[I Mean, What Is Racism? Racism Is A Projection Of Our Own Fears Onto Another Person. What Is Sexism? It's Our Own Vulnerability About Our Potency And Masculinity Projected As Our Need To Subjugate Another Person, You Know? Fascism, The Same Thing: People Are Trying To Untidy Our State, So I Legislate As A Way Of Controlling My Environment.]

Author: Gary Ross Quotes

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Jean Fritz Quotes

"Only when a book is written out of passion is there much hope of its being read with passion."

Troy Rawlings Quotes

"Pull the trigger."

Steve Keen Quotes

"...If you look at mainstream economics there are three things you will not find in a mainstream economic model - Banks, Debt, and Money. How anybody can think they can analyze capital while leaving out Banks, Debt, and Money is a bit to me like an ornithologist trying to work out how a bird flies whilst ignoring that the bird has wings..."

George Ella Lyon Quotes

"I just know when I quit looking to other people for directions, I found my own map."

Patrick McGoohan Quotes

"It was a place that is trying to destroy the individual by every means possible; trying to break his spirit, so that he accepts that he is No. 6 and will live there happily as No. 6 for ever after. And this is the one rebel that they cant break."

John Turner Quotes

"Substantive and procedural law benefits and protects landlords over tenants, creditors over debtors, lenders over borrowers, and the poor are seldom among the favored parties."

William Shakespeare Quotes

"We, ignorant of ourselves,Beg often our own harms, which the wise powersDeny us for our good; so find we profitBy losing of our prayers."

RS Novelle Quotes

"May you one day find the place where your dreams and reality collide."

Maggie Osborne Quotes

"His mouth came down on hers hard and hot and deliberate. His kiss was so unexpected that Freddy went limp in his arms with shock. She didnt fight or protest, couldnt move or breathe. No one had ever kissed her like this, selfishly, unemotionally, taking with no thought of giving. This kiss was hungry, domineering, something that seared and scorched physically and left her mind reeling."

Seldon Edwards Quotes

"He said that the principal function of music was to organize the details into harmonies that were intended to make us forget that there was randomness all around us. The same, he said, could be said for great books."

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"The pure connecting factor is that those of us who describe ourselves as feminists want equal rights for all people." - Author: Betty Buckley

Quotes About Constituir

"Voy a escribir una mierda", habría de repetirse el escritor antes de empezar a escribir. Las críticas entonces pasarán de largo. En todo caso, el libro constituirá un logro si, en efecto, es una mierda. Y si alguien lo califica así, mejor aún. Los elogios también seguirán su derrotero, inocuos. Pues consciente de que se ha escrito una mierda, no habrá escritor que se los crea." - Author: Eusebio Ruvalcaba

Quotes About Pressure Of Exams

"I could never just play in a pub in front of four people because I would have had all the press turn up. That way, you dont get to build up naturally. It makes the work feel unnatural, and puts a lot of unnatural pressure on you." - Author: Dhani Harrison

Quotes About Kids With Special Needs

"I worked for a while as a teaching assistant while I was struggling. I really enjoyed it, working with kids with special needs, autism. It takes a hell of a lot of concentration, and youve got to focus on the child properly for seven hours a day." - Author: Joseph Mawle

Quotes About Fathering

"Fathering makes a man, whatever his standing in the eyes of the world, feel strong and good and important, just as he makes his child feel loved and valued." - Author: Frank Pittman

Quotes About Tricks And Hoes

"The more I think about myself, the more Im persuaded that, as a person, I really dont exist. That is one of the reasons why I cant believe in any orthodox religion: I cannot believe in my own soul. No, I am a chemical compound, conditioned by environment and education. My "character" is simply a repertoire of acquired tricks, my conversation a repertoire of adaptations and echoes, my "feelings" are dictated by purely physical, external stimuli." - Author: Christopher Isherwood

Quotes About Convincing Love

"First, you must love yourself. And if you do that convincingly enough, others will love you too much." - Author: Chuck Klosterman

Quotes About Snide Comments

"In some ways blowjobs are better than sex because when you have a mouthful of cock you cant make snide comments." - Author: Nenia Campbell

Quotes About Pleasing Your Partner

"I find something repulsive about the idea of vicarious redemption. I would not throw my numberless sins onto a scapegoat and expect them to pass from me; we rightly sneer at the barbaric societies that practice this unpleasantness in its literal form. Theres no moral value in the vicarious gesture anyway. As Thomas Paine pointed out, you may if you wish take on a another mans debt, or even to take his place in prison. That would be self-sacrificing. But you may not assume his actual crimes as if they were your own; for one thing you did not commit them and might have died rather than do so; for another this impossible action would rob him of individual responsibility. So the whole apparatus of absolution and forgiveness strikes me as positively immoral, while the concept of revealed truth degrades the concept of free intelligence by purportedly relieving us of the hard task of working out the ethical principles for ourselves." - Author: Christopher Hitchens

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"I see myself as Kiki de Montparnasse, trying to get Man Rays attention. (Sofia Navarro, 7th July 2012)." - Author: Sofía Navarro