[I Hope Climate Science Becomes The Big Thing. And Then What I Want Is Electrical Engineers To Solve The World's Energy Problems, Energy Distribution Problems. I Want Mechanical Engineers To Make Better Transportation Systems. I Want Chemical Engineers To Develop Better Solar Panels, And So On.]

Author: Bill Nye Quotes

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KP Kollenborn Quotes

"Submitting to history allows us to remember our societys past. Although writing and art express history, its our humanity which keeps all of us striving for an improved future."

Jeff Wilson Quotes

"Selflessness is humility. ... humility and freedom go hand in hand. Only a humble person can be free."

Leonora Carrington Quotes

"Darling stop being philosophical it doesnt suit you, it makes your nose red."

Pauline Collins Quotes

"Theater is an engagement between the actor and the audience. Film is a different sort of medium. Its not immediate, but in some ways its more involving."

HaveYouSeenThisGirL Quotes

"Everyone keeps looking on their defects. Its not like everyones perfect, we all are are ugly and at the same time beautiful. Its just how we should carry and believe in ourselves. Nasa attitude yan, wala sa hitsura"

Natalie Barney Quotes

"Bientôt ou dans un cycle, ce sera de nouveau son tour de me prouver la qualité de son feu. Je ne lui manquerai pas, elle ne me manquera pas--et tout sera consumé."

Jamal Lewis Quotes

"I hope we can build our offense and go out there and win games."

Lance Armstrong Quotes

"Extraordinary allegations require extraordinary evidence."

John Archibald Wheeler Quotes

"No phenomenon is a real phenomenon until it is an observed phenomenon."

Timothy Parker Quotes

"You can choose to say, "Good Morning God" or "Good God, morning!"

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"No, Kramisha, hes not black. Hes a killer bird with evil for his Daddy." - Author: P.C. Cast

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"No, no, no, no,no, he gasped. You cant bring up your mum and dad while your hand is down there, Finke" - Author: Melina Marchetta

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"Elizabeth Hurley and I had a lot of fun together. Shes a very beautiful, confident woman." - Author: Brendan Fraser

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"Clarabelle laughed like shed just heard the funniest thing ever. "Of course you HOPE you wont die, Valkyrie! Who would HOPE to die? Thats just SILLY! But you probably WILL die, thats what Im saying. Dont you think so?" - Author: Derek Landy

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"In all our searching, the only thing weve found that makes the emptiness bearable is each other." - Author: Carl Sagan

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"He liked to start sentences with okay, so. It was a habit he had picked up from the engineers. He thought it made him sound smarter, thought it made him sound like them, those code jockeys, standing by the coffee machine, talking faster than he could think, talking not so much in sentences as in data structures, dense clumps of logic with the occasional inside joke. He liked to stand near them, pretending to stir sugar into his coffee, listening in on them as if they were speaking a different language. A language of knowing something, a language of being an expert at something. A language of being something more than an hourly unit." - Author: Charles Yu

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"Perhaps you are making a cats paw of me with Phillotson all this time. Upon my word it almost seems so--to see you sitting up there so prim." - Author: Thomas Hardy

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"With everybody having a Facebook and a Twitter, I feel like regular people consider themselves stars. Its a live, real-time upload of every time we buy a pair of socks, the most telling sign that were losing our politeness. When you know everything about somebody, you can talk to them any way you please." - Author: Jeff Ross

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"But why is it so hard to forgive? Mrs. Conners asked."Pride," Dad said. "This person has already wronged you in some way, and now you are the one who has to swallow your pride, give something up, in order to forgive him." - Author: Bree Despain

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"The unveiled Algerian woman, who assumed an increasingly important place in revolutionary action, developed her personality, discovered the exalting realm of responsibility. The freedom of the Algerian people from then on became identified with womans liberation, with her entry into history. This woman who, in the avenues of Algier or of Constantine, would carry the grenades or the submachine-gun chargers, this woman who tomorrow would be outraged, violated, tortured, could not put herself back into her former state of mind and relive her behaviour of the past; this woman who was writing the heroic pages of Algerian history was, in so doing, bursting the bounds of the narrow in which she had lived without responsibility, and was at the same time participating in the destruction of colonialism and in the birth of a new woman." - Author: Frantz Fanon