[I Like Index Funds Is That They Tend To Have Low Expenses. One Of My Favorites, Vanguard 500 Index, Charges Just 0.18 Percent A Year. Can't Get Too Heated Up About The Difference Between 1.5 Percent And 0.18 Percent? Well, Let Me Put It In Terms That Matter To You: If You Invest $3,000 A Year For Thirty Years And You Earn An 8 Percent Average Rate Of Return (before Expenses Are Deducted), The Fund With The 1.5 Percent Expense Ratio Would Give You A Net Return (after Expenses Are Deducted) Of $276,000. The Fund With The 0.18 Percent Expense Ratio Would Be Worth More Than $354,000. I Can Get Worked Up About $78,000—how About You?]

Author: Suze Orman Quotes

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"‎"It almost felt like the dolphin of my hearts desire playing in the ocean of my life." - on writing"

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"I write all the time. I do artwork thats part of a diary, and I write short stories to go with them pretty much every day."

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"I wear a fez now. Fezzes are cool. Bow ties are cool."

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"To be of the Earth is to know the restlessness of being a seed the darkness of being planted the struggle toward the light the pain of growth into the light the joy of bursting and bearing fruit the love of being food for someone the scattering of your seeds the decay of the seasons the mystery of death and the miracle of birth."

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"We should bomb Vietnam back into the stone age."

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"Shut off the internal bashing."

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"Ive learned lately that no one is going to hand me a permission slip and tell me to take time out for me."

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"Im ashamed of what I did."

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"A woman at 20 is like ice, at 30 she is warm and at 40 she is hot."

Corrie Ten Boom Quotes

"Love is larger than the walls which shut it in."

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"The idea...that our professional military men and women train for years without knowing whether they will ever have to actually carry out their missions to the fullest extent of their abilities is the very heart of what service is all about. Heroes arent designated in advance. Everyone must always be ready to execute.In my experience, its always the greatest heroes who claim they never did anything beyond what any of their buddies would have done in the same situation. Our training and our culture breed that response into us all, no matter what war we were part of. You train yourself to a standard and thereby make yourself interchangeable with others who share the same standard. And that gives everyone an equal claim to the pride that goes with having served your country." - Author: Marcus Luttrell

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"Be a good person, do good things, learn, and love other people, but do these things because you love yourself, God, life and people, not because you fear going to hell if you dont. Keep the commandments (or whatever tenets you believe) because you want to be happy. Do it for you. God and the universe will unconditionally love you no matter which path you choose. You can learn whatever lessons you choose for yourself. If you want to learn things the hard way and experience fear, guilt and shame that is okay. But nothing you do (or dont do) can separate you from love." - Author: Kimberly Giles

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"Becoming aware of the intense suffering of billions of animals, and of our own participation in that suffering, can bring up painful emotions: sorrow and grief for the animals; anger at the injustice and deception of the system; despair at the enormity of the problem; fear that trusted authorities and institutions are, in fact, untrustworthy; and guilt for having contributed to the problem. Bearing witness means choosing to suffer. Indeed, empathy is literally feeling with. Choosing to suffer is particularly difficult in a culture that is addicted to comfort--a culture that teaches that pain should be avoided whenever possible and that ignorance is bliss. We can reduce our resistance to witnessing by valuing authenticity over personal pleasure, and integration over ignorance." - Author: Melanie Joy

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"Ill show you an imaginative re-creation, my fist imaginatively re-creating your fucken face for starters." - Author: Neil Gaiman

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"Life is just not for fun and happiness it has a mixture of pain too. Rule your own life and face all the problems with courage.Thats the way to lead life at any situation." - Author: Debolina Bhawal

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"Every job is good if you do your best and work hard. A man who works hard stinks only to the ones that have nothing to do but smell." - Author: Laura Ingalls Wilder

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"I tried. As the darkness closed over me, I fought to remember the name of my husband.I fought to remember the name of someone I had loved.I fought to remember--What?I was alone, and I had no hands to clench around my memories. I had no memories, no name, only the knowlegde (deeper and colder than any darkness) that I had lost what I loved more than life.And then I forgot I had lost it.Time unwound. Prices were unpaid.The world changed." - Author: Rosamund Hodge

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"You cannot read any image of the World Trade Center without thinking of 9/11." - Author: Colum McCann

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"I studied Jeet Kune Do and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. On element of Jeet Kune Do is that I had several of years of practice with the kali stick - a stick with a size and length similar to a baseball bat." - Author: Jose Pablo Cantillo

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"Wolfe was drinking beer and looking at pictures of snowflakes in a book someone had sent him from Czechoslovakia......Wolfe seemed absorbed in the pictures. Looking at him, I said to myself, "Hes in a battle with the elements. Hes fighting his way through a raging blizzard, just sitting there comfortably looking at pictures of snowflakes. Thats the advantage of being an artist, of having imagination." I said aloud, "You mustnt go to sleep, sir, its fatal. You freeze to death."The League of Frightened Men" - Author: Rex Stout