[I Hope That Young People Will Also Look To Politics As A Vehicle To Not Only Have Their Voices Heard, But Actually To Be The Change Makers That They Want To See. They Are Disaffected, Understandably, But I Hope That Young People Will Not Only Turn Out To Vote But Also Run For Office.]

Author: Chelsea Clinton Quotes

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Dosung Yoo Quotes

"As long as we practice with a vow to help others, we are the Bodhisattva of Great Compassion, and we become the leading figure in the Heart Sutra, whether we are a layperson or are ordained, whether whether celibate or married, living in the monastery or living in secular society."

Jase Wolf Quotes

"The weakest are from deeply within the strongest of all natures"

Peter Maher Quotes

"Running is a big question mark thats there each and every day. It asks you, Are you going to be a wimp or are you going to be strong today?"

Steven B Sample Quotes

"...the leader should reserve to himself the hiring, compensating, motivating, molding, assessing and firing of his chief lieutenants."

Imam Asch Schibli Quotes

"Der Tasawwuf ist das Zusammensitzen mit Gott ohne Kummer im Herzen."

Henry Reed Quotes

"It was Jung who first said to explain the symbol as if talking to a man from mars who knew nothing about our life on earth."

Fabio Volo Quotes

"Tutto quello da cui cercavo di scappare mi si ripresentava continuamente, sembrava la legge del contrappasso. Il mio passato era sempre lì, ero circondato dai miei fantasmi."

Shaunti Feldhahn Quotes

"Its so tempting to try to do it all, so as not to miss out. But to do all of those good things means youll do none of them well."

Sreeja Pai Quotes

"Motherhood is precious.Value it responsibly or dont be"

James Burrows Quotes

"I didnt have the drive; I never wanted to be in show business. I went into my fathers business because of osmosis."

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Quotes About Paths

"The most beaten paths are certainly the surest, but do not hope to start much game on them." - Author: André Gide

Quotes About Persatuan

"Di balik setiap kehormatan mengintip kebinasaan. Di balik hidup adalah maut. Di balik persatuan adalah perpecahan. Di balik sembah adalah umpat. Maka jalan keselamatan adalah jalan tengah. Jangan terima kehormatan atau kebinasaan sepenuhnya. Jalan tengah—jalan ke arah kelestarian(Jejak Langkah, h. 442)" - Author: Pramoedya Ananta Toer

Quotes About Being Real

"Part of this experience involves your being able to say to a person who is dying, "You are loved. You are beautiful. You are like a newborn babe, going into another realm. Release now anyone, and everything, that is a burden to you. Release everything and know that you have lived your life to the fullest. There is no judgment on you. Go in peace, put a smile on your face, and release any judgments you hold. Relax, and allow your life to have meaning as you embark on the next phase of your identity." - Author: Barbara Marciniak

Quotes About Imbalance Of Power

"The all-pervading disease of the modern world is the total imbalance between city and countryside, an imbalance in terms of wealth, power, culture, attraction and hope. The former has become over-extended and the latter has atrophied. The city has become the universal magnet, while rural life has lost its savour. Yet it remains an unalterable truth that, just as a sound mind depends on a sound body, so the health of the cities depends on the health of the rural areas. The cities, with all their wealth, are merely secondary producers, while primary production, the precondition of all economic life, takes place in the countryside. The prevailing lack of balance, based on the age-old exploitation of countryman and raw material producer, today threatens all countries throughout the world, the rich even more than the poor. To restore a proper balance between city and rural life is perhaps the greatest task in front of modern man." - Author: E.F. Schumacher

Quotes About Historic Preservation

"I have long been active in and supportive of conservation and historical preservation causes." - Author: Jack L. Chalker

Quotes About Scientifique

"La science, dans la mesure où elle est inconsciemment influencée par lidéologie réactionnaire, formule des thèses destinées à fournir une base scientifique solide à cette idéologie. Bien souvent, elle ne va pas jusque-là, et se contente de se référer à la célèbre "nature morale" de lhomme. Ce faisant, elle oublie son propre point de vue, quelle ne manque cependant pas dopposer à ses adversaires idéologiques, selon lequel la tâche légitime de la science se limite à décrire les faits en dehors de toute appréciation, et à expliquer ces faits quant à leur causalité. Lorsquelle veut faire mieux que justifier les exigences sociales par un simple recours aux idées morales, elle use dune méthode objectivement bien plus dangereuse, car elle dissimule les points de vues moraux derrière des thèses pseudo-scientifiques. La moralité se trouve ainsi "scientifiquement" rationalisée. (p. 148-149)" - Author: Wilhelm Reich

Quotes About Quid Pro Quo

"They sit beside each other on one of the sofas, Warwick leaning forward with his elbows on his knees, Joanne resting back with her arms behind her head. Never known as advocates of establishmentarianism, they have been applauded, ridiculed, and misunderstood by the media, and, in particular, criticized for their avarice. They have agreed to do this interview without "cabbage" (payment), but generally charge ten to twenty thousand dollars for the privilege. Even so, why should they be castigated for exploiting a medium that has exploited them? They see the situation simply enough: quid pro quo, and hold the mustard." - Author: Antonella Gambotto Burke

Quotes About Radio Waves

"As you enter the tunnel, the wind gets sucked away, and you squint from the lights overhead. When you adjust the lights, you can see the other side in the distance just as the sound of the radio fades to nothing because the waves just cant reach. Then, youre in the middle of the tunnel, and everything becomes a calm dream. As you see the opening get closer, you just cant get there fast enough. And finally, just when you think youll never get there, you see the opening right in front of you. And the radio comes back even louder than you remember it. And the wind is waiting. And you fly out of the tunnel onto the bridge. And there it is. The city. A million lights and buildings and everything seems as exciting as the first time you saw it." - Author: Stephen Chbosky

Quotes About Muses

"unrequitted love amuses me" - Author: Cassandra Clare

Quotes About Tolle

"Funes discerneva continuamente il calmo progredire della corruzione, della carie, della fatica. Notava i progressi della morte, dellumidità. Era il solitario e lucido spettatore dun mondo multiforme, istantaneo e quasi intollerabilmente preciso. Babilonia, Londra e New York hanno offuscato col loro feroce splendore limmaginazione degli uomini; nessuno, nelle loro torri popolose e nelle loro strade febbrili, ha mai sentito il calore e la pressione duna realtà così intangibile come quella che giorno e notte convergeva sul felice Ireneo, nel suo povero sobborgo sudamericano." - Author: Jorge Luis Borges