[I Love My Beauty. It's Not My Fault.]

Author: Valentino Garavani Quotes

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Ravi Trivedi Quotes

"Neither apology nor kindness can demolish the wall of hatred when built, by choice, on a base of self-centeredness & from the bricks of ego!"

Hugh Bonneville Quotes

"Everyone at some point in their lives feels excluded and misunderstood."

Juan Mascaro Quotes

"This is the great adventure and the great discovery. No one can do it for us. Until we have reached the top of the mountain we cannot see in full glory the view that lies beyond; but glimpses of light illumine our path to the mountain."

Awatef A Quotes

"Unconditional conditions are sometimes conditioned to conditionally exist."

Henry Newbolt Quotes

"To set the cause above renown."

Julie Tetel Andresen Quotes

"A good part of the physical attraction [between the hero and heroine of a romance novel] comes to life during these exchanges as well, since language creates a meeting of the minds. I have long thought that these lines of dialogue carve out the lines of the central love relationship. The dialogue between the hero and heroine creates the central shape of the story. It is the verbal sculpture."

David H Keller Quotes

"All space is relative. There is no such thing as size. The telescope and the microscope have produced a deadly leveling of great and small, far and near. The only little thing is sin, theonly great thing is fear! ("The Jelly-Fish")"

Cole Swensen Quotes

"Or a ghost is a knot in the otherwise smooth flow of time, an electrical storm in a jewelry box, grief perfectly aligned. And sometimes a ghost is a shared thing; sometimes the entire population of a city or country will just happen to look in the mirror at the same time, and from then on there was a city in the sky, as all cities are if we consider that the sky reaches to the ground, and this city, too, thought it was alive, and the candles walked off by themselves."

Robin Sikarwar Quotes

"sleep is such a luxury, which i cant afford."

Ryokan Quotes

"In this world of dreams, drifting off still more; and once again speaking and dreaming of dreams. Just let it be."

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"Living life ONCE is enough...if you live life RIGHT." - Author: John Paul Warren

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"I came very close to quitting my job for the Bush-Cheney 04 campaign. I seriously considered packing up my office and heading home to Colorado." - Author: Mary Cheney

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"He weighs the volume in his hand; this one has been the center of the whirlwind. Then DRUMMOND notices the Bible on the JUDGEs bench. He picks up the Bible in his other hand; he looks from one volume to the other, balancing them thoughtfully, as if his hands were scales. He half-smiles, half-shrugs. Then DRUMMOND slaps the two books together and jams them in his brief case, side by side. Slowly, he climbs to the street level and crosses the empty square." - Author: Jerome Lawrence

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Quotes About Monastic Life

"The curse should no longer rest upon the world itself, but upon that which is sinful in it, and instead of monastic flight from the world the duty is now emphasized of serving God in the world, in every position in life." - Author: Abraham Kuyper

Quotes About Having Little Sisters

"Im living by example by continuing on with my career and having a full, rich life, and I am incidentally gay." - Author: Portia de Rossi

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"In some of the countries where we operate, there is a tradition of corruption, in which the political elites work with business in the framework of unsavory relationships." - Author: Lee R. Raymond

Quotes About Sorrows And Pain

"Other peoples sorrows and joys have a way of reminding us of our own; we partly emphasize with them because we ask ourselves: What about me? What does this say about my life, my pains, my anguish?" - Author: Azar Nafisi