[I Love Doing Impersonations Of People.]

Author: Benedict Cumberbatch Quotes

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James Callis Quotes

"I think the level of devotion some sci-fi fans display turns other people off."

Jack Kilby Quotes

"Theyre very strong in memory. Didnt do very much in microprocessors or digital signal processing."

Jean Baptiste Dumas Quotes

"In chemistry, our theories are crutches; to show that they are valid, they must be used to walk... A theory established with the help of twenty facts must explain thirty, and lead to the discovery of ten more."

Lorenzo De Medici Quotes

"I wish that death had spared me until your library had been complete."

H E Davey Quotes

"No art takes places without inspiration. Every artist also needs effective knowledge of his or her tools (e.g., does a certain brush function well with a particular kind of paint?). Whats more, artists need effective techniques for using those tools.Likewise, to express ourselves skillfully with maximum efficiency and minimum effort, we need to investigate the most effective ways of using the mind and body since, in the end, they are the only "tools" we truly possess in life."

Linda Stasi Quotes

"The word may be mightier than the sword, but except for the s they are pretty much the same. Both are used to kill--and to save."

Kano Quotes

"London, London, London town,You can toughen up or get thrown around."

Marai Sandor Quotes

"A páter emléke mérték volt számára, emberi törvény, íratlan lehetősége jónak és rossznak, mely egyszer, egy emberben, kifejezte magát."

KC King Quotes

"Infallible perception was definitely a downside of dating a Scion."

Coby Bell Quotes

"Ive done a lot of drama in my career, but Im actually more comfortable doing comedy."

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Quotes About Bargaining

"How can one bargain for anything that is worth while? And what else is worth bargaining for?" - Author: Charles Williams

Quotes About Decline Of Humanity

"History was always the subject that I loved the most, and I felt it gave me the deepest sense of our humanity and who we are and where were going." - Author: Julia Bacha

Quotes About Nomination

"Another glorious feature of many modern science museums is a movie theater showing IMAX or OMNIMAX films. In some cases the screen is ten stories tall and wraps around you. The Smithsonians National Air & Space Museu, the popular museum on Earth, has premiered in its Langley Theater some of the best of these films. To Fly brings a catch to my throat even after five or six viewings. Ive seen religious leaders of many denominations witness Blue Planet and be converted on the spot to the need to protect the Earths environment" - Author: Carl Sagan

Quotes About Significant Experiences

"Stone: Yes, we are everything, every experience weve ever had, and in some of us, a lot of it translates and makes patterns, poems. But, my God, we dont even began to touch upon it. Theres an enormous amount, but we can touch such a little.Interviewer: Thats true, just a very small portion.Stone: Very small. I think thats one of the things that our minds do; they sort out, somehow, often, and make patterns of significant things to us. And I think our minds do that for us in the dark, and then they offer them back in poems. I think your mind makes up your poem before you get it. You know, you receive the poem from your mind, you know you do. It takes a multitude of experiences, and all this language, and all this sound, and puts it together in these patterns that are significant to you and gives it back to you." - Author: Ruth Stone

Quotes About The Future Love

"She passed these years in a distant corner of her mind. A dry, barren field, out beyond wish and lament, beyond dream and disillusionment. There, the future did not matter. And the past held only this wisdom: that love was a damaging mistake, and it accomplice, hope, a treacherous illusion." - Author: Khaled Hosseini

Quotes About Theory Of Life

"A billion and a half human souls, who had been given the techniques of music and the graphic arts, and the theory of technology, now had the others: philosophy and logic and love; sympathy, empathy, forbearance, unity, in the idea of their species rather than in their obedience; membership in harmony with all life everywhere.A people with such feelings and their derived skills cannot be slaves. As the light burst upon them, there was only one concentration possible to each of them—to be free, and the accomplished feeling of being free. As each found it, he was an expert in freedom, and expert succeeded expert, transcended expert, until (in a moment) a billion and a half human souls had no greater skill than the talent of freedom." - Author: Theodore Sturgeon

Quotes About Being Loyal To Your Boyfriend

"You do not see the river of mourning because it lacks one tear of your own." - Author: Antonio Porchia

Quotes About Filial Duty

"Back then, things were plainer: less money, no electronic devices, little fashion tyranny, no girlfriends. There was nothing to distract us from our human and filial duty which was to study, pass exams, use those qualifications to find a job, and then put together a way of life unthreateningly fuller than that of our parents, who would approve, while privately comparing it to their own earlier lives, which had been simpler, and therefore superior." - Author: Julian Barnes

Quotes About Tending To Your Own Business

"Cade hiked his shoulders, pretending nonchalance. "Tell me about the vampire, or not, dove. But none of us really wants to be here.""Ill tell you," Nïx said, her gaze rapt on his horns. "But only if you let me lick your rock-hard horns—""Nïx!" Regins attention snapped back to this conversation.Eyes wide, Nïx cried, "Who said that?? I didnt say that! Oh, very well—the vampires named Conrad Wroth. Best be careful with that one. He single-handedly took down Bothrops the Lich.""That was Wroth?" Hed heard of the assassin before. Cade grudgingly admitted that the leech did nice work, dealing deaths with a unique, gruesome signature to them. Which was important in their line of business. "Where is he?""To find him, you need to trail the one who seeks him in sleep.""Soothsayerese? I dont speak it," he said, but she didnt elaborate. "Thats all youre going to divvy?""Wanna know more?" Nïx raised her brows. "Then you should have let me lick your horns." - Author: Kresley Cole

Quotes About Absent Mindedness

"Marylou was watching Dean as she had watched him clear across the country and back, out of the corner of her eye--with a sullen, sad air, as though she wanted to cut off his head and hide it in her closet, an envious and rueful love of him so amazingly himself, all raging and sniffy and crazy-wayed, a smile of tender dotage but also sinister envy that frightened me about her, a love she knew would never bear fruit because when she looked at his hangjawed bony face with its male self-containment and absentmindedness she knew he was too mad." - Author: Jack Kerouac