[I Noticed The Drama Majors On Campus When I Was At Notre Dame. They Just Seemed To Be Freer Spirits Than The Rest Of Us. There Was Joy In Their Work; They Were The Only Ones Studying Something Whose Work Made Them Happy. I Envied That.]

Author: Catherine Hicks Quotes

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"Spring shows what God can do with a drab and dirty world."

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"Democracy cant work. Mathematicians, peasants, and animals, thats all there is-- so democracy, a theory based on the assumption that mathematicians and peasants are equal, can never work. Wisdom is not additive; its maximum is that of the wisest man in a given group."

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"Why sit and stare at a box beaming messages indoctrinating us into consumer culture for hours a day when there are so many more enjoyable alternatives available?"

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"I may not love everyone who loves me but I surely do respect their choices"

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"In fact, jazz has such a great feeling and great emotional content that it really doesnt require you to have technical understanding of it. I think you just have to allow your feelings to go with the music and you will find yourself carried along by it fairly quickly."

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"I love winning. I dont like losing."

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"Hollywood has a longer pre-production period and they juggle shooting schedules more carefully for each cast. In Korea, we shoot day and night without much break."

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"I grew to judge every purchase by how many bronze screws I could buy for the boat if I didnt spend on this or made do without that."

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"What would be the purpose of having an imagination and not using it?"

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"If you played the game the right way, played the game for the team, good things would happen."

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"You can count the days u were been together with your arranged life partner, but cant count the feelings and depth of love of a single moment u have spent with your lover" - Author: er.teji

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"And it all came to pass, all that she had hoped, but it did not fill her with rapture nor carry her away with the power or the fervor she had expected. She had imagined it all different, and had imagined herself different, too. In dreams and poems everything had been, as it were, beyond the sea; the haze of distance had mysteriously veiled all the restless mass of details and had thrown out the large lines in bold relief, while the silence of distance had lent its spirit of enchantment. It had been easy then to feel the beauty; but now that she was in the midst of it all, when every little feature stood out and spoke boldly with the manifold voices of reality, and beauty was shattered as light in a prism, she could not gather the rays together again, could not put the picture back beyond the sea. Despondently she was obliged to admit to herself that she felt poor, surrounded by riches that she could not make her own." - Author: Jens Peter Jacobsen

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