[I Like To Pay Taxes. With Them, I Buy Civilization.]

Author: Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr. Quotes

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Christine Baranski Quotes

"Its a great time to be an actress at this point in my life."

Gabriel Lippmann Quotes

"Most of these pictures, taken while travelling, were developed on the mantelpiece of a hotel room, which proves that the method is easy enough to carry out."

Dave Besseling Quotes

"The pen is truly mightier than the sword. Unless youre holding a pen and the other guys holding a sword."

Viraj Quotes

"love start from eyes & smiles but its end on bed"

Jorgen Willumsen Quotes

"Its better with the right hand than with the wrong girl"

Amy Fusselman Quotes

"My dad is dead. And as I type this, by the window, on the rainy day, I am alive, yes. I am living. But sometimes it doesnt feel like I am doing it fast enough, or hard enough, or all the way. And it is times like that when I can understand wanting a cigarette in my hand, then my mouth, then my hand again. Holding the cigarette. Tending to the cigarette. Giving the cigarette what it needs. Tapping it in the ashtray. Sucking on it.Then flicking it in the street, like it meant nothing to me."

Henry Longhurst Quotes

"Playing golf is like learning a foreign language."

Steven Pressfield Quotes

"The working artist will not tolerate trouble in her life because she knows trouble prevents her from doing her work. The working artist banishes from her world all sources of trouble. She harnesses the urge for trouble and transforms it in her work."

Brooke Shields Quotes

"Too many people use abortion as a form of birth control. And thats very wrong. I could never, ever have an abortion."

Peter Drucker Quotes

"Plans are only good intentions unless they immediately degenerate into hard work."

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Quotes About Favorite Person

"I hope that I would be considered romantic. I dont know... one of my favorite movies is The Notebook so I guess that would be considered romantic. But I think being romantic is more than the flowers and the gifts. Its about connecting with the person and being able to talk and share things with her." - Author: Taylor Lautner

Quotes About Losing A Game In Tennis

"To act with a tennis ball and imagine its a tentacle, or if youre in some kind of wilderness film and you go, Okay, we cant have a grizzly bear here, but imagine when you step over the rock there theres a grizzly bear. I dont know. Theyre tough moments." - Author: Joel Edgerton

Quotes About Truth Prevailing

"Distortion and suppression of the truth is encouraged by a prevailing attitude of scientism, not science itself but rather a certain attitude of veneration toward science as the exclusive means of obtaining truth" - Author: Angus Menuge

Quotes About Hopeful Future

"I do not think it irresponsible to portray even the direst futures if we are to avoid them we must understand that they are possible. But where are the alternatives Where are the dreams that motivate and inspire We long for realistic maps of a world we can be proud to give to our children. Where are the cartographers of human purpose Where are the visions of hopeful futures of technology as a tool for human betterment and not a gun on hair trigger pointed at our heads" - Author: Carl Sagan

Quotes About Lirah

"No. We were jealous that Lirah had Gargarin. Cold, cold Lirah, who was bitter towards all men, loved my brother with all her heart. It made me hate her even more, because I knew this union was not one of the flesh. She hated the touch of men. He barely tolerated the touch of anyone. I couldnt bear the idea of him loving someone as much as he loved me." -Arjuro of Abroi" - Author: Melina Marchetta

Quotes About Decline Of Rome

"The ultimate triumph of Christianity was aided by the internal drive within Roman paganism toward some kind of monotheism. By 150 A.D., whatever vitality had once existed in ancient polytheism had mostly declined, and the gods played little or no role in individual lives. The state temples to the old gods became civic centers rather than religious entities."But paganism went about reforming itself. It drew upon the Alexandrian mystical form of Platonism, taught by Plotinus -- what we call Neoplatonism -- to conjure an image of the deity as a single spiritual fountain of life that fructifies the world."This Neoplatonic monotheism became popular in aristocratic circles in fourth-century Rome and gave such renewed vitality to paganism that the triumph of Christianity had to be bolstered by state proscription of this latter-day monotheistic paganism. By 390, Roman paganism was almost as close to monotheism as was Christianity." - Author: Norman F. Cantor

Quotes About Laws And Freedom

"Religion should be subject to commonsense appraisal and rational review, as openly discussible as, say, politics, art and the weather. The First Amendment, we should recall, forbids Congress both from establishing laws designating a state religion and from abridging freedom of speech. There is no reason why we should shy away from speaking freely about religion, no reason why it should be thought impolite to debate it, especially when, as so often happens, religious folk bring it up on their own and try to impose it on others." - Author: Jeffrey Tayler

Quotes About Pendiente

"Ha de decirse que para el científico, como convicción primigenia e indecible, hay una línea divisoria muy nítida entre la realidad del mundo que sucede y acaece con total prescindencia de lo que pueda hacerse o moldearse, y la realidad del mundo que se presta a la acción, al arte o al conjuro. Esto es, hay cosas que se dan u ocurren por sí mismas, cosas de naturaleza cabría decir, y cosas que pueden producirse o prevenirse a voluntad. Sin la actitud que envuelve esta convicción, debe afirmarse, no hay lugar para el conocimiento científico, independientemente de que el destino de ese conocimiento al final sea servirle de fundamento al desarrollo de eficientes técnicas para la acción o la manipulación." - Author: Asdrúbal Baptista

Quotes About Not Sleeping In

"Listen, I know you just got back, and youre exhausted, but I need a favor." Not again… I was looking forward to going home and sleeping for a day, or several. "I have a date tonight?" "A date?" He choked. I didnt date, and he knew it. "Yeah, with my bed. We were totally going to sleep together." I said sarcastically." - Author: Sophie Monroe

Quotes About Having A Crush On Girl

"I dont remember having a crush on a boy when I was a girl. I dont even remember my first kiss." - Author: Maureen OHara