[I Know Very Little About Acting. I'm Just An Incredibly Gifted Faker.]

Author: Robert Downey Jr. Quotes

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John Bartlett Quotes

"I have gathered a posy of other mens flowers and nothing but the thread that binds them is mine own."

Howard Hughes Quotes

"My father told me, never have partners."

William Guarnere Quotes

"What you dont know going in is that when you come out, you will be scarred for life. Whether you were in for a week, a month, or a year—even if you come home without a scratch—you are never, ever going to be the same.When I went in, I was eighteen. I thought it was all glory and you win lots of medals. You think youre going to be the guy. Then you find out the cost is very great. Especially when you dont see the kids you were with when you went in. Living with it can be hell. Its like the devil presides in you. I knew what I sighed up for, yes, and I would do it again. But the reality of war—words cant begin to describe it."

Sophie Littlefield Quotes

"...thats the true enemy of the future. Ignorance. Indifference. Failure to adapt."

Frederick Anderson Quotes

"Upon the shores of death I have been told there is a place between the tides where time and pain do not exist"

Greg Rusedski Quotes

"It is a big adjustment but Ive always loved that old saying of Jack Nicklaus: I retired from golf to go to work. That sums it up for me."

Warren Rudman Quotes

"Washington, D.C., has a much greater risk than Manchester, N.H. They both need some level of funding, but they ought not to be done per capita. Congress is to blame for some of this."

Susana Fortes Quotes

"People beleived that the most devastating part of a war are the corpses with their guts out in the open, the puddles of blood, and all that you can capture at first glance. But sometimes the horror is off to the side, in the lost look on the face of a woman whos just been raped, as she limps away alone within the ruins, trying to keep her head down. Gerda and Capa were not aware of this yet. They were too young. And that was their first conflict. They still believed war had its romantic side."

Prathima Bhandary Quotes

"Each & every child is unique & special."

John Shaw Billings Quotes

"Statistics are somewhat like old medical journals, or like revolvers in newly opened mining districts. Most men rarely use them, and find it troublesome to preserve them so as to have them easy of access; but when they do want them, they want them badly."

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Quotes About Random Photos

"Cocoa-buttered girls were stretched out on the public beach in apparently random alignments, but maybe if a weather satellite zoomed in on one of those bodies and then zoomed back out, the photos would show the curving beach itself was another woman, a fractal image made up of the particulate sunbathers. All the beaches pressed together might form female landmasses, female continents, female planets and galaxies. No wonder men felt tense." - Author: Bonnie Jo Campbell

Quotes About Bad Singers

"Yeah, sorry for not being all Betty Bad Ass; fighting isnt exactly a requirement for jazz singers." - Author: J.L. Vallance

Quotes About Indigo Child

"Evening brings the people to their windows, balconies, and doorways. Evening fills the streets with strolling crowds. Evening is an indigo tent for the circus of the city, and families bring children to the entertainments that inspire every corner and crossroad. And evening is a chaperone for young lovers: the last hour of light before the night comes to steal the innocence from their slow promenades. Theres no time, in the day or night, when there are more people on the streets of Bombay than there are in the evening, and no light loves the human face quite so much as the evening light in my Mumbai." - Author: Gregory David Roberts

Quotes About Kobe Life

"A DESCRIPTION OF HAPPINESS IN KOBENHAVN All this windless day snow fellinto the Kings Gardenwhere I walked, perfecting and growing old,abandoning one by one everybody:randomly in love with the paradisefurnace of my mind. Now I sit in the dark,dreaming of a marble sunand its strictness. Thisis to tell you I am not coming back.To tell you instead of my private lifeamong people who must wrestle their heartsin order to feel anything, as though it wereunnatural. What I master by daystill lapses in the night. But I go onwith the cargo cult, blindly feeling the snowcome down, learning to flower by tightening." - Author: Jack Gilbert

Quotes About Solid Waste

"Weve pumped waste into cavities in solid rock and found that it spread through the rock." - Author: David R. Brower

Quotes About Disaster And Faith

"Because its a fucking disaster to be creative when you know youre not Mozart or Keats. Dammit, I got tired of scratching around in my past. Theres nothing in me to justify the pretension of creativity. This came before anything, before you, before Raquel, this is a matter of my own emptiness, my awareness of my own limits, maybe my sterility. Does what Im saying to you seem awful? Now you want to come along and sell me an illusion, which I dont believe in but which does make me believe that either youre a fool or you underestimate my intelligence. Why dont you just leave me alone, so I can fill the emptiness in my own way? Let me see things for myself, learn if something can still grow in my soul, an idea, a faith, because I swear to you, Laura, my soul is more desolate than this rock landscape you see here… why?" - Author: Carlos Fuentes

Quotes About Best Love Ever

"It was the end and he couldnt decide if the truth had been worth telling. All he knew was that it was time to go. Because sometimes doing what was best for someone you loved was more important than taking care of yourself. Because sometimes the things that were never meant to last were what ended up mattering the most. Because sometimes even a door thats always been open has to close." - Author: Megan Hart

Quotes About Comeback Love

"If Im on form and Im not being bothered too much by mental problems or whatever, I can whip out something good. Thats why Ive done quite a few overdubs for Tina Turner and things like that, because even before she made this comeback I said yes to her, just because I love Tina Turner." - Author: Jeff Beck

Quotes About Weasels

"Low ceiling, stone walls, a dirt floor stamped with paw prints. I never go in without announcing myself. Hyaa! I yell. Hyaa. Hyaa! Its the sound my father makes when entering his toolshed, the cry of cowboys as they round up dogies, and it suggests a certain degree of authority. Snakes, bats, weasels --its time to head up and move on out." - Author: David Sedaris

Quotes About Civics

"The first lesson in civics is that efficient government begins at home." - Author: Charles Evans Hughes