[I Noticed The Drama Majors On Campus When I Was At Notre Dame. They Just Seemed To Be Freer Spirits Than The Rest Of Us. There Was Joy In Their Work; They Were The Only Ones Studying Something Whose Work Made Them Happy. I Envied That.]

Author: Catherine Hicks Quotes

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"Hope may have a positive reputation, but it has a vicious downside. If you have hope, you can be crushed."

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"...success is not a comparison of what we have done with what others have done."

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"Yes, 1960s North American sitcoms have led me to study the United States 1920s and 1930s crime bosses— QET Jenkins"

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"Why do men have nipples? Because God is a woman and she really wants us to enjoy ourselves, thats why."

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"Trust the story ... the storyteller may dissemble and deceive, the story cant: the story can only ever be itself."

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"We live in very, very, very dangerous times."

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"I love pushing my boundaries and seeing how far I can go without, you know, dying or injuring myself too badly."

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"Why do you have bungee cords back here?" she asked."Im dating again."

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"Which is the more useful, the scientific world-view, with all its wonderful technical miracles, or the religious world-view, with its sense of purpose and belonging?"

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"Life, if you live it right, keeps surprising you, and the thing that keeps surprising you the most…is yourself"

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"Your life will contribute to a grand and wonderful story no matter what you do. You have been spoken. You are here, existing, choosing, living, shaping the future and carving the past. Your physical matter and your soul exist, not out of necessity, not voluntarily, and not under their own strength. There is absolutely nothing that you or I can do to guarantee that we will continue to exist. You arent doing anything that makes you be. We arent the Author. You and I are spoken. We have been called into this art as characters, born into this thread of occurrence tumbling downstream in the long Niagara of loss set in motion by the trouble that faced our first father and first mother. We will contribute to this narrative. But how?" - Author: N.D. Wilson

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"From Kari Greggs "What Rough Beast"{Elliot} blinked when a blade speared neatly through the masters chest from the rear. "Got him," Garrick shouted over the masters shoulder. "Set, Elliot."Set what? He didnt care.He channeled his rage and pierced the dark master through, impaling him on his blade. Garrick slid his free.Malachi yanked him down a split second before Garricks sword severed his head as well as the dark masters. Chest heaving, he sprawled in the dust, blinking at the fuzzy image of the head bouncing across the floor. It came to rest at the bottom spoke of a crumbling ladder, the vampyrs teeth still gnashing.His new partner dragged him upright and, looking in his eyes, squeezed his shoulder. "Set means your blade will set the enemy for your partners killing blow" Malachi grinned at him, chuckled. "It also means duck." - Author: Kari Gregg

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"The big problem of any young persons life is to have models to suggest possibilities. Nietzsche says, Man is the sick animal. Man is the animal that doesnt know what to do with itself. The mind has many possibilities, but we can live no more than one life. What are we going to do with ourselves?" - Author: Joseph Campbell

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"Woman on the Plaza, with its distinct horizon, snow-like surfaces, wintry wall, stunning sunlight, sharp shadows, and hurrying figure, would become the most biographical of my photographs - an abstract image of the landscape and life of northern Ohio where I grew up and first practiced photography." - Author: Sam Abell

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"Quite a number of writers comment on the decidedly human character of the fairies, but it must be obvious that practically all supernaturals partake of human traits, more usually unpleasant ones, being as they are the projections of mans fear and imagination and created by him, psychologically, in his own image. Fairies are frequently described as being peevish, irritable, and revengeful to a degree. Grant Stewart says rather unmercifully of the Scottish fairies that "their appetites are as keen as their inclinations are corrupt and wicked." - Author: Lewis Spence

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"Her name is Hope?" John asked, the corners of his mouth beginning to tug upwards."No." I bristled, thinking he was making fun of me. Then I realized Id been caught. "Well, all right…so what if it is? Im not going to name her after some depressing aspect of the Underworld like you do all your pets. I looked up the name Alastor. That was the name of one of the death horses that drew Hadess chariot. And Typhon?" I glanced at the dog, cavorting in and out of the waves, seemingly oblivious of the cold. "I can only imagine, but Im sure it means something equally unpleasant.""Typhon was the father of all monsters," John said. Hed given up trying to suppress his grin. "The deadliest of all the creatures in Greek mythology.""Nice," I said sarcastically. "Well, I prefer to name my pets something that reminds me theres-""Hope?" His grin broadened."Very funny." True, Id admitted to him that I was inexperienced. But I didnt have to prove it by acting like I was twelve." - Author: Meg Cabot

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"Many of the received models of modern architecture and planning owe their ultimate origin to the building code and public health reform movements of the second half of the 19th century." - Author: Kenneth Frampton

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"But, overall, I concluded the young-hack-versus-corporate-corruption thriller had potential. (The Ghost of Sir Felix Finch whines, "But its been done a hundred times before!" - as if there could be anything not done a hundred thousand times between Aristophanes and Andrew Void-Webber! As if Art is the What, not the How!)" - Author: David Mitchell

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"I first came to Brazil in the Sixties. Then I started coming back every year since touring most of the country. I grew to love it, the people, the music. I thought this is where I belong. Ive been living in Brazil for the past 23 years. I call it my stress-free country." - Author: Dionne Warwick

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"Oh, good grief," said Vimes. "Look, its quite simple, man. I was expected to go "At last, alcohol!", and chugalug the lot without thinking. Then some respectable pillars of the community" - he removed the cigar from his mouth and spat - "were going to find me, in your presence, too - which was a nice touch - with the evidence of my crime neatly hidden but not so well hidden that they couldnt find it." He shook his head sadly. "The trouble is, you know, that once the tastes got you it never lets go.""But youve been very good, sir," said Carrot. "Ive not seen you touch a drop for -""Oh, that," said Vimes. "I was talking about policing, not alcohol. Theres lots of people will help you with the alcohol business, but theres no one out there arranging little meetings where you can stand up and say, "My name is Sam and Im a really suspicious bastard." - Author: Terry Pratchett