[I Have One Major Rule: Everybody Is Right. More Specifically, Everybody — Including Me — Has Some Important Pieces Of Truth, And All Of Those Pieces Need To Be Honored, Cherished, And Included In A More Gracious, Spacious, And Compassionate Embrace.]

Author: Ken Wilber Quotes

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Horace Greeley Quotes

"The way we do things is to begin."

Eileen Munroe Quotes

"I stood and looked at the large framed painting of the Pierrot clown that hung on her wall and sympathised with the tears that rolled down its cheek. Like the clown, I felt contained within a frame, the only difference being my tears were not for public show."

Barbara Cook Quotes

"New Years Eve, were going to be doing a concert with the Philadelphia Orchestra in Symphony Hall. It makes me feel good, because of all the people they could have had, they wanted me! We do have to do a little work with the rhythm section."

Voltaire Zadig Quotes

"Foi (de Zoroastro) que as nações herdaram este grande princípio: É preferível arriscar-se a salvar um culpado que condenar um inocente."

Jacob Latimore Quotes

"As far as R&B, I listen to a lot of old school like the Temptations and Chris Brown."

Evangeline Anderson Quotes

"What exactly do you think were trying to do here?" Deep demanded. "You think we want to fuck you?"His rough words made Kats stomach clench. "I sure as hell hope not for your sake," she said evenly. "You try it and Ill knee both of you so hard youll be wearing your balls for bowties.""Bravely spoken, little Kat." Deep had the nerve to sound amused. "But that isnt what this is about at all. We just need to heal you."

Thomas I Emerson Quotes

"Every man — in the development of his own personality — has the right to form his own beliefs and opinions. Hence, suppression of belief, opinion and expression is an affront to the dignity of man, a negation of mans essential nature."[Toward a General Theory of the First Amendment (1963)]"

Oliver Hart Quotes

"Maybe well evolve to a point where fear as an experience is no longer instinctual, but rather an emotion we use to enrich our understanding of why our human ancestors killed each other when they could have loved each other. One day well be holding hands instead of grudges; well eliminate our territorial circuits and know what love is. One day well be holding hands instead of M-16s."

Mehmet M Quotes

"Yalnız bir balıkçı gördüğümüzde kayık nerede diye sorarız; yalnız bir kayık gördüğümüzde balıkçı nerede diye sorarız! İyi arkadaşların her zaman birlikte olduklarını görmeyi çok severiz!"

Barney Oliver Quotes

"The sun and its retinue of planets drift as a group through the vast gulfs of space that separate the stars."

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Quotes About Love Tagalog New Tumblr

"Nihilism is a disease of the soul. It can never be completely cured, and there is always the possibility of relapse. There is always a chance for conversion--a chance for people to believe that there is hope for the future and a meaning to struggle. ...Nihilism is not overcome by arguments or analyses; it is tamed by love and care. Any disease of the soul must be conquered by a turning of ones soul. This turning is done through ones own affirmation of ones worth--an affirmation fueled by the concern of others. A love ethic must be at the center of a politics of conversion.A love ethic has nothing to do with sentimental feelings or tribal connections. Rather it is a last attempt at generating a sense of agency among a downtrodden people." - Author: Cornel West

Quotes About Stereotyping

"If you dont acknowledge differences, its as bad as stereotyping or reducing someone." - Author: Aasif Mandvi

Quotes About White Supremacy

"Politically progressive black people on the Left who are not nationalist, like myself, share a perspective that promotes the eradication of white supremacy, the de-centering of the West, redressing of biases, and commitment to affirming black self-determination. Yet we add to the critique of white Western imperialism a repudiation of patriarchy, a critique of capitalism, and a concern for interracial coalition building." - Author: Bell Hooks

Quotes About Uspeh

"Ponekad prolayim pored malih radnji, recimo u rue de Seine. Trgovci starim stvarima ili mali knjižarski antikvari i prodavci bakroreza, prepunjenih izloga. Niko nikad ne ulazi kod njih, oni očigledno ne prave poslove. Ali kad čovek pogleda unutra, vidi ih kako sede, sede i čitaju, bezbrižni; ne brinu se za sutra, ne strahuju za uspeh, imaju psa koji sedi pred njima, dobro raspoložen, ili mačku, koja tišinu čini još većom idući duž nizova knjiga i prevlačeći dlakom preko njih, kao da briše imena sa hrptova.Ah, kad bi to bilo dovoljno : želeo bih ponekad da kupim takav prepun izlog i da sa psom sednem iza njega na dvadeset godina." - Author: Rainer Maria Rilke

Quotes About Miracle

"Im not asking much, he said. Only a miracle. Can you do this?Wong looked down at the briefing papers in front of him for a moment. Then he looked at Tambi in the eye. Miracles we have fifteen per cent extra surcharge. Is it okay?" - Author: Nury Vittachi

Quotes About Kissing From Books

"I would actually write books totally full of nothing BUT kissing scenes, but apparently people like books to have, like, "plots" or whatever." - Author: Rachel Hawkins

Quotes About Otp

"Watch carefully the children around you. In precious moments you will catch a glimpse of your Saviors face. Listen intently and you will hear his voice. Walk gently among them; his footprints are all around you. Embrace them, for you are embracing him. Respect them, because they are sometimes Gods agents – exactly the kind of instruments he needs. At such times, only a child will do." - Author: Wess Stafford

Quotes About Titles

"Today you cant go by the titles of the shows to know what the content of the show may be." - Author: Donna Douglas

Quotes About Sitting In Silence

"Now the mountains were getting that pink tinge, I mean the rocks, they were just solid rock covered with the atoms of dust accumulated there since beginningless time. In fact I was afraid of those jagged monstrosities all around and over our heads. "Theyre so silent!" I said."Yeah man, you know to me a mountain is a Buddha. Think of the patience, hundreds of thousands of years just sitting there bein perfectly perfectly silent and like praying for all living creatures in that silence and just waitin for us to stop all our frettin and foolin." - Author: Jack Kerouac

Quotes About Peacock Dance

"Not truly living in the present moment and later regretting is like closing your eyes when a peacock is dancing, only to want to see it dance once it is gone."-RVM" - Author: Rvm