[I Make Photographs And Still Make Photographs Of The Natural Environment. It's A Love Because That Was Part Of My Life Before I Was Involved In Photography.]

Author: John Sexton Quotes

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Martyn Stanley Quotes

"Interesting Avil, the priests and the acolytes of the various religions and temples of Torea build their whole lives on a lie. At first, as children they believe it. Maybe as they grow older and more wise they see the absurdness of their beliefs, but by that time they have invested time and emotional energy into those beliefs, then seeing them crumble and fall apart would be too hard for them to bear. So the protect the lie, they shore it up with more lies and they ebb out their short lives, knowing what they preach is untrue, but preaching it all the same... Almost as if preaching it hard enough will make it true... Are they trying to convince their congregation? Or themselves? You are wiser than you look Avil."~Brael Truthseeker of House KrazicDeathsworn Arc 2 : The Verkreath Horror"

Brendan Francis Brown Quotes

"People who ask our advice almost never take it. Yet we should never refuse to give it, upon request, for it often helps us to see our own way more clearly."

FW Dupee Quotes

"Progress always involves risk; you cant steal second base and keep your foot on first."

Khalid Muhammad Quotes

"We are equal partners. You dont get to stand around and mean well. Get off your butt and do exactly what we tell you."

Charles Coulson Quotes

"One is almost tempted to say... at last I can almost see a bond. But that will never be, for a bond does not really exist at all: it is a most convenient fiction which, as we have seen, is convenient both to experimental and theoretical chemists."

Maggi Richard Quotes

"Two words. Three vowels. Four constenants. Seven letters. It can either cut you open to the core and leave you in ungodly pain or it can free your soul and lift a tremendous weight off you shoulders. The phrase is: Its over."

Joe Coomer Quotes

"Ive come to the end of another book alive. At times like this Im always at a loss for words."

Karl Malone Quotes

"Sometimes, you follow your dreams. I say to the young people, If you have a dream, chase it."

JL Sheppard Quotes

"Ill never turn her away, Clyde. Shes my mate. Ill protect her till my dying breath. Ill even swallow my pride and ask a favor as momentous as the one I just asked of a man who has done nothing but try to drive a wedge between her and myself."

Kevin Dalton Faubush Hill Quotes

"Put some fiddle in the middle, itll make it better. Warm your heart like an old love letter. Make you feel like the day you met her."

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Quotes About Sinceridad

"—Ash —dijo, su voz entusiasta—, ¿puedes hacer algo por mí?—Cualquier cosa, Sota. Dilo y es tuyo.—Hazme hermosa.El giró su rostro hacia él y le dio un beso en los labios que prendió fuego a su sangre.Retirándose él le sonrió.—Ya está. Eres la mujer más bella del mundo.Tory se giró hacia el espejo, muriéndose por ver como lucía.Cuando se vio a sí misma, frunció el ceño.No había cambiado.—¡Ash!—¿Qué? — le pregunto inocentemente, tirando de su espalda contra su pecho a fin de quepueda mirarla en el espejo.—No hiciste nada.Su mirada se encontró con la suya y la sinceridad en esos remolinantes ojos de plata laquemaron.—Tú eres la mujer más bella del mundo, Soteria. Esta es la mujer de la que me enamoré y nohay nada acerca de ti que yo cambiaría.Recostándose sobre él, se inclinó para tocar su mejilla.—¿De verdad?—Por supuesto. Y espero que algún día, tengamos una casa llena de niños que luzcan comotú." - Author: Sherrilyn Kenyon

Quotes About China Cups

"On the delivery plate of the Nutri-Matic Drink Synthesizer was a small tray, on which say three bone china cups and saucers, a bone china jug of milk, a silver teapot full of the best tea Arthur had ever tasted and a small printed note saying "Wait." - Author: Douglas Adams

Quotes About Hindsight And Foresight

"To fulfill your vision, you must have hindsight, insight and foresight." - Author: Ifeanyi Enoch Onuoha

Quotes About Focusing On One Person

"Yet, even focusing on this present life, disciples often queried the Buddha as to who is responsible for the habits, sufferings, and pleasures we experience. In reply, he refused to say that they are caused by a past actor with whom we have no more connection. One cannot categorically separate the "I" who experiences the result from the "I" who set it in motion; for they are not discontinuous. Yet neither are they the same. One cannot say that "one and the same person both acts and experiences the result," for the person is different, altered. There is a continuity, but it is not the continuity of an agent as a distinct and enduring being. The continuity resides in the acts themselves that condition consciousness and feelings in dependent co-arising. It inheres in the reflexive dynamics of action, shaping that which brought it forth." - Author: Joanna Macy

Quotes About Doing Instead Of Talking

"I dont mean to be arrogant and I really appreciate my fans but talking about what I am doing is not something Im good at. I do what I do and thats it. I want to get back to my work and do more of it instead of talking about it." - Author: Henry Rollins

Quotes About That Night

"Since that night I have come to understand that sometimes the best families of all are those we create ourselves, the people we choose to be with." - Author: Silas House

Quotes About Savjest

"Mislim da samo veliki ljudi mogu osjećati veliku tugu, da su patnja i tuga bezuvjetno povezani sa širinom savjesti, čistotom duše, dubinom srca." - Author: Nura Bazdulj Hubijar

Quotes About Happiness In The Family

"He saw the cause of his unhappiness in the family--the family as a social institution, which does not permit the child to become an independent individual at the proper time." - Author: August Strindberg

Quotes About Unbelieving

"... no sensitive Christian can be satisfied with a distinction between righteousness and unrighteousness drawn only between communities, with each individual belonging unambiguously on one or the other side of the line. The behavior of "the righteous" is often very disappointing, while "the unrighteous" regularly perform in a manner that is much better than our theology might lead us to expect of them. Thus the need for a perspective that allows for both a rather slow process of sanctification in the Christian life and some sort of divine restraint on the power of sin in the unbelieving community. These theological adjustments to a religious perspective that might otherwise betray strong Manichean tones provide us with yet another reason for openness to a broad-ranging dialogue: Christians have good grounds for believing that their own weakness can be corrected by encountering the strengths of others." - Author: Richard J. Mouw

Quotes About Ikea Furniture

"I can follow pretty much every programming language out there, I can make a two-hundred-year-old diary out of some really nasty ingredients, I can even make sense out of the instruction booklets that come with IKEA furniture, but I can*not* make heads or tails of this nonsense right here." - Author: Keith R.A. DeCandido