[I Love You" He Says."That Means Nothing From You.Have It Have It You Say:how?will You Marry Me?""I'd Love To""You'd Love To Do Any Thing.What About Your Wife?What About The Boy You Already Have?""I Don't Know""Will You Divorce Her?No,you Love Being Married To Her Too....You Love Being Married To Everybody....What Can You Make Up Your Mind What You Want To Do?""I Can't...I Don't Know""How Would You Support Me?How Many Wives Can You Support?Your Jobs Are A Joke....You Aren't Worth Hiring...may Be Once You Could Play Basketball....but You Can't Do Anything Now!!!What The Hell Do You Think The World Is?""please Have The Baby"he Says "you Got To Have It""Why?why Do You Care""I Don't Know..I Don't Know Any Of These Answers..All I Know Is What Feels Right,You Feel Right To Me....Sometimes Janice Used To,Sometimes Nothing Does]

Author: John Updike Quotes

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Elizabeth Kerner Quotes

"What good I thought I could do, all alone, against thousands of years of mistrust and the power of a Demonlord, I cannot now imagine: but such are the dreams of youth, too gloriously stupid to realise what cannot be done. And without those dreams, how should we ever accomplish the impossible?"

Martin Heinrich Klaproth Quotes

"[Pechblende] einer eigenthümlichen, selbstständigen metallischen Substanz bestehe. Es fallen folglich auch deren bisherige Benennungen, als: Ресhblende Eisenpecherz, hinweg, welche nun durch einen neuen ausschliessend bezeichnenden Namen zu ersetzen sind. Ich habe dazu den Namen: Uranerz (Uranium) erwählt; zu einigem Andenken, dass die chemische Ausfindung dieses neuen Metallkörpers in die Epoche der astronomischen. Entdeckung des Planeten Uranus gefallen sei.[Pitchblende] consists of a peculiar, distinct, metallic substance. Therefore its former denominations, pitch-blende, pitch-iron-ore, &c. are no longer applicable, and must be supplied by another more appropriate name.—I have chosen that of uranite, (Uranium), as a kind of memorial, that the chemical discovery of this new metal happened in the period of the astronomical discovery of the new planet Uranus."

BR Myers Quotes

"But farm workers kill animals because they can support their families by doing so, whereas we order the killing for reasons that have never been more frivolous, now that meat is no longer considered necessary for ones health, and soy products can replicate to an uncanny degree the experience of eating it. I know, "Its just not the same" — but as with the child molester, who probably thinks those very words when he rolls off his wife, the nonviolent pleasure is surely close enough to the violent one to make an insistence on the latter even more monstrous. Has any generation in history ever been so ready to cause so much suffering for such a trivial advantage? We deaden our consciences to enjoy—for a few minutes a day—the taste of blood, the feel of our teeth meeting through muscle. Its enough, as Balzac would say, to disgust a sow."

Michael Scott Quotes

"But what science cannot understand, it dismisses."

Ed Wood Quotes

"Really? Worst film you ever saw. Well, my next one will be better. Hello. Hello."

Sue Parker Hall Quotes

"If the heartbeat is a vital sign of physical health, anger is the vital sign of emotional health. Anger protects the self in all relationships. It is rage that is damaging."

Bruce Schneier Quotes

"I am regularly asked what the average Internet user can do to ensure his security. My first answer is usually Nothing; youre screwed."

Mario Cantone Quotes

"Who do you think I am, Pete Rose? I dont bet. I come from a long line of compulsive gamblers. Gambling scares me."

Neil Gaiman Born 1960 Quotes

"I hope that in this year to come, you make mistakes. Because if you are making mistakes, then you are making new things, trying new things, learning, living, pushing yourself, changing yourself, changing your world. Youre doing things youve never done before, and more importantly, youre doing something. So thats my wish for you, and all of us, and my wish for myself. Make new mistakes. Make glorious, amazing mistakes. Make mistakes nobodys ever made before. Dont freeze, dont stop, dont worry that it isnt good enough, or it isnt perfect, whatever it is: art, or love, or work or family or life. Whatever it is youre scared of doing, do it. Make your mistakes, next year and forever."

Ethan Allen Quotes

"In those parts of the world where learning and science has prevailed, miracles have ceased; but in those parts of it as are barbarous and ignorant, miracles are still in vogue."

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"I dont say it and I dont think it. Its their affair and let them eat it with their bread; whether or not they were lovers, theyve already made their accounting with God. I tend to my vines, its their business, not mine; I dont stick my nose in; if you buy and lie, your purse wants to know why. Besides, naked I was born, and naked Ill die: I dont lose or gain a thing; whatever they were, its all the same to me. And many folks think theres bacon when theres not even a hook to hang it on. But who can put doors on a field? Let them say what they please, I dont care." - Author: Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra

Quotes About Laudanum

"He couldnt have eaten that horrid soup!""He did,and he even pretended to like it.""Pretended?""No one could have liked that meal." She wrinkled her nose. "Mary was mortified.""Mary can be mortified all she wishes; we cant have MacLean da-"Sophia slipped the spoon into his mouth and dumped the contents.Red choked, his face contorting, and he looked around wildly."Do not spit that out."He glared at her, and after what appeared and sounded like a heroic effort, he swallowed the laudanum. "Blech! There! I hope yere happy!" He grabbed up a hand cloth and began rubbing his tongue vigorously. She calmly replaced the spoon and recorked the bottle. "As I was saying, MacLean swore that he liked every dish at dinner, even the turnips. They were so hard it almost broke my knife to cut one.""Hm.Thats very odd,it is." - Author: Karen Hawkins

Quotes About Law Enforcement Officers

"In my public service, I treasure my friendship with law enforcement officers. I admire what they do and support them in every aspect of their job. I have always looked upon law enforcement officers as my friends." - Author: Dirk Kempthorne

Quotes About Atman

"For me, Batman is the one that can most clearly be taken seriously. Hes not from another planet, or filled with radioactive gunk. I mean, Superman is essentially a god, but Batman is more like Hercules: hes a human being, very flawed, and bridges the divide." - Author: Christopher Nolan

Quotes About Morbid Obesity

"and graze ourselves up to a nice level of morbid obesity." - Author: Dan John

Quotes About Arron

"-¿Qué dice usted?- se apresuró a decir Derossi-.Para mí Garrone será siempre Garrone; Precossi, siempre Precossi, y los demás lo mismo, aunque llegase a emperador de Rusia. Donde estén ellos iré yo." - Author: Edmundo de Amicis

Quotes About Ignorant Masses

"The inquiry has often been made of us in the course of our history, why we do not contradict such and such statements, "Why do you not confute this or that?" "Why do you not enlighten the people in regard to certain statements which are urged against you, and disabuse the public mind?" . . . As for offering refutations to charges made against us, it would be impossible to keep pace with the thousands of freshly invented falsehoods that the powers spiritual and the powers temporal would produce to feed the credulity of the ignorant masses. Bunyan says that it requires a legion of devils to watch one Christian; it would require a legion of refutations to keep pace with one infernal liar, therefore we say, "lie on, falsify every thing you want to falsify, and say what you please; there is a God in Israel, and if you have not yet learned it, you will learn it."[JD10:105, 109]" - Author: Brigham Young

Quotes About Finishing Successfully

"I think any good government will target on the finishing date, that is, the polling day and make sure that their strategy is strong and in place to get them successfully re-elected." - Author: Alexander Downer

Quotes About Drinking Buddies

"Those unexpected morality lessons provided by the trip had jolted me into some kind of action. It was time to jettison the past before the present jettisoned me. This was my first veiled attempt at recovery. Although perhaps I was just running away again. I returned to Glasgow, planning to say a final goodbye to Anne and get out of her life, but ended up drinking with buddies in the Chip Bar and never seeing her. I called her instead to say I was moving to London and told her she could have the house and everything else we owned, which wasnt much. I think she was as relieved as I was that I was leaving town for good." - Author: Craig Ferguson

Quotes About Hard To Handle

"Most people define themselves by their work, or where they come from, or suchlike; we had lived too far inside our heads. It makes actuality damn hard to handle." - Author: Salman Rushdie