[I Myself Am Not Afraid Of Ghosts; I Am Afraid Of People.]

Author: Emilie Autumn Quotes

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Rosa Luxemburg Quotes

"Being human means throwing your whole life on the scales of destiny when need be, all the while rejoicing in every sunny day and every beautiful cloud."

Elizabeth Drew Quotes

"Democracy, like any non-coercive relationship, rests on a shared understanding of limits."

Shooter Jennings Quotes

"If you are close to your parents or a grandparent, you watch as they get old and you learn so much from that, and it makes you want to learn more while you have time."

Fun Quotes

"Its hard to keep a straight face when I just wanna smile- Fun."

Leslie Mann Quotes

"I like dark humor. My favorite movie of all time is Harold and Maude."

Robert LaSardo Quotes

"Creativity can release you from the limitations that the world has constructed around you; the everyday, mundane, 9-5 jail cell where everybody is waiting for the weekend to party so they can get outside of their head."

Emily Cale Quotes

"Fine, but if and when the zombies team up with the mummies to take over the world, you cant live in my underground bunker."

Janelle Carreon Quotes

"Reward theory. Some people just arent worth your tears."

Adam Bryant Quotes

"People leave companies for two reasons. One, they dont feel appreciated. And two, they dont get along with their boss."

Terry Lovett Quotes

"Sane...Insane, its all a matter of balance. Keeping your sanity is like walking a tightrope across some great abyss. If the slightest thing goes wrong, youll topple off."

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Quotes About Alice

"Mattia pensaba que él y Alice eran eso, dos primos gemelos solos y perdidos, próximos pero nunca juntos." - Author: Paolo Giordano

Quotes About Greed And Pride

"The vice I am talking of is Pride or Self-Conceit: and the virtue opposite to it, in Christian morals, is called Humility...According to Christian teachers, the essential vice, the utmost evil, is Pride. Unchastity, anger, greed, drunkenness, and all that, are mere flea bites in comparison: it was through Pride that the devil became the devil: Pride leads to every other vice: it is the complete anti-God state of mind." - Author: C.S. Lewis

Quotes About Trigon

"It pained him that he did not know well what politics meant and that he did not know where the universe ended. He felt small and weak. When would he be like the fellows in poetry and rhetoric? They had big voices and big boots and they studied trigonometry." - Author: James Joyce

Quotes About Tipping The Scales

"Megan was an old pro at tipping the scales in her favour. "Introduce me to your girlfriend" Megan said, smiling.She knew damn good and well Abby wasnt my girlfriend. HO 101: If the man in your sights is on a date or with a female friend, force him to admit to lack of commitment. Creates insecurity and instability." - Author: Jamie McGuire

Quotes About Blaming God

"You cant blame me. I mean that literally. Youre incapable of blaming me. Youre human. Being human is choosing freedom over imprisonment, autonomy over dependency, liberty over servitude. You cant blame me because you know (come on, man, youve always known) that the idea of spending eternity with nothing to do except praise God is utterly unappealing. Youd be catatonic after an hour. Heavens a swiz because to get in you have to leave yourself outside. You cant blame me because -- now do please be honest with yourself for once -- youd have left, too." - Author: Glen Duncan

Quotes About Causes Of Death

"One of the most deadly causes of destruction of divine destinies is when a leader is failing, but he or she does not know it. Ignorance about your role is a death plot against peoples successes." - Author: Israelmore Ayivor

Quotes About Being Inebriated

"Basie would lie on the mattress and talk endlessly, sometimes drinking from a bottle of Murrees whisky hed bring with him, bought from one of the clandestine bars in Heer where there were locked cages for female drinkers, to prevent them from being sexually assaulted by the inebriated male clientele, as well as to stop the drunk women from killing every man in sight." - Author: Nadeem Aslam

Quotes About Testing Your Character

"Strong moral character results from consistent correct choices in the trials and testing of life. Your faith can guide you to those correct choices." - Author: Richard G. Scott

Quotes About Perlman

"A curiosity: my name, Rem, will someday come to mean a line of text in a language spoken only by machines. Specifically, it will mean a line that the machines can safely ignore--one thats only there as a mnemonic, a placeholder, for the people who give the machines their orders. A REM line might say something like "this bit is a self-contained sub loop" or "Steve Perlman in Marketing is a shit." The program as a whole rolls on past and around the REM lines, ignores them completely as it takes its shape, moves through its pre-ordained sequences, unfolds its wonders. My mother named me well." - Author: Louise Carey

Quotes About Drawings

"Somehow I started introducing writing into my drawings, and after a time, the language took over and I started getting very involved with the handwriting and then the look of the handwriting." - Author: Patti Smith