[I Loved New York. I Made Enough Money And Studied Acting With Kenneth McMillan, Which Was My First Formal Training.]

Author: June Squibb Quotes

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Martin C Smith Quotes

"The fact is that I loved being in England."

Mark Driscoll Quotes

"Part of the fruit of the Spirit is self-control. Once you get married, however, a good defense is frequency and freedom."

Rae Armantrout Quotes

"SimpleComplex systems can arisefrom simple rules.Its notthat we want to survive,its that weve been druggedand made to actas if we dowhile all the whilethe sea breaksand rolls, painlessly, under.If were not copying it,were lonely.Is this the knowledgethat demands to bepassed down?Time is made from swatchesof heaven and hell.If were not killing it,were hungry."

Caroline Corr Quotes

"Its been crazy trying to tour with a baby. But its actually working out okay."

Gene Scott Quotes

"The human element should be the two players on the court, not the officials. The best officials are the ones you never notice. The nature of the game made officials too noticeable a part."

Samarpan Quotes

"Wahre Liebe ist nicht, wenn eine Person eine andere Person liebt. Liebe ist einfach. Liebe ist, wer wir sind."

Portia De Rossi Quotes

"Restriction generates yearning. You want what you cannot have."

Ray Mathews Quotes

"Some days are better than other daysA good day is getting 10 royalties and 10 great reviews"

Liv Arnesen Quotes

"I know many people who believe in God, and I expected to find Him on my way to the South Pole if he exists. My religious experiences were very different however, [only] involving myself, nature and the universe."

Caroline Blackwood Quotes

"Aunt Lavinia always had a near-religious belief that it was wicked to inflict ones personal despair on others. Any display of self-pity or self-dissatisfaction she saw as a social cruelty that was very nearly criminal."

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Quotes About Resistance And Freedom

"That I discovered the deed that intends me, that, this movement of my freedom, reveals the mystery to me. But this, too, that I cannot accomplish it the way I intended it, this resistance also reveals the mystery to me. He that forgets all being caused as he decides from the depths, he that puts aside possessions and cloak and steps bare before the countenance--this free human being encounters fate as the counter-image of his freedom. It is not his limit but his completion; freedom and fate embrace each other to form meaning; and given meaning, fate--with its eyes, hitherto severe, suddenly full of light--looks like grace itself." - Author: Martin Buber

Quotes About Cubism Art

"The surrealists, and the modern movement in painting as a whole, seemed to offer a key to the strange postwar world with its threat of nuclear war. The dislocations and ambiguities, in cubism and abstract art as well as the surrealists, reminded me of my childhood in Shanghai." - Author: J. G. Ballard

Quotes About Organizer

"The abiding western dominology can with religion sanction identify anything dark, profound, or fluid with a revolting chaos, an evil to be mastered, a nothing to be ignored. God had made us master organizers of the world to establish system where chaos reigns. He has made us adept in government that we may administer government among savages and senile peoples. From the vantage point of the colonizing episteme, the evil is always disorder rather than unjust order; anarchy rather than control, darkness rather than pallor. To plead otherwise is to write carte blanche for chaos. Yet those who wear the mark of chaos, the skins of darkness, the genders of unspeakable openings -- those Others of Order keep finding voice. But they continue to be muted by the bellowing of the dominant discourse." - Author: Catherine Keller

Quotes About Words Hurts

"Dont make me out to be something worth saving. We both know Im a waste." His voice was so quiet. "I wish I was better at telling you why you have to stay here. I wish I could put into words the part of my heart that has your name written on it. That part hurts right now. You have to be here. You love life too much. Youre so important. I wish I could make you understand this." He tried to smile at her valiant efforts. "I would keep you if I could. You can sleep here, right on this couch. Beckett, I will let you hold this baby when it comes." She touched her stomach. "Does that tell you how much you mean to me? Its the only thing I can come up with." He shrugged. "Mouse would be disappointed. Hed feel like he didnt do his job if you died…Eve loves you. Wherever she is—in this strip club—is that what youve been wishing for?" Beckett shook his head. "No, right? She loves you. You cant kill someone she loves. You just cant." - Author: Debra Anastasia

Quotes About Being Structured

"Poetry leads us to the unstructured sources of our beings, to the unknown, and returns us to our rational, structured selves refreshed." - Author: A. R. Ammons

Quotes About Desespero

"Mas ela sabia, lá no fundo ela sabia. Ela tinha sido um recipiente onde o rei tinha despejado a sua angústia e o seu desespero. Estando tão vazia, ela deixara-se encher pelo negrume dele. Para ele, a criança que dava pontapés e que sonhava dentro dela não era mais do que uma semente que ele tinha plantado por engano, uma erva daninha que tinha de ser arrancada" - Author: Robyn Young

Quotes About Good Essays

"Your essays spoke of beauty, of love, of light and darkness, of joy and sorrow, and of the goodness of life. They were wonderful compositions. I have seldom read any that have touched me more.To thank you and your teacher Mrs. Ellis, I am sending you what I think is one of the most beautiful and miraculous things in the world—an egg. I have a goose named Felicity and she lays about forty eggs every spring. It takes her almost three months to accomplish this. Each egg is a perfect thing. I am mailing you one of Felicitys eggs. The insides have been removed—blown out—so the egg should last forever. I hope you will enjoy seeing this great egg and loving it. Thank you for sending me your essays about being somebody. I was pleased that so many of you felt the beauty and goodness of the world. If we feel that when we are young, then there is great hope for us when we grow older." - Author: E.B. White

Quotes About What Would I Do Without You

"So what did Jes say? I asked again, when my brain felt a bit less scrambled.He said I should take good care of you.Thats all?Mal cleared his throat. And . . . he said he would pray to the God of Work to heal your affliction.My what?I many have told him that you have a goiter.I stumbled. I beg your pardon?Well, I had to explain why you were always clinging to that scarf.I dropped my hand. Id been doing it again without even realizing.So you told him I had a goiter? I whispered incredulously.I had to say something. And it makes you quite a tragic figure. Pretty girl, giant growth, you know.I punched him hard in the arm.Ow! Hey, in some countries, goiters are considered very fashionable.Do they like eunuchs, too? Because I can arrange that.So bloodthirsty!My goiter makes me cranky." - Author: Leigh Bardugo

Quotes About Augustus Gloop

"That pipe, just so happens to lead to the room where I make the most delicious flavored chocolate covered fudge."Then he will be made into strawberry flavoered chocolate covered fudge, theyll be selling him by the pound, all over the world!"No, I wouldnt allow it. The taste would be terrible. Can you imagine Augustus flavored chocolate covered gloop? Ew. No one would buy it." - Author: Johnny Depp

Quotes About Not Frowning

"Im not moping. (Ewan)Oh, forgive me. See, where I come from an upside-down smile means youre frowning, and if youre frowning while withdrawn from everyone and everything, it means youre moping. I guess here in your cave, the world is backward and a frown means youre happy. (Nora)" - Author: Kinley MacGregor