[I Like To Take Risks As Long As They're Healthy, You Know. They're Good, Smart Risks.]

Author: Alyson Stoner Quotes

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Phoolan Devi Quotes

"Before I was married, I thought the sound of bangles jangling on my forearms would be delightful. I looked forward to being able to wear bells around my ankles and silver necklaces around my neck, but not any more, not since I had learned what they represented for the man who gave them. A necklace was no prettier than a piece of of rope that ties a goat to a tree, depriving it of freedom."

Oscar Hijuelos Quotes

"The house in which the fourteen sisters of Emilio Montez Obrien lived, radiated femininity."

Gary Markwick Quotes

"It is now time to change our ways, so we may learn how to help ourselves in order to help others in a much more relaxed and positive way."

Pierre De Ronsard Quotes

"Haleine contre haleine, échauffe-moi la vie,Mille et mille baisers donne-moi je te prie,Amour veut tout sans nombre, amour na point de loiTranslated: Breath against breath warms my life.A thousand kisses give me I pray thee.Love says it all without number,love knows no law."

Peter Hermann Quotes

"I still speak to my parents only in German, and I have endless family over there."

Tom Moon Quotes

"Anthony DeCurtis came on board as a line editor and right away the project hit another level; his input snapped my sometimes flabby prose into shape, and his insights made every entry better. Recently we did a bit of mental math and realized hed been editing me at Rolling Stone"

Sabine Lisicki Quotes

"Tennis is for me joy, nothing less than that."

Carole Gill Quotes

"I think horror can and should be classy. I enjoy seeing it raised up not lowered down to the lowest common denominator. Theres prejudice against the horror genre and I think sometimes thats the fault of the authors involved."

David Davis Quotes

"Nick chided a censor, who wished some books gone, and suggested she scan Fahrenheit 451. For the book-budget cutters, Old Claus had no plan, cause if they could read, they just read Ayn Rand."

JE Haldeman Quotes

"WAIT! THE SHORT BUS MISSED ME ! Oh god-damn.. now Im stuck with the normal people!"

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Quotes About Premiere

"The contracts are structured different than athletes in America, but for me, it was good to move on and go back to playing in the premiere league, which is the best league. It was disappointing, as far as the team goes, but for me, there wasnt much I could do." - Author: Claudio Reyna

Quotes About Bullies

"Her magic formula for dealing with children is ignoring all faults and accenting tiny virtues. She says, "Instead of telling Tommy day in and day out that he is the naughtiest boy in the United States of America, which could very well be true, take an aspirin and comment on his neatly tied shoes. Almost anybody would rather be known for expert shoe-tying than for kicking the cat." She always tells whiners how charming they are--bullies how brave--bad sports how good--sneaks how honest!" - Author: Betty MacDonald

Quotes About Dimak

"Mengapa membuka ladang sejauh ini?Kalau deka(t) kampon(g) habis dimakan(g) babi sendiri. Di sini babi hutan(g) yang ditunggu. Orang kampon(g) bikin ladan(g) sambil cari daging." - Author: Pramoedya Ananta Toer

Quotes About Girl Nerds

"Angry Girl has no cavity. She has teeth." - Author: Kirsty Eagar

Quotes About Denim Day

"Hardy was every loose-limbed cowboy in warn denim, every pair of blue eyes, every battered pickup, every hot cloudless day." -Liberty" - Author: Lisa Kleypas

Quotes About Fate Intervening

"I remember being disappointed when Papa had shown me Caravaggios Judith. She was completely passive while she was sawing through a mans neck. Caravaggio gave all the feeling to the man. Apparently, he couldnt imagine a woman to have a single thought. I wanted to paint her thoughts, if such a thing were possible -- determination and concentration and belief in the absolute necessity of the act. The fate of her people resting on her shoulders..." - Author: Susan Vreeland

Quotes About Perfect Attendance

"Im not a Wiccan. Im not big on churches of any kind, despite the fact that Ive spoken, face-to-face, with an archangel of the Almighty.But there were some things I believed in. Some things I had faith in. And faith isnt about perfect attendance to services, or how much money you put on the little plate. It isnt about going skyclad to the Holy Rites, or meditating each day upon the divine.Faith is about what you do. Its about aspiring to be better and nobler and kinder than you are. Its about making sacrifices for the good of others--even when theres not going to be anyone telling you what a hero you are.Faith is a power of its own, and one even more elusive and difficult to define than magic." - Author: Jim Butcher

Quotes About Shepherds

"Joliffe knew their audience was with them when Christ declared at the money-changers, "You knaves! You thieves and rascals! Defaming the Lord Gods honor as you do! Making his house into a den of thieves and taking what is not yours to take, like shepherds never shearing but butchering every sheep!" and among the lookers-on heads turned and some people pointed at Father Hewgo standing at his church door, glaring, his arms tightly folded aross his chest, well apart from it all but making sure his disapproval lowered over everything. Joliffe had not written the lines at him but might as well have because his parishioners surely saw a match; there was even scattered laughter that would do nothing to soften him toward the players." - Author: Margaret Frazer

Quotes About Jate

"Hodha syte perjashta nga varrezat e lagura prej shiut dhe pashe guret e varreve, qe ishin mbuluar me gjethe te venitura dhe te felliqura. Mjegulla, porsi nje kafshe e zberdhulet, ua kish thithur gjate nates lengun e gjelber gjetheve te pemeve; tani ato vareshin te mekura e te nemitura neper dege; cdo gulsh ere, sado i lehte, kepuste nga nje dhe e rrezonte ngadale ose e fluturonte tutje... Dhe une, ashtu papritur e pakujtuar, si nje te therur te mprehte e mizore, e ndjeva per here te pare qe po afrohej ndarja, qe ajo po behej e vertete, po aq e vertete sa vjeshta, e cila ish zvarritur fshehurazi neper ato dege pemesh atje perjashta dhe kish lene pas gjurmet e saj te verdha." - Author: Erich Maria Remarque

Quotes About Voyageur

"Les gens qui ont besoin de plus qu une valise ne sont pas de vrais voyageurs, ce sont des touristes." - Author: Ira Levin