[I Never Made Beats To Make Beats; I Only Made Them When There Was A Record To Make Them For. That's One Of The Things That Has Changed In Hip-hop That's Made Me Like It Less. It Feels Much More Like It's A Producer-driven Medium, Where There Are All These Tracks That Are Completely Interchangeable.]

Author: Rick Rubin Quotes

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Randall Robinson Quotes

"...son, you wont need to talk to my headstone in order to talk to me. I wont be there. Ill be in the air and the Earth. Ill be in the stars that light the African heavens. Ill be watchin over you and your family. My spirit will always be close enough to touch and protect you all. So, do not grieve for me. My body will die, but my soul will live on. For my soul cannot die. Always remember that my soul is the spark of God in me."

Julie Halpern Quotes

"Why can someoneget so sick that the only way to get better is to make them more sick?Its like the worlds longest exorcism. It doesnt make sense that I canchat with someone live on a tiny screen, that governments spend billionsof dollars on war and mayhem, that actors make millions of dollarsto just look pretty and skinny, yet no one can fucking fi gure outhow to cure cancer without torturing people."

Virginia Brown Quotes

"It was all hed felt for too long to change now. Maybe it was too late for any other kind of life. This was all he knew. It was safe, insulated. Familiar. An absense of emotion kept him sane. Or what passed for it."

Edwin Grant Conklin Quotes

"Man cannot change a single law of nature, but can put himself into such relations to natural laws that he can profit by them"..."

Clarence L Kelly Johnson Quotes

"Be quick, be quiet, and be on time."

John Powell Quotes

"Honest, open communication is the only street that leads us into the real world... We then begin to grow as never before. And once we are on this road, happiness cannot be far away."

Tambre Bryant Quotes

"Sad are the slanderers and more the ones that listen to them and repeat with additions."

Barry McGuire Quotes

"I was very laced with drugs myself, but Fred seemed to be even more so than me. That might have had something to do with it. That might have had something to do with nobody wanting to play my records, too, I dont know."

Oliver North Quotes

"I was provided with additional input that was radically different from the truth. I assisted in furthering that version."

Arash Pakravesh Quotes

"Archbishop: "God is with us!"William the Great : "Bishop, if God is with us, then he is not with them, congratulations!We are victorious!"

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"I was eight years old when I realized that my G.I. Joe and Optimus Prime were more than friends," I told her. "Theirs was a forbidden love that dared not speak its name.""Optimus Prime is a robot," Jenny said. "Humans and robots cant be in love.""Oh," Sandy groaned. "You shouldnt have said that.""Blasphemy!" I hissed at her."Its true!" she insisted."I hope you never have children," I snapped." - Author: T.J. Klune

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"Sometimes your disappointments make you a stronger person for the future." - Author: Blanka Vlasic

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"Tonight they granted at least one wish," I whispered, and I lowered my head so our lips drifted over one another. "I love you Adam, no matter how lost you are…or I am…I will only ever love you." - Author: Cassandra Giovanni

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"Compassion is not a popular virtue. Very often when I talk to religious people, and mention how important it is that compassion is the key, that its the sine-qua-non of religion, people look kind of balked, and stubborn sometimes, as much to say, whats the point of having religion if you cant disapprove of other people?" - Author: Karen Armstrong

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"This isnt my last brush with catastrophe while making Destination Truth. Rather, its merely the opening act in a cabaret of close calls, all in the name of exploration. Im not saying that making D.T. is dangerous; its not, per se. Its just that when you go out of your way to find adventure, sometimes adventure bites you on the ass. The key is figuring out how to walk away in one piece." - Author: Josh Gates

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"So it is with the mind, Nandini. Allow it to be in balance. Avoid extremes: the middle way is better. Neither force the mind too hard into concentration nor let it wander aimlessly. Meditation is to pay attention, to be aware of your breathing, your posture, your feelings, your perceptions, your thoughts, and all that passes through your mind and the mind itself; whatever is going on within you and between you and the universe. Meditation is not just sitting for an hour here or an hour there; meditation is a way of life. It is practiced all the time. There is no separation between meditation and everyday living. When you have ceased to be bound by the past or by the future, when you are fully present in the here and now, then it is meditation." - Author: Satish Kumar

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"A sobering thought: what if, at this very moment, I am living up to my full potential?" - Author: Jane Wagner

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