[I Observe To The Letter All Laws That Make Sense But Combat Those That Are Obsolete Or Absurd.]

Author: Wilhelm Reich Quotes

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Samuel Pepys Quotes

"Ma reggel álmomból hirtelen felriadva, könyökömmel úgy arcon és nyakon találtam ütni a feleségemet, hogy a fájdalomra felébredt, amit nagyon sajnáltam; aztán ismét elaludtam."

Le Thi Diem Thuy Quotes

"If one morning in the Spring, a stranger came and said to me, Your mother, father, brother, sister, uncle, lover, friend, is dead. From a b-52, napalm bombing, search and destroy mission, air attack, Tet offensive, My Lai massacre, failed escape, I would not scream but make of my body a net, a tarp, stretched taut across the sky, the sea, over every village and hamlet. Prepared to catch everything from the sky, shade everything on the ground, rain water and receive you, war, with arms outstretched."

Naomi Klein Quotes

"It is eminently possible to have a market-based economy that requires no such brutality and demands no such ideological purity. A free market in consumer products can coexist with free public health care, with public schools, with a large segment of the economy -- like a national oil company -- held in state hands. Its equally possible to require corporations to pay decent wages, to respect the right of workers to form unions, and for governments to tax and redistribute wealth so that the sharp inequalities that mark the corporatist state are reduced. Markets need not be fundamentalist."

James V Schall Quotes

"Hell is a consequence of ones own free choice. It would not exist if free choice did not exist or, better, if free choice were not used badly. It is not imposed arbitrarily from the outside by pitiless gods but grows logically from inside a human soul. It is the result of someones making himself what he wants to be, not what God wants him to be."

Thomas Guthrie Quotes

"As in nature, as in art, so in grace; it is rough treatment that gives souls, as well as stones, their luster."

Bernard Lewis Quotes

"America is harmless as an enemy but treacherous as a friend."

Roland Gift Quotes

"I think Im actually quite a materialistic person, I value what it takes to make a car or build a nice house. Money does change things, but how it changes people depends on how they react to it."

Soheir Khashoggi Quotes

"Im like my mother, she thought, I search my joy for signs of sorrow ahead."

Kevin Carson Quotes

"Warfare is a series of tragedies enjoined by logistics."

Michael Johns Quotes

"With a foreign policy appropriately rooted in some sense of humanitarian decency, the Central African crisis will not be easily ignored by American policymakers. It screams for remedy."

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"On the way out Jeremiah turned around and danced a quick jig for me and i couldnt help it, I laughed. Over his shoulder Conrad said, "Good night Belly."And that was it. I was in love" - Author: Jenny Han

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"About 25 years ago, I took a bicycle across the United States. I soon found out that the greatest item of clothing was the trusty bandanna. There were dozens of uses for a bandanna - as a pot holder, a chain cleaner, a sun shield, a headband, a snot rag, a declaration of Kerouacian intent." - Author: Colum McCann

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"For a moment he [Doctor Pascal] thought he could see, in a flash, the future of the Rougon-Macquart family, a pack of wild, satiated appetites in the midst of a blaze of gold and blood." - Author: Émile Zola

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"Erika tako snažno stisne ruku uz tijelo da ruka druge glazbenice ne može probiti zid koji stvaraju Erikina ruka i tijelo pa kolegica, obeshrabrena, odustaje. Za takvu osobu svi kažu da je izrazito zatvorena. Pa joj se nitko i ne približava. Zaobilaze je. Radije nešto odgode i pričekaju samo da s njom ne bi morali imati posla. Neki ljudi glasno na sebe skreću pozornost, ali ne i Erika. Neki pritom čak i mašu, ali ne i Erika. Ima takvih i onakvih. Neki skakuću na mjestu, jodlaju i viču. Ali ne i Erika. Jer oni znaju što žele. Ali ne i Erika." - Author: Elfriede Jelinek

Quotes About Mrs Bennet Lydia

"A few of the guests, who had the misfortune of being too near the windows, were seized and feasted on at once. When Elizabeth stood, she saw Mrs. Long struggle to free herself as two female dreadfuls bit into her head, cracking her skull like a walnut, and sending a shower of dark blood spouting as high as the chandeliers.As guests fled in every direction, Mr. Bennets voice cut through the commotion. "Girls! Pentagram of Death!"Elizabeth immediately joined her four sisters, Jane, Mary, Catherine, and Lydia in the center of the dance floor. Each girl produced a dagger from her ankle and stood at the tip of an imaginary five-pointed star. From the center of the room, they began stepping outward in unison - each thrusting a razor-sharp dagger with one hand, the other hand modestly tucked into the small of her back." - Author: Seth Grahame Smith

Quotes About Change For The Good

"Every day, all of us at Gannett are given the rare and sacred opportunity to affect change for the good in the communities we serve, to make life better for the people who trust us to know them and do right by them." - Author: Gracia Martore

Quotes About Wuthering Heights Heathcliff Cathy

"Well, I really dont like heights. I dont get on the top deck of a double-decker because thats a bit high for me. I always feel that Im going to hurl myself off, so heights are a problem." - Author: Jenny Eclair

Quotes About Nobs

"She sat at the window of the train....The window frame trembled with the speed of the motion, the pane hung over empty darkness, and dots of light slashed across the glass as luminous streaks, once in a while…She sat listening to the music. It was a symphony of triumph. The notes flowed up…It was a sunburst of sound, breaking out of hiding and spreading open. It had the freedom of release and the tension of purpose. It swept space clean, and left nothing but the joy of an unobstructed effort. Only a faint echo within the sounds spoke of that from which the music had escaped, but spoke in laughing astonishment at the discovery that there was no ugliness or pain, and there never had had to be. It was the song of an immense deliverance. She thought: For just a few moments -- while this lasts -- it is all right to surrender completely -- to forget everything and just permit yourself to feel. She thought: Let go -- drop the controls -- this is it." - Author: Ayn Rand

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"Hollywood raised us. Your mind processes the world through a filter formed by comic books and action movies on Cinemax. Thats why kids put on trench coats and take guns to school. The Devil knows how to control us." - Author: David Wong

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"In the depths of the mirror the evening landscape moved by, the mirror and the reflected figures like motion pictures superimposed one on the other. The figures and the background were unrelated, and yet the figures, transparent and intangible, and the background, dim in the gathering darkness, melted into a sort of symbolic world not of this world. Particularly when a light out in the mountains shone in the centre of the girls face, Shimamura felt his chest rise at the inexpressible beauty of it." - Author: Yasunari Kawabata