[I Myself Am Not Afraid Of Ghosts; I Am Afraid Of People.]

Author: Emilie Autumn Quotes

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Michael Offutt Quotes

"Vibrations caused by powerful turbines stirred Kathy from a dream centered around a funeral. Her eyes flicked open, face dry, and she had no idea where she was. In her dream, she saw crystalline silver spiders again, weaving their way through the graveyard, leaving trails of silver webs over corpses, binding them for some unknown purpose in the cold dark earth."

Thomas Cahill Quotes

"Well, they may not be civilized, but they are certainly confident--and this confidence is one of the open-handed pleasures of early Irish literature."

Carne Ross Quotes

"Part of me loves to control and to exert power, but its not the best part of me at all. What I am slowly learning is that allowing others to have power too makes us a better organisation - many brains are simply better than one."

John Lahr Quotes

"Samuel Becketts Waiting for Godot, billed as the laugh sensation of two continents, made its American debut at the Coconut Grove Playhouse, in Miami, Florida, in 1956. My father, Bert Lahr, was playing Estragon, one of the two bowler-hatted tramps who pass the time in a lunar landscape as they wait in vain for the arrival of a Mr. Godot."

Jean Philippe Rameau Quotes

"Verse, singing, and speech have a common origin."

Kelvin Quotes

"I came into the room, which was half dark, and presently spotted Lord Kelvin in the audience and realised that I was in for trouble at the last part of my speech dealing with the age of the earth, where my views conflicted with his. To my relief, Kelvin fell fast asleep, but as I came to the important point, I saw the old bird sit up, open an eye and cock a baleful glance at me! Then a sudden inspiration came, and I said Lord Kelvin had limited the age of the earth, provided no new source (of energy) was discovered. That prophetic utterance refers to what we are now considering tonight, radium! Behold! the old boy beamed upon me."

Carolyn Roehme Quotes

"The one luxury that Ill never give up is men."

Peter Capaldi Quotes

"Im pretty good for an old geek."

The Verve Pipe Quotes

"For the life of me I cannot remember, what made us think that we were wise and wed never compromise. For the life of me I cannot believe wed ever die for these sins, we were merely freshmen."

Jason D BeDuhn Quotes

"Many modern Christians think of the New Testament as a book outside of history, something that was just suddenly there. Historians of Christianity, able to trace its gradual authorship and formation, nonetheless typically find themselves describing this development as an anonymous process, a spontaneous evolution accomplished by the nameless and faceless members of ancient communities of faith. ... But when it comes to the origin of the New Testament, we ought to do better, and we can."

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Quotes About Mothers And Baby

"Any woman who has devoted herself to raising children has experienced the hollow praise that only thinly conceals smug dismissal. In a culture that measures worth and achievement almost solely in terms of money, the intensive work of rearing responsible adults counts for little. One of the most intriguing questions in economic history is how this came to be; how mothers came to be excluded from the ranks of productive citizens. How did the demanding job of rearing a modern child come to be termed baby-sitting? When did caring for children become a labor of love,; smothered under a blanket of sentimentality that hides its economic importance?" - Author: Ann Crittenden

Quotes About Succession Planning

"Most corporations have human-resources processes that involve discussions with your manager, performance evaluations, calibrations for performance and potential succession planning." - Author: Denise Morrison

Quotes About Psychosomatic

"Two weeks, maybe three. You never know with psychosomatic injuries You have to take your time with them." - Author: Jim Palmer

Quotes About Unbreathable

"A farm regulated to production of raw commodities is not a farm at all. It is a temporary blip until the land is used up, the water polluted, the neighbors nauseated, and the air unbreathable. The farmhouse, the concrete, the machinery, and outbuildings become relics of a bygone vibrancy when another family farm moves to the city financial centers for relief." - Author: Joel Salatin

Quotes About Emotion

"There can be no transforming of darkness into light and of apathy into movement without emotion" - Author: C.G. Jung

Quotes About Truths And Lies

"History is about winners, not about losers. History is about assessing distortions, not copying out truths. History has much to say about the way the powerful handle power, for power engenders records. History is about evidence, and evidence flagrantly distorts. There is a bias between winners and losers. History is hopeless on love, but excellent on hatred. Such a state of things may not please at all, but then history was never meant to please. One-sidedness lies at the heart of historical knowledge." - Author: J.R. Vincent

Quotes About Hostesses

"I mean, most actresses cant host and most hostesses cant act, and thats the general rule in the industry." - Author: Brooke Burke

Quotes About Faith Lds

"A man betrayed by lifes rats either hates and seeks eternal revenge, or forgives and seeks eternal distance; A man honored by lifes faithful builds, and builds, and builds. A man indifferent to betrayal is not a man." - Author: Mark OBrien

Quotes About Beach Pinterest

"What struck me on the beach–and it struck me indeed, so that I staggered as at a blow–was that if the Eternal Principle had rested in that curved thorn I had carried about my neck across so many leagues, and if it now rested in the new thorn (perhaps the same thorn) I had only now put there, then it might rest in everything, in every thorn in every bush, in every drop of water in the sea. The thorn was a sacred Claw because all thorns were sacred Claws; the sand in my boots was sacred sand because it came from a beach of sacred sand. The cenobites treasured up the relics of the sannyasins because the sannyasins had approached the Pancreator. But everything had approached and even touched the Pancreator, because everything had dropped from his hand. Everything was a relic. All the world was a relic. I drew off my boots, that had traveled with me so far, and threw them into the waves that I might not walk shod on holy ground." - Author: Gene Wolfe

Quotes About Fields Of Dreams

"That solar hue, that variegation of gleam and shade, made Don Fabrizios heart ache as he stood black and stiff in a doorway: this eminently patrician room reminded him of country things; the chromatic scale was the same as that of the vast wheat fields around Donnafugata, rapt, begging pity from the tyrannous sun; in this room, too, as on his estates in mid-August, the harvest had been gathered long before, stacked elsewhere, leaving, as here, a sole reminder in the color of the stubble burned and useless now. The notes of the waltz in the warm air seemed to him but a stylization of the incessant winds harping their own sorrows on the parched surfaces, today, yesterday, tomorrow, forever and forever. The crowd of dancers, among whom he could count so many near to him in blood if not in heart, began to seem unreal, made up of that material from which are woven lapsed memories, more elusive even than the stuff of disturbing dreams." - Author: Giuseppe di Lampedusa