[I Never Looked At People Or Singing As Commodities.]

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John Dobbin Quotes

"In the time honored tradition of email, just ignore the question."


"Silence is a deadly weapon"

Karen Elliott House Quotes

"Prince Faisal bin Abdullah, minister of education and King Abdullahs son-in-law, adds, "The kings message is that oil is not our first wealth. Education is. We have to develop the people now."

Jacob Young Quotes

"Its so many years of reading story. You leave work and it goes away till you see it air on television."

Bela Karolyi Quotes

"A good 80 percent of the vault is still physical and another percentage of it, 20, 25 percent is mental. Mental is always the mental strength, the confidence building up to that contest or repetition, practice, practice, and practice."

Bernardino Ramazzini Quotes

"Not only in antiquity but in our own times also laws have been passed...to secure good conditions for workers; so it is right that the art of medicine should contribute its portion for the benefit and relief of those for whom the law has shown such foresight...[We] ought to show peculiar zeal...in taking precautions for their safety. I for one have done all that lay in my power, and have not thought it beneath me to step into workshops of the meaner sort now and again and study the obscure operations of mechanical arts."

Michael Crichton Quotes

"We all live every day in virtual environments, defined by our ideas."

Mickey Rooney Quotes

"Always get married in the morning. That way if it doesnt work out, you havent wasted the whole day."

Jake Colsen Quotes

"The ones who win usually dont need the prize."

Osei Owusu Quotes

"hey haters! you can chase me but ill catch you."

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Quotes About Rules Being Important

"I teach my sons that there are really only three rules to being a good man. The first rule is to fish often. And by fish, I mean find the quiet times to fish around in your minds for what is most important. The second rule is to protect everyone smaller than them. This means physically smaller, and in all other ways... protect the more vulnerable. The third rule states that if something is truly important to you, then you should prove it. You say you would lay your life down for someone, but will you give them the busiest five minutes of your day, if they need it?" - Author: Spuds Crawford

Quotes About Drugs In The 60s

"We all want expanded consciousness and bliss. Its a natural, human desire. And a lot of people look for it in drugs. But the problem is that the body, the physiology, takes a hard hit on drugs. Drugs injure the nervous system, so they just make it harder to get those experiences on your own.I have smoked marijuana, but I no longer do. I went to art school in the 1960s, so you an imagine what was going on. Yet my friends were the ones who said, "No, no, no, David, dont you take those drugs." I was pretty lucky.Besides, far more profound experiences are available naturally. When your consciousness stars expanding, those experiences are there. All those things can be seen. Its just a matter of expanding that ball of consciousness. And the ball of consciousness can expand to be infinite and unbounded. Its totality. You can have totality. So all those experiences are there for you, without the side effects of drugs." - Author: David Lynch

Quotes About Taking Shots

"I look to the skiesand expect artificial passenger pigeons,blackening the light,people taking potshots for kicksimagining one day they will be extinct." - Author: Carl John X Veraja

Quotes About Pythagorean Theorem

"When there were no customers, he thought about geometry. He tried to perform the Pythagorean Theorem on the light fixture above him, given his estimate of its circumference, but he failed. He wanted to be good at math. But he just wasnt. He wanted so badly for the math club to accept him, but to them he was a loser. During rush week they battered him blue with yard sticks; they tied him to a table naked and made him prove problems involving half circles before a huge swinging protractor cut him in half; they forced him to continually calculate the remaining volume of the kegs he had to drink, working it out by hand as he was held upside down. After he didnt get in the club, they had started ganging up on him every day, sticking his head in the toilet and stealing his lunch money. Business was slow at the moment, and he thought about ending his life in the kitchen appliance aisle." - Author: Benson Bruno

Quotes About Capital Punishment

"I dont agree with capital punishment as it is now, because too often mistakes are made. But I think that if you eliminate the mistakes, then there are times when it is justified." - Author: Jeff Lindsay

Quotes About Life Being Hard

"She believed in the miraculous. Or she had, until she reached an age when, all of a sudden, she realized that the life she was living, was in fact, her life. The clay of her being, so long infinitely malleable, had been formed, hardened into what now seemed a palpable, unchanging object. A shell she inhabited. It shocked her then. It shocked her now, like a slap in the face." - Author: Robert Goolrick

Quotes About The Older You Get

"I find that the older you get, the more helpful eyeliner is." - Author: Nick Rhodes

Quotes About Masks And Identity

"Becoming an entrepreneur was the furthest thing from my mind. I actually had an identity crisis when I realized I had become one." - Author: Anne Taintor

Quotes About Worth

"People dont get involved with local charities or politics because they think its hard to make a difference and the problem feels overwhelming. But I believe that if all Ive time for this year is to write one letter to the local council, its still worth doing." - Author: Monica Ali

Quotes About Memento Mori

"My life is like a memento mori painting from European art: there is always a grinning skull at my side to remind me of the folly of human ambition. I mock this skull." - Author: Yann Martel