[I Live On Hope And That I Think Do All Who Come Into This World.]

Author: Robert Bridges Quotes

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Peter Hermann Quotes

"I still speak to my parents only in German, and I have endless family over there."

Claire Dederer Quotes

"Jonathans voice was quiet now. "Thank you for sharing this evening with me. In yoga, we say Namaste, which means I bow to the divine in you." He bowed his dork-knobbed head and said, "Namaste." We bowed back and mumbled, "Namaste." On my tongue, the new word felt as though it contained its own foreign spice."

May Sarton Quotes

"If art is not to be life-enhancing, what is it to be? Half the world is feminine--why is there resentment at a female-oriented art? Nobody asks The Tale of Genji to be masculine! Women certainly learn a lot from books oriented toward a masculine world. Why is not the reverse also true? Or are men really so afraid of womens creativity (because they are not themselves at the center of creation, cannot bear children) that a woman writer of genius evokes murderous rage, must be brushed aside with a sneer as irrelevant?"

J P Morgan Quotes

"Go as far as you can see; when you get there, youll be able to see farther."

Amanda Bretz Quotes

"Justus tried to make an objective assessment of Miguel. What was the big deal with him, anyway? So he was easy on the eyes. Actually that was an understatement; he was for female eyes, a virtual feast. He was a perfect physical specimen, and very sensual. He seemed to positively ooze sex and eroticism with his every move, look, and touch. Justus turned her head toward him to steal a glance at his profile, but he caught her looking at him.His eyes were so arresting, they were a dark, fierce green, like beautiful shining emeralds. She also noticed flecks of gold laced through them, reminiscent of cats eyes. Not any ordinary house cat, these were the eyes of a wild predator.He was a panther; with his black hair and green eyes and the way he moved, so gracefully, yet with definite strength and agility. She sighed to herself, so much for her objectivity."

Jill Conner Browne Quotes

"Stay fit and live long and prosper, but write your own obituary now, while you can, just in case."

Machel Shull Quotes

"Soul, love, joy and natural beauty shines first from within. Make time for quiet reflective moments. Be still and know there is more than just Botox and pink martinis for women over 40."

Paul Virilio Quotes

"Images contaminate us like viruses."

Frank Stallone Quotes

"If you get married, you become vulnerable."

Gretchen Rubin Quotes

"The First Splendid Truth: To be happy, I need to think about feeling good, feeling bad, and feeling right, in an atmosphere of growth."

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Quotes About Mica

"For tea she went down to see Misses Spink and Forcible. She had three digestive biscuits, a glass of limeade, and a cup of weak tea. The limeade was very interesting. It didnt taste anything like limes. It tasted bright green and vaguely chemical. Coraline liked it enormously. She wished they had it at home."How are your dear mother and father?" asked Miss Spink."Missing," said Coraline. "I havent seen either of them since yesterday. Im on my own. I think Ive probably become a single child family." - Author: Neil Gaiman

Quotes About Integrity In Business

"There are men and women who make the world better just by being the kind of people they are. They have the gift of kindness or courage or loyalty or integrity. It really matters very little whether they are behind the wheel of a truck or running a business or bringing up a family. The teach the truth by living it." - Author: James A. Garfield

Quotes About Visitors

"For example, in my district there are visitors from all over the world who are drawn to our beautiful beaches, recreational lakes, habitat wildlife preserves and golf courses." - Author: Mark Foley

Quotes About Bibi

"On y voit comme à travers un pelle là-dedans... Hé lumières!!! Pff bande de fainéants... Ah ça, pour roupiller, vous êtes fortiche (sesclaffe) Les chevaliers de la Table Ronde... CHEVALIERS DE MES DEUX !!! Chuis p... chuis pas roi, moi ? Cest p..., cest pas moi le roi ?! (dégainant Excalibur) Et ça, cest du nougat ??? Tout seul, je vais le chercher le Graal, moi, et la vie éternelle, cest pour bibi !!! Et vous, vous irez vous gratter!!!" - Author: Alexandre Astier

Quotes About Stepping Up To Challenges

"If I ever stop challenging myself, then I am getting lazy and comfortable and I am no longer growing. I hope to use lifes challenges as stepping stones to ever greater things." - Author: Roz Savage

Quotes About Stephen Hawking

"Anyway.Im not allowed to watch TV, although I am allowed to rent documentaries that are approved for me, and I can read anything I want. My favorite book is A Brief History of Time, even though I havent actually finished it, because the math is incredibly hard and Mom isnt good at helping me. One of my favorite parts is the beginning of the first chapter, where Stephen Hawking tells about a famous scientist who was giving a lecture about how the earth orbits the sun, and the sun orbits the solar system, and whatever. Then a woman in the back of the room raised her hand and said, "What you have told us is rubbish. The world is really a flat plate supported on the back of a giant tortoise." So the scientist asked her what the tortoise was standing on. And she said, "But its turtles all the way down!"I love that story, because it shows how ignorant people can be. And also because I love tortoises." - Author: Jonathan Safran Foer

Quotes About Pushing Through Stress

"Heres what I learned about life when we were going through that. Were all human and mortal. Were all going to suffer and die. But its how we are with each other during those times that proves Gods here with us." He turned his hand over in mine and entwined our fingers. "He comes in through people. People who love us anyway. They jump right into the chaos with us and try to help us make sense of it. Thats what mercy is…its choosing to help, or forgive, or love even when it goes against all logic." - Author: Laura Anderson Kurk

Quotes About Oblivious

"He was discomfited to see how easily men (and women as well) stepped from the train to station platform, from platform to train – with ease, with levity, laughing and talking and greeting each other as though oblivious to the abrupt geographical shifts they were making, and disrespectful of the distance and differences they entered. Many were hatless, their clothes brightly colored. The cases they carried appeared, from the way they handled them, to be feather-light." - Author: Carol Shields

Quotes About Disrespect To Parents

"A child who is allowed to be disrespectful to his parents will not have true respect for anyone." - Author: Billy Graham

Quotes About Chicken

"But I aint puttin it in de street. Ahm tellin you.Ah jus lak uh chicken. Chicken drink water, but he dont pee-pee." - Author: Zora Neale Hurston