[I Have Never Since Entirely Freed Myself Of The Impression That This Life Is A Segment Of Existence Which Is Enacted In A Three-dimensional Boxlike Universe Especially Set Up For It.]

Author: C.G. Jung Quotes

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"Ill live a lush life in some small dive."

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"I havent had sex in eight months. To be honest, I now prefer to go bowling."

Tim Madden Quotes

"Banking doesnt involve fraud, banking IS fraud.(from video by Paul Grignon done for United Financial Consumers (2002) ) (Added to goodreads by Mike Tobin)"

Neil Sheehan Quotes

"We had a military and political leadership at that period which was genuinely deluded."

Penelope Wilton Quotes

"Ive had very close relationships with some twentieth-century writers."

D H Lawrence Quotes

"In every living thing there is the desire for love."

Beverly S Harless Quotes

"When it comes to who will like your writing; the ones who will like it will like it because they can relate to the story or can find a piece of their own story hidden within - regardless of the mistakes. The ones who wont, never will - no matter what."

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"An Editor becomes kind of your mother. You expect love and encouragement from an Editor."

Keith Emerson Quotes

"I dont care who I play to, as long as they enjoy listening to what I play."

Sean Maguire Quotes

"As a young actor, its important to see how the greatest in the industry work... diva behavior is never it."

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"Life is like that." papa turned once again to the Mekong. "Everything is connected, and sometimes we, like little fishes, are awept up in these big and powerful currents. Carried far from home..." - Author: Vaddey Ratner

Quotes About Attracting A Man

"But Catherine did not know her own advantages - did not know that a good-looking girl, with an affectionate heart and a very ignorant mind, cannot fail of attracting a clever young man, unless circumstances are particularly untoward." - Author: Jane Austen

Quotes About Having A New Haircut

"Dr. Ross told me that when it comes to people there are basically two extremes and then everyone else in the middle. He said that the two extremes – in astrological terms – are like black holes and supernova. A black hole is so dense (has so much gravity) that the speed required to escape the gravitational pull of the star (escape velocity) is in excess of the speed of light. Therefore no light can escape it. On the other side of the spectrum is the supernova. A supernova is created when the core of a massive star collapses. This sudden collapse causes the star to lose equilibrium and explode. So in other words, a black hole keeps all the light and good stuff in while a supernova explodes and lets everything out. It provides intense light and all the building blocks for life in the universe. All the stuff that is necessary for the formation of new stars and planets like the one we inhabit. The supernova is much like the mythical Phoenix – hope rising up out of the ashes." - Author: J.W. Lord

Quotes About Hell Dante

"The hottest places in hell are reserved for those who, in time of great moral crisis,maintain their neutrality."- Dante Alighieri,philosopher/poet" - Author: Dante Alighieri

Quotes About Philisophical

"So I went to New York City to be born again. It was and remains easy for most Americans to go somewhere else and start anew. I wasnt like my parents. I didnt have any supposedly sacred piece of land or shoals of friends to leave behind. Nowhere has the number zero been of more philisophical value than in the United States.... and when the [train] plunged into a tunnel under New York City, with its lining of pipes and wires, I was out of the womb and into the birth canal." - Author: Kurt Vonnegut

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"Compromise, communicate, and never go to bed angry - the three pieces of advice gifted and regifted to all newlyweds." - Author: Gillian Flynn

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"Saying the Washington Post is just a newspaper is like saying Rasputin was just a country priest." - Author: Pat Buchanan

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"Las Alicias de uno y otro lado del espejo tendrían entonces que esperar, porque este momento era suyo, y no había reflejo que le devolviera lo perdido, ni pensaba ya buscarlo. No era más insensato que el resto de los profetas que juran lo que sólo intuyen y niegan lo que de verdad saben, ni mentía menos ni peor que el resto de las mujeres que le habían amado pero no lo suficiente. Por una vez en su vida, no pedía nada. Sólo se peinaba, tranquilamente y respiraba en el jardín con el mismo derecho que cualquiera. Ray Loriga en Ya sólo habla de amor" - Author: Ray Loriga

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"The old charters of Massachusetts, Virginia, and the Carolinas had given title to strips of territory extending from the Atlantic westward to the Pacific." - Author: Albert Bushnell Hart

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"I have written a lot about snakes. Theres something pretty primordial about it." - Author: Laurie Anderson