[I Like Being On The Floor, Listening In On The Huddles. It Makes Me Feel Like A Player Again.]

Author: Rebecca Lobo Quotes

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Professor Trevelyan Quotes

"If woman had no existence save in the fiction written by men, one would imagine her a person of the utmost importance (...); as great as a man, some think even greater. But this is woman in fiction. In fact, as Professor Trevelyan points out [in his History of England], she was locked up, beaten and flung about the room."

Mitch Pileggi Quotes

"My dad had an eighth grade education, and everything that he did in his life was just stuff that he went out and did - figured out what he needed to know and read. Very successful, a union contractor."

Paula H Deen Quotes

"Everyday you wake up on the right side of the dirt is a good one."

Marcus Buckingham Quotes

"The best way to find out whether youre on the right path? Stop looking at the path."

Jeff Goins Quotes

"If youre "one in a million", and the world is full of seven billion people, that means there are seven thousand people just like you."

Robert L Slater Quotes

"Lizzie ignored the hair in her armpits and on her legs. It had gone from stubble to dark hair. F*** it. End of the world rules apply."

Rudy Wiebe Quotes

"Understand is not the word; you are right, you can never really understand about someone, anyone, even yourself. It is best to believe in them as human; feel that they are alive like you and need warmth, concern."

Ira Byock Quotes

"Nearly everyone who is asked where they want to spend their final days says at home, surrounded by people they love and who love them. Thats the consistent finding of surveys and, in my experience as a doctor, remains true when people become patients. Unfortunately, its not the way things turn out. At present, just over one-fifth of Americans are at home when they die. Over 30 percent die in nursing homes, where, according to polls, virtually no one says they want to be. Hospitals remain the site of over 50 percent of deaths in most parts of the country, and nearly 40 percent of people who die in a hospital spend their last days in ICU, where they will likely be sedated or have their arms tied down so they will not pull out breathing tubes, intravenous lines, or catheters. Dying is hard, but it doesnt have to be this hard."

Leanne Banks Quotes

"Word of advice - dont let your father choose your wife. Choose your own. You have to live with her. Your father doesnt."

Chet Raymo Quotes

"Beauty soaks reality as water fills a rag."

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Quotes About Salty Foods

"Of all the minerals the most vital in dietary terms is sodium, which we mostly consume in the form of sodium chloride – table salt.* Here the problem is not that we are getting too little, but possibly way too much. We dont need all that much – 200 milligrams a day, about what you would get with six or eight vigorous shakes of a salt cellar – but we take in about sixty times that amount on average. In a normal diet it is almost impossible not to because there is so much salt in the processed foods we eat with such ravenous devotion. Often it is heaped into foods that dont seem salty at all – breakfast cereals, prepared soups and ice creams, for instance. Who would guess that an ounce of cornflakes contains more salt than an ounce of salted peanuts?" - Author: Bill Bryson

Quotes About Inis

"Any concerns that Romney will adopt McCains milquetoast campaign model are quickly diminishing." - Author: David Limbaugh

Quotes About Viewing Life

"I am not even an atheist so much as an antitheist; I not only maintain that all religions are versions of the same untruth, but I hold that the influence of churches and the effect of religious belief, is positively harmful. Reviewing the false claims of religion I do not wish, as some sentimental materialists affect to wish, that they were true. I do not envy believers their faith. I am relieved to think that the whole story is a sinister fairy tale; life would be miserable if what the faithful affirmed was actually true.... There may be people who wish to live their lives under cradle-to-grave divine supervision, a permanent surveillance and monitoring. But I cannot imagine anything more horrible or grotesque." - Author: Christopher Hitchens

Quotes About Prized Possessions

"Among my most prized possessions are words that I have never spoken." - Author: Orson Scott Card

Quotes About Prep

"First, I prepare. Then I have faith." - Author: Joe Namath

Quotes About Strong Willed Woman

"When they turned, Pelletier and Espinoza saw an older woman in a white blouse and black skirt, a woman with a figure like Marlene Dietrich, as Pelletier would say much later, a woman who despite her years was still as strong willed as ever, a woman who didnt cling to the edge of the abyss but plunged into it with curiosity and elegance. A woman who plunged into the abyss sitting down." - Author: Roberto Bolaño

Quotes About Baggage Life

"As we mature and grow older we collect a lot of baggage, and a lot of that stuff you collect on lifes journey gets in the way of acting. My kids can imagine a character and transform in the blink of an eye. Its so simple for kids, so complex for adults." - Author: David Wenham

Quotes About Brambles

"There, peeping among the cloud-wrack above a dark tor high up in the mountains, Sam saw a white star twinkle for a while. The beauty of it smote his heart, as he looked up out of the forsaken land, and hope returned to him. For like a shaft, clear and cold, the thought pierced him that in the end the Shadow was only a small and passing thing: there was a light and high beauty for ever beyond its reach. His song in the Tower had been defiance rather than hope; for then he was thinking of himself. Now, for a moment, his own fate, and even his masters, ceased to trouble him. He crawled back into the brambles and laid himself by Frodos side, and putting away all fear he cast himself into a deep untroubled sleep." - Author: J.R.R. Tolkien

Quotes About Burning

"It was Lorraine in her nightie and Mo in his cap. Theyd just settled their brains for a long winters nap in front of the television. When out in the lot there arose such a clatter, they sprang from their recliners to see what was the matter. Away to the window they flew like a flash, tore open the blinds and threw up the sash. And what to their wondering eyes should appear, but Stephanie Plum and yet another of her cars burning front to rear." - Author: Janet Evanovich

Quotes About Hitler Being A Leader

"To me, eyewear goes way beyond being a prescription. Its like makeup. Its the most incredible accessory. The shape of a frame or the color of lenses can change your whole appearance." - Author: Vera Wang