

Andrew Shue Quotes

"Im a big fan of Bruce Springsteen and Tom Petty, theyre my two favorites."

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"Se recordo quem fui, outrem me vejo, E o passado é o presente na lembrança. Quem fui é alguém que amo Porém somente em sonho. E a saudade que me aflige a mente Não é de mim nem do passado visto, Senão de quem habitoPor trás dos olhos cegos. Nada, senão o instante, me conhece. Minha mesma lembrança é nada, e sinto Que quem sou e quem fui São sonhos diferentes."

Serafima Quotes

"Our senses and emotions are the great source of inspiration for creating compelling and interesting art pieces (books included). Each art piece, be it a book, a song, a painting, a photograph or a product should touch our senses and evoke emotions. Emotionless art lacks purpose and interest."

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"My letters seeking a job, though truthful, diminished the full truth. Face would blanch if the facts had been complete: "Dear Sir," I thought. "Do you have a position for a journeyman burglar, con man, forger and car thief; also with experience as armed robber, pimp, card cheat and several other things. I smoked marijuana at twelve (in the 40s) and shot heroin at sixteen. I have no experience with LSD and methedrine. They came to popularity since my imprisonment. Ive buggered pretty young boys and feminine homosexuals (but only when locked up away from women). In the idiom of jails, prisons and gutters (some plush gutters) Im a motherfucker! Not literally, for I dont remember my mother. In my world the term, used as I used it, is a boast of being hell on wheels, outrageously unpredictable, a virtuoso of crime. Of course by being a motherfucker in that world Im a piece of garbage in yours. Do you have a job?" - Author: Edward Bunker

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"...Vezir će ostati ubilježen u sve pohvale i pokude svog vremena, a ja ni u popis stanovništva..." (Plaćenik, Muzafer Pilavija)" - Author: Derviš Sušić

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"Children get food shelter pocket money longholidays and love, all of it apparently free gratis, and most of the little fools think its a sort of compensation for having been born. There are no strings on me! They sang; but I, pinnoccio, saw the strings. Parents are impelled by the profit motive - nothing more, nothing less. For their attentions, they expected, from me, the immense dividend of greatness." - Author: Salman Rushdie

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"Since Sven Goran Eriksson took over, England have been fantastic." - Author: Franz Beckenbauer

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"A Oliveira le gustaba hacer el amor con la Maga porque nada podía ser más importante para ella y al mismo tiempo, de una manera difícilmente comprensible, estaba como por debajo de su placer, se alcanzaba en él un momento y por eso se adhería desesperadamente y lo prolongaba, era como un despertarse y conocer su verdadero nombre, y después recaía en una zona siempre un poco crepuscular que encantaba a Oliveira temeroso de perfecciones, pero que la Maga sufría de verdad cuando regresaba a sus recuerdos y a todo lo que oscuramente necesitaba pensar y no podía pensar, entonces había que besarla profundamente, incitarla a nuevos juegos, y la otra, la reconciliada, crecía debajo de él y lo arrebataba, se daba entonces como una bestia frenética, los ojos perdidos y las manos torcidas hacia adentro, mítica y atroz como una estatua rodando por una montaña, arrancando el tiempo con las uñas." - Author: Julio Cortázar

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"Well play tomorrow. Besides, isnt it time for my cup of dinner?""I am not your blood gofer. Suck my dick, Vampirellie-suck it."(Ellie and Regin, Lothaire, IAD #12)" - Author: Kresley Cole

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"I had been right: freedom smelled like ozone and thunderstorms and gunpowder all at once, like snow and bonfires and cut grass, it tasted like seawater and oranges." - Author: Tana French

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"How the mighty have fallen," he said, looking down on Aten. Ard-Greimne was short and incredibly sensitive about his height. He always wore shoes with lifts in them. When Aten didnt respond, he tried again. "I said, how the mighty—""It wasnt funny or even clever the first time you said it," Aten said. "Nor is it original." - Author: Michael Scott

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"I recently asked more than seventy eminent researchers if they would have done I their work differently if they had thought Darwins theory was wrong. The responses were all the same: no. I also examined the outstanding biodiscoveries of the past century: the discovery of the double helix; the characterization of the ribosome: the mapping of genomes; research on medications and drug reactions: improvements in food production and sanitation; the development of new surgeries; and others. I even queried biologists working in areas where one would expect the Darwinian paradigm to have most benefited research, such as the emergence of resistance to antibiotics and pesticides. Here, as elsewhere, I found that Darwins theory had provided no discernible guidance, but was brought in, after the breakthroughs, as an interesting narrative gloss." - Author: Philip S. Skell

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"I feel like most actresses kind of have issues in body dysmorphia." - Author: Lindsay Sloane