[...I Have Come To Be Convinced That It Is Only The Unbending Observance Of Custom That Sustains Life In An Urban Circumstance.]

Author: Gordon Lish Quotes

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Michael James Quotes

"The benefit of personal growth and self-discovery is that we become better human beings with the strength to endure and carry on, and then we may experience something magical when we begin to reach out to others. We discover a feeling that is so rewarding and fulfilling: that fact that we can make a difference. Here is to your willingness to begin with making a difference with yourself!Michael James"

Arthur Rubinstein Quotes

"At breakfast, I might pass a Brahms symphony in my head. Then I am called to the phone, and half an hour later I find its been going on all the time and Im in the third movement."

Allan Massie Quotes

"Blunders are an inescapable feature of war, because choice in military affairs lies generally between the bad and the worse."

Irene Hunt Quotes

"...I wondered why so much had been written about loves pain and so little about the glorious relief of being delivered from loves pain."

Wenonah Hauter Quotes

"A robust regional food system that benefits eaters and farmers cannot be achieved in a marketplace that is controlled, top to bottom, by a few firms and that rewards only scale, not innovation, quality, or sustainability."

Elizabeth Ironside Quotes

"The discovery of her life was that she herself didnt actually need money, apart from a little cash for those relationships with taxi drivers and officials of the Great Western Railway which can only be expressed financially."

Abubakar Said Quotes

"Love is in your heart. Peace is in your nerves. Truth is in your mind."

Christian Cantrell Quotes

"Marriage was not the combination of two entities into one; it was instead the creation of a third entity whose sole purpose was to sooth and inspire the two individuals."

Krista Ritchie Quotes

"Im so fucking tired of being alone. I was scared that hed tell me to fucking leave. Because that means going back to a life I cant see for myself anymore."

Martin Cosgrove Quotes

"I ache for silence - to step back into that stillness which birthed us all. To dissolve into No-thingness and discover what remains."

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Quotes About Cooperation And Competition

"The U.S.-China relationship, of course, has elements of both cooperation and competition." - Author: Thomas E. Donilon

Quotes About Third World Countries

"And why is our music called world music? I think people are being polite. What they want to say is that its third world music. Like they use to call us under developed countries, now it has changed to developing countries, its much more polite." - Author: Miriam Makeba

Quotes About First Kiss Tagalog

"I was 9 years old when I had my first glimpse of wholeness. It was early Christmas morning and I was standing in my pajamas in the living room and looked out of the large windows. Outside the white snow flakes silently singled down toward a snowclad landscape. Suddenly I was filled with a feeling of being one with the slowly dancing snowflakes, one with the silent landscape. I did not understand then that this was my first taste of meditation, but it created a deep thirst and a longing in my heart to return to this natural and effortless experience of being one with the Whole." - Author: Swami Dhyan Giten

Quotes About Funny Weeds

"She did not know how to react, for when your heart has been poisoned and someone picks a dandelion for you - because it is bright and yellow and you seem like you could use something like that - all you can do is contemplate the funny ways of weeds." - Author: Anne Ursu

Quotes About Hokey Pokey

"When we quit playing Hokey Pokey with God and keep our whole self in, His blessings pursue us!" - Author: Evinda Lepins

Quotes About Cartography

"Childhood is a branch of cartography." - Author: Michael Chabon

Quotes About Friar Lawrence

"Adversitys sweet milk, philosophy, to comfort thee, though thou art banished. Friar Lawrence to Romeo." - Author: William Shakespeare

Quotes About Talent And God

"It struck Hsing suddenly that Masada didnt even understand the nature of his own genius. To him the patterns of thought and motive that he sensed in the virus were self-explanatory, and those who could not see them were simply not looking hard enough. Yet he would readily admit to his own inability to analyze more human contact, even on the most basic level. That was part and parcel of being iru.What a strange combination of skills and flaws. What an utterly alien profile. Praise the founders of Guera for having taught them all to nurture such specialized talent, rather than seeking to "cure" it. It was little wonder that most innovations in technology now came from the Gueran colonies, and that Earth, who set such a strict standard of psychological "normalcy," now produced little that was truly exciting. Thank God their own ancestors had left that doomed planet before they, too, had lost the genes of wild genius. Thank God they had seen the creative holocaust coming, and escaped it." - Author: C.S. Friedman

Quotes About Skills And Abilities

"When leaders acquire the skills that enable them to release the productive potential and tap the collective capabilities of the group, who knows what positive results will be achieved? Some of them may move mountains." - Author: Dr. Thomas Gordon

Quotes About Instruments

"Amplifying acoustic instruments more than a little is really cheating, and everything becomes a compromise." - Author: Richard Thompson