[I Nominate This Song As The "Song For The Group" (from The Benefit CD): Chorus From The Song "Inside" By Jethro Tull For It's Positive Mention Of "joe": I'm Sittin' In The Corner Feelin' Glad, Got No Money Comin' In But I Can't Be Sad, That Was The Best Cuppa Coffee I Ever Had, And I Won't Worry About A Thing Because We Got It Made, Here On The Inside Outside's So Far Away.]

Author: Jethro Tull Quotes

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"If I am not for myself, who will be?"

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"The evil of the world is made possible by nothing but the sanction you give it."

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"When did you trust someone to hold a truth as carefully as you did?"

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"And, if there was any responsibility in refusing to obey, he was willing to accept it."

Arturo Gonzalez Campos Quotes

"Las mujeres se esmeran mucho para estar bien vestidas para hombres que solo quieren verlas desnudas."

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"Do it badly; do it slowly; do it fearfully; do it any way you have to, but do it."

Gaston Bachelard Quotes

"El sueño de la noche no nos pertenece. No es nuestra propiedad. Para nosotros es un raptor, el más desconcertante de los raptores: nos arrebata nuestro ser. Las noches no tienen historia. No se ligan unas a otras. Y cuando se ha vivido mucho, cuando ya se han vivido unas veinte mil noches, nunca sabemos en qué noche antigua, muy antigua, hemos partido hacia el sueño. La noche no tiene futuro. Sin duda, hay noches menos negras en las que nuestro ser del días vive aún bastante como para negociar con sus recuerdos."

The Amazing Spiderman Quotes

"Secrets have a cost, they are not for free."

Laura Bell Bundy Quotes

"When I was really little, I listened to Dolly Parton, Loretta Lynn, Barbara Mandrel, Crystal Gayle, Kenny Rogers, Willie Nelson, and Patsy Cline."

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"I like to create an atmosphere where actors feel safe enough to take risks."

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"Many Christians, including BioLogos, like to throw out the "you cant take the Bible literally" argument. They think it is the ultimate zinger that will end any debate in their favor. But if we shouldnt take the Bible literally, why should we believe God is real in the literal sense? Perhaps God is a metaphor also. Maybe God is really a metaphor for nature or chance. Heaven forbid! However, BioLogos insists on having it both ways: God is literally true but the Bible is not. Thats like saying Mother Goose is literally true but her nursery rhymes are not." - Author: G.M. Jackson

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"E per tutto il giorno mi riempivano la testa di stronzate che volevano farmi tenere a mente, come ad esempio le equazioni per calcolare la distanza fra il posto dove ci trovavamo e quelle in cui volevano farci andare loro, e naturalmente quelle per tornare indietro; cazzate come le coordinate coassiali, il calcolo dei coseni, la trigonometria sferoide, lalgebra di Boolean, gli antilogaritmi, lanalisi di Fourier, quadrati e matrici. Mi dissero che io avrei dovuto fare da riserva al computer di riserva." - Author: Forrest Gump

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"(And did I mention how in summer the streets of Smyrna were lined with baskets of rose petals? And how everyone in the city could speak French, Italian, Greek, Turkish, English, and Dutch? And did I tell you about the famous figs, brought in by camel caravan and dumped onto the ground, huge piles of pulpy fruit lying in the dirt, with dirty women steeping them in salt water and children squatting to defecate behind the clusters? Did I mention how the reek of the fig women mixed with pleasanter smells of almond trees, mimosa, laurel, and peach, and how everybody wore masks on Mardi Gras and had elaborate dinners on the decks of frigates? I want to mention these things because they all happened in that city that was no place exactly, that was part of no country because it was all countries, and because now if you go there youll see modern high-rises, amnesiac boulevards, teeming sweatshops, a NATO headquarters, and a sign that says Izmir...)" - Author: Jeffrey Eugenides

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"The brightest star in the night sky is the one closest to us; try to keep getting closer to your goal to shine even brighter." - Author: Vinita Kinra