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Author: Sally Kirkland Quotes

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Jessica Stroup Quotes

"I love Gossip Girl. I used to hang out with Blake Lively and Jessica Szohr. Im also addicted to Bravo and reality shows like Top Chef."

Kristin Gore Quotes

"I had lesser friends who would pretend to be interested in a night of catching up and then morph into giggly backstabbers at the first whiff of Polo Aftershave--woman who were lightning fast with the put-down joke or dismissive wave, whatever it took to seem more pretty or witty or larger chested to the nighly swarm of male barflies."

Leland Ryken Quotes

"The Puritans sense of priorities in life was one of their greatest strengths. Putting God first and valuing everything else in relation to God was a recurrent Puritan theme."

Althea Gibson Quotes

"Being champion is all well and good, but you cant eat a crown."

Mark Greif Quotes

"How should a system convince people that they do not possess their sex properly? Teach them that in their possession it is shapeless and unconditioned. Only once it has been modified, layered with experts, honeycombed with norms, overlaid with pictorial representations, and sold back to them can it fulfill itself as what its possessors "always wanted"."

Orsov Quotes

"Defiant misery is never as rewarding as peaceful acceptance."

Larry Michael Dredla Quotes

"Not feeling is no replacement for reality. Your problems today are still your problems tomorrow"

Sharon Stone Quotes

"If you act like you know what youre going, you can do anything you want - except neurosurgery."

Michelle Sagara Quotes

"Kyuthe," he said. "Kaylin. AnTeela. You carry my heart in your arms."

Elspeth Huxley Quotes

"this was a moment of magic revealing to us all, for a few moments, a hidden world of grace and wonder beyond the one of which our eyes told us, a world that no words could delineate, as insubstanttial as a cloud, as iridescent as a dragon-fly and as innocent as the heart of a rose."

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Quotes About Dissonance

"Brenna was fixing some kind of a small computronic device when he found her in her quarters. "Judd," she said, putting down her tools. "You cant be here. The dissonance—"He interrupted her panicked words. "I need to ask you something important.""What could be more important than your life?" She sounded close to tears."Your life. If you die, I dont know if Id stay sane." A simple truth." - Author: Nalini Singh

Quotes About Loeb

"It is spring, moonless night in the small town, starless and bible-black, the cobbledstreets silent and the hunched courters-and-rabbits wood limping invisible down to the sloeblack, slow, black, crowblack, fishingboat-bobbing sea." - Author: Dylan Thomas

Quotes About Eagle Eye

"At some point, on our way to a new consciousness, we will have to leave the opposite bank, the split between the two mortal combatants somehow healed so that we are on both shores at once and, at once, see through serpent and eagle eyes. -- Borderlands/La Frontera (1987)" - Author: Gloria E. Anzaldúa

Quotes About Love Not Deserved

"You cant improve the things you love if you never allow them to be imperfect. Thinking in this way, if you looked hard enough so that you saw every flaw in every example, you would soon find that nothing matched your expectations or deserved your definitions, and the membership of every group and category you hold dear would drop to zero." - Author: David McRaney

Quotes About Feeling Significant

"You replace every molecule of every cell in your body within the course of only one year. I am not being flip when I refer to the "new you." It is quite literally possible, no matter how bad you are feeling or eating today, to be utterly transformed in just 365 days. But it wont take you that long. You can be feeling significantly better in just a couple of days and make lasting changes to your health within a month." - Author: Woodson Merrell

Quotes About Discourtesy

"Most problems are best solved privately, not through government. Theres a problem of discourtesy in the world, which is best handled through social norms, which are indispensable. But you wouldnt want the government to be mandating courtesy." - Author: Cass Sunstein

Quotes About Everything Will Be Okay In The End

"Maggie squeezes my hand. Its a silent message that everything will be okay. Somehow I believe her. In the end everything will be okay. But hurdles have to be jumped through first." - Author: Simone Elkeles

Quotes About Famous The Eucharist

"By virtue of some of the ways the game is played, in terms of message discipline, in terms of access for reporters, and especially in the way that sources and subjects, especially famous subjects, treat the media, almost by default theres more news thats falling into books." - Author: Ron Suskind

Quotes About Omicidio

"Il suicidio è una forma di omicidio. Omicidio premeditato. Non lo fai la prima volta che ti passa per la testa. Ti ci devi abituare. E ti servono mezzo, occasione e movente. Un suicidio riuscito esige buona organizzazione e sangue freddo, cose solitamente incompatibili con lo stato danimo suicida. Limportante è coltivare il distacco. Un modo per farlo è esercitarsi a immaginarsi morta, o in punto di morte. Quando vedi una finestra, devi immaginarti il tuo corpo che cade dalla finestra. Quando vedi un coltello, devi immaginarti il coltello che ti lacera la pelle. Quando arriva un treno, devi immaginarti col torace schiacciato dalle ruote. Esercizi come questi servono a ottenere la giusta distanza." - Author: Susanna Kaysen

Quotes About Untrustworthy

"Symbol sometimes of the Devil,sometimes of the Risen Christ, no animal is more untrustworthy than the cock." - Author: Umberto Eco