[I Love A Lot Of The New York Bands, But Patti Smith Stands Out. I Just Read 'Just Kids' And It's An Inspirational, Well-written Account Of An Emerging New York Artist In The Late Seventies.]

Author: James Iha Quotes

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Honore De Balzac Quotes

"Of necessity she went further in aversion than she had gone in love, for her hatred was not in proportion to her love but to her disappointed hopes."

Stewart Alsop Quotes

"Bill, The United States is not a company. It is a country."

Jerry Kleczka Quotes

"Theres never any ability to plan a personal life."

Ramani Durvasula Quotes

"Breaking childhood teachings is never easy, and in essence, they are like white noise that can sometimes stop us from listening to ourselves, or having to listen to ourselves."

David Watson Quotes

"We should be cautiously open to the spiritual and non-rational, and skeptical of the more invisible magical thinking—what we might call "magical reason"—pervading secular thought and experience in modern society. Science and technology are for most people a new religion, and their orthodoxies are believed with the same fervor."

Marie Forleo Quotes

"The secret to finding your passion is to bring it to everything you do. --Marie Forleo (Yes, even doing the laundry!)"

Alain Bombard Quotes

"I had fought on behalf of man against the sea, but I realised that it had become more urgent to fight on behalf of the sea against men."

Connor George Serbin Quotes

"Just be happy that it is what it is and not what it could be because after all, it could always be worse"

EH Majaw Quotes

"If you have the courage to love, then you should have the courage to suffer, too."

Stanley Hauerwas Quotes

"The lives of the saints are the hermeneutical key to Scripture."

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Quotes About Atmosphere Death

"..."the waiting-room atmosphere in which death was the delayed train..." - Author: Edward St. Aubyn

Quotes About Micum

"Come on, Seregil, lets show him how its done.""Im busy," replied Seregil, working on a tricky bit of fingering.Moving to stand over him, Micum groweled, "Put away that twopenny toy, you tit-sucking coistril, and show me the length of your blade!"Seregil laid his harp aside with a sigh. "Dear me, that sounds rather like a challenge-"Lunging swiftly past Micum, he sprang to his feet and drew his sword, then swung a flat-bladed attack at Micums forearm." - Author: Lynn Flewelling

Quotes About Pizza Rolls

"When I come to Chicago, I gorge myself. I get off the plane and start with Gene and Judes for two hot dogs with everything, swing by The Fudge Pot for a taffy apple and a turtle, chocolate clusters at Sarahs Pastries and Candies and steak at Smith and Wollensky. I find time for Ginos pizza within the next 12 hours." - Author: James Belushi

Quotes About Lexicons

"We open our mouths and out flow words whose ancestries we do not even know. We are walking lexicons. In a single sentence of idle chatter we preserve Latin, Anglo-Saxon, Norse; we carry a museum inside our heads, each day we commemorate people of whom we have never heard. More than that, we speak volumes – our language is the language of everything we have read. Shakespeare and the Authorised Version surface in supermarkets, on buses, chatter on radio and television. I find this miraculous. I never cease to wonder at it. That words are more durable than anything, that they blow with the wind, hibernate and reawaken, shelter parasitic on the most unlikely hosts, survive and survive and survive." - Author: Penelope Lively

Quotes About Child Learning

"I control the world so long as I can name it. Which is why children must chase language before they do anything else, tame the wilderness by describing it, challenge God by learning His hundred names." - Author: Penelope Lively

Quotes About Your Life Turning Around

"I hate it, all of this," I screamed, my voice breaking. "I even hate him, even him." A huge sob came up from my chest.And I did, right then. I hated you for everything; for making me feel so helpless everywhere I went, for making me lose control. I hated you for all the emotions in my head, for the confusion... for the way I was suddenly doubting everything. I hated you for turning my life upside down and then smashing it into shards. I hated you for making me stand with a whirring fan in my hand, screaming at my mum. But I hated you for something else, too. Right then, and at every moment since youd left me, all I could think about was you. I wanted you in that apartment. I wanted your arms around me, your face close to mine. I wanted your smell. And I knew I couldnt-shouldnt-have it. Thats what I hated most. The uncertainty of you. Youd kidnapped me, put my life in danger... but I loved you, too. Or thought I did. None of it made sense." - Author: Lucy Christopher

Quotes About Praise And Encouragement

"In ones relationship with dogs and with a newsroom, a generous amount of praise and encouragement goes much better than criticism." - Author: Jill Abramson

Quotes About Senyum

"tidak banyak tahu, tentang aku dan hujandi setiap tetesnya luruh jatuh menunuju bumidi setiap bulirnya menyentuh tanahdi setiap rinainya menerepa wajah kutitip segenggam rindukulirih sejuta pintakupanjat doa dalam harapkusemoga senyummu selalu merekah walau berselimut lelap" - Author: majdy

Quotes About Our Own Reflection

"We are contemporary citizens living in a technological world. Swimming in crosscultural waters can be dangerous, and if you are honest you cant stay there very long. Sooner or later you have to look at your own reflection and decide what to do with yourself.We are urban people. We make periodic pilgrimages to the country. . . . If we align ourselves with the spirit of place we will find humility fused with joy.The land holds stories." - Author: Terry Tempest Williams

Quotes About Free Lunch

"The small businessman is smart; he realizes theres no free lunch. On the other hand, he knows where to go to get a good inexpensive sandwich." - Author: Adam Osborne